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NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court

 Formed February 10, 1995.

 Includes over 1000 NGO’s from around the world.

 Promotes universal acceptance and ratification of the Rome


From Nuremberg to Rome Aggressive War. War Crimes. . Crimes against Peace Crimes against Humanity Poster Courtesy of AI (2000).

Photos Courtesy of Associated Press OnlineKosovo .org for Rwanda.The Need for the International Criminal Court Photo Courtesy of Mandy Jacobson Internews.

The ICC: A History in Brief • International Law Commission (ILC) • Ad hoc Tribunals • PrepCom ISC-ICC and UN Public Info (2001) .

17 July 1998. Benjamin B.The International Criminal Court Meeting of 160 countries to adopt the Rome Treaty. Ferencz Nuremberg Prosecutor Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Ferencz .

Why the ICC is Important • • • • • deter future war criminals promote universal justice end impunity help end conflicts remedy deficiencies of ad hoc tribunals national judicial • complement systems Photos Courtesy of AP-Kosovo United Nations-public info. .

United Nations Public Info .Current Recourse     Sanctions embargoes collective military force ad hoc tribunals ISC-ICC.

ICTY and ICTR (ad hoc tribunals) War Crimes Rape Genocide Crimes against Humanity 1993 Resolution 827 The Hague 1995 Resolution 955 Tanzania http://www.un.htm .

Problems of Ad hoc Tribunals • Selective justice • Funding • Slow pace of arrest and prosecutions • Management and administrative difficulties • Inmate population • Time/place restrictions • Surrender and/or arrest of suspects HRW-ICC Public Info-ISC-ICC .

un.html .Article 5 Crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC genocide  crimes against humanity  war crimes  the crime of aggression. 

Article 13 Exercise of jurisdiction State Party Security Council Prosecutor • State Party to the Statute • UN Security Council under Chapter VII (UN Charter) • Prosecutor with approval of Pre-Trial Chamber http://www.htm

19 .Jurisdiction Facts • The ICC will complement national jurisdiction • • The ICC will not have independent enforcement powers The ICC will not be “retroactive” Rome Statute-Article 17. 18.

Judicial Appointment Selection Criteria: • • • • Gender / Geographical representation Elected by a 2/3 majority of State’s Party Reputation for fairness and competency Competent in relevant areas of law Rome Statute-Article 36. .

. military should be exempt (ICC-Setting the Record Straight).Misguided Fears of the ICC Part I (Political) • • • Sovereignty / international authority Humanitarian intervention would be hampered U.S.

Misguided Fears of the ICC Part II (Constitutional / Legal) • Due Process / absence of defendant’s rights (principles of justice are universal) • Malicious / false prosecution • Ex-post facto prosecutions (ICC-Setting the Record Straight). .

the Court may exercise its jurisdiction only with respect to crimes committed after the entry into force of this Statute for that State. http://www.htm . Article 11: (1) The Court has jurisdiction only with respect to crimes committed after the entry into force of this Statute. unless that State has made a declaration under article 12.un. paragraph 3.The Rome Statute entered into force on 1 July (2) If a State becomes a Party to this Statute after its entry into force.

Regional Perspectives This slide to be used per speaking engagement .

This brings to date over 75+ ratifications. 2002 Status and updates: Photo courtesy: UN legal Affairs .ciccnow. 2002. Kingdom of Cambodia April 2.Acceptance of the ICC: Current Status  The necessary 60 ratifications have been achieved with the simultaneous ratification of ten countries that were deposited at the UN on April 11.

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court is continuing to work towards universal ratification of the Rome Statute.July 17. the Rome Statute had 76 States Parties and 139 Signatories. and seeks to ensure strong implementing legislation is in place in countries that ratify the Rome Statute. http://www.iccnow. The unexpectedly rapid pace of ratifications has surpassed this goal: As of July 30. representing every region of the world and every legal system.html . 2002.Current Ratifications Status The Coalition for the International Criminal Court had declared a campaign goal of achieving 60 ratifications (number needed for the entry into force of the Statute) by the 4th anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute .

org/ .Key Upcoming Issues • Election of Judges • Assembly of State Parties Meeting • First Year Budget • Practical Issues http://www.ciccnow.

since there have only been three international tribunals in 50 years? What prevents the ICC from extending its jurisdiction and becoming a judiciary arm of a world government? .QUESTIONS Will all of the Constitutional protections enjoyed by American citizens be protected by the ICC? Will the ICC really have much purpose.

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