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in following-up with assignments and decisions and are very helpful in planning the agenda for future meetings.  Motions and resolutions should be recorded verbatim and should be read back during the meeting to make sure they have been accurately transcribed. They document decisions made and actions to be taken. Motions are formal proposals made in an assembly prompting suggestions while the resolutions are the act or process of solving the decisions made or implemented by the body. minutes of the meeting are official records of what occurred at a meeting.  used in settling disputes. 2 WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? .

venue.g. opinions are personal views. and all resolutions. For formal and corporate meetings. separate facts from opinion: Facts are objective and indisputable. main topics or the time of adjournment.” (whose idea is this? Attribute opinion to the source (e. 3 . date and time. name of the chair or the facilitator. include approval of previous minutes. Example: “The low turn out for the event could be due to poor advertising. “Jane suggested that…” or the group concluded that…” GUIDELINES IN WRITING MINUTES MEETING  Ensure that all of the essential elements are noted. such as type of meeting. name of the organization.

or shorthand. a steno pad. Be sure to have the minutes approved by the chair or the facilitator before distributing them to the attendees. major points raised. To be sure who said what. a laptop computer. concentrate on getting the gist of the discussion and taking enough notes to summarize it later. Think of issues discussed. don’t make the mistake of recording every single comment. a tape recorder. you can pass around a n attendance sheet for everyone to sign as the meeting starts. use whatever recording method is comfortable for you. and decisions taken. Or. 4   . a notepad. prepare a list of expected attendees and check off the names as   people enter the room. make a map of the seating arrangement. and make sure to ask for introduction for unfamiliar people. Don’t wait too long to type up the minutes. especially while your memory is fresh.

Concise and coherent minutes can give you a deeper understanding of the issues faced by your organization along with the ability to focus on what’s important.  state whether or not the motion was carried. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of taking minutes.  don’t be embarrassed to ask for clarification if things are not understood.  use full names not nicknames. 5 .

3. time. noted by (presiding officer) 6 . new business taken e.Common order in the structure of writing a 1. Name of the department. venue attendees. present and absent proceedings a. 5. type of meeting date. Adjournment 7. call to order b. 4. other business 6. minute: 2. recorded by (minutes taker) 8. or company. organization. corrections and approval of the previous minutes new business taken c. business matters arising from the minutes d.

MINUTES FORMAT PHYSICAL COMMITTEE MINUTES OF THE MEETING September 5. The previous minutes of the meeting dated August 1 were approved with the following corrections. 2012 0900-1000am ERH 206 PRESENT/ABSENT The meeting started at 0900 with a prayer led by__. Battersby 7 . PROCEEDINGS: 1. ________________________________________ Dr.

New Business (Agenda) _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 4. Other Matters Announcements ________________________________________________ The meeting adjourned at 11:30am.2. _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________ 3. Business arising from the previous minutes of the meeting. Prepared: Minutes taker (signed) Noted: Presiding Officer (signed) 8 cc .

Severino M. Present: Perez. (Presiding Officer) Proceedings: 1.m. 2012 JFH 209.FORMAT 2 DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY-DASMARINAS College Of Liberal Arts Languages and Literature Department MINUTES OF THE MEETING 02 September. reyes 9 . 1:00-2:00 p. The meeting begun at 1350 hours with an opening prayer by Ms.

AGENDA 1. People Support is willing to hold a workshop in Language training based on MOA designed and evaluated. Fourteen-point agenda of Bro. The chair congratulated Mr. Gus 2. Pareja announced the linkage of DLSU-D and People Support. Department Projects DISCUSSION/S Mr. Ramos and Ms. Gus Dr. Marco Saez discussed the fourteenpoint agenda of Bro. The approval and corrections of the previous minutes of meeting were acknowledged. Other matters 10 . Medina for the approval of their research proposal All faculty were requested to list their vacant hours in the substitution form DECISION/S noted It was approved but have to see first the topic to be discussed in the seminar workshop All concerns 3.2.

LLD Noted: Severino M.The meeting adjourned at 1450 hours. LLD 11 .Perez Chair. Prepared: Charlotte Visperas Secretary.

3. Seminars and workshop of interest to students.MOCK MEETING ACTIVITY AGENDA: 1. Ways of helping foreign students who are non.speakers of English cope with the lessons. Student Council Organization 12 . 2.