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What’s a campaign?

A campaign is the bringing together of our media products, to reach out to our audience. This includes our: CD Digipack Website The video itself Our different products basically form a marketing campaign, this basically forms a Websiteimage. Music Video CD brand


The intended audience for our products would be the female teenage audience as he's music relates to that type of audience and Luke is similar to other artists in terms of his music like Jack Johnson and therefore they would both be attracting the same audience which is the the Teenage audience. However Luke, could attract a wider audiences attracting to the older market with his soulful tunes and romantic ways.

The Visual „star image‟ according to Dyer, communicates important messages to the audience. For Luke he has a very specific style in which we want to portray to his audience getting influences from Jack Johnson which help us look how previous people have worked with an artists similar to ours. Audiences often associate the look of an artist to a style of music. Our audience we would hope will idolise Luke to be a romantic type of guy with a really good voice instead of just his looks but more about his music. For Luke as an artist we have taken a lot of ideas and inspiration from Jack Johnson such as his previous marketing tools and distribution ideas. This has taken influence in our website and whole campaign

TV Ad - Breaks Self advertising making appearances Internet Banners Through Social Networking Touring

Luke works hard as well to advertise himself as well as we do when promoting him. This is his instagram page giving insight to his fans on what he is doing.

On our artists website, and the CD Digipack, the name of Luke is bigger than the name of the album which is conventional as we are trying to promote the artist himself and make him more known to our audience, that‟s why we are making his name stand out and reinforced with a picture of him on the CD Digipack. Negus argues that acts can be organic, creative , original therefore authentic, where synthetic is for the pop market i.e. one direction. Negus further says that the CD digipack covers are crucial artwork which markets the image of the artist, before the music is purchased. Music Artist Websites e.g. Justin Bieber or any other artist in the business are likely to have this as a strong marketing strategy, particularly in the online age.


This is our website for Luke and we hope that this portrays him in the correct way and helps his star image.

The selling of our products and services required the use of The Marketing Mix also known as the Four P‟s which are:

Promotion Place And Product To enforce this a Theorist called Philip Kotler defined marketing as, “Human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes”. This is important because otherwise it would be a poor campaign and Luke wouldn't‟t benefit from it as much as he deserves to.

How much will the product cost?
 For the Single I Wish You Love --> 99p for downloads from places such as ITunes and Amazon and £6.99 for the Album  Pricing for shop purchases we would expect it to range from £1.99 for the single and £7.99 for the Album

We would expect to sell Luke in all major retail shops such as the leading supermarkets, and of course we want to distribute his singles on all the downloading websites and stores. On sites such as iTunes this will be the easiest way for people in this day in age to download music.

This is an example of physical sales in which is where we would hope to see Luke’s CD.


For Luke, and his fans the best way we think that we would promote him would be actually by him promoting himself, by social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. They are the best ways to getting with his fans and to let people know what he's up to and what he's doing. Other ways to market him would be through magazine interviews and appearances on certain TV shows such as Daybreak in the Uk.

Other ways we would market him would be through making appearances on shows like X Factor and also by him doing Charity Work.

Click to watch one of Jack Johnson’s video.

As Luke is a new artist we have looked into other successful singers in which have a similar sound to Luke. By comparing to these two artists Jack Johnson and James Arthur, we can see ways in which they have promoted themselves and the completely different stories that they both have.

Click to watch one of James Arthur’s video.

I Wish You Love…
As Luke is a real artists his song has actually appeared in an advert already. The hoover company “Vax” in their Christmas advert. This is perfect advertising for Luke, as it promotes his song. This will then lead to people wanting to find out who sung the song. Therefore leading to Luke's publicity to increase and this is supported by his campaign.

By doing all of the above, we have been able to promote Luke to the best of our ability in this new technological age. Of which are all tools that are needed to distribute or promote Luke as an artist. This as shown us that an artist could be promoted even with a small budget. I think that our campaign was successful and we were able to market and distribute Luke to the best of our ability We were able to give Luke a unique and relevant image.

The music video promotes Luke‟s image. This is embedded in the imagery used and design of the CD. We feel that this will work as a campaign. The website provides relevant promotion directional & product placement for the intended audience There is enough variation across the campaign as well – e.g. black and white images on website, online publicity of tour, video and product.