Basic Concepts in Geometry


Triangle Equilateral Triangle All sides equal All angles equal .

Triangle Isosceles Triangle Two sides equal Two angles equal .

Triangle Scalene Triangle No sides equal No angles equal All different .

Triangle Acute Triangle All angles are less than 90° Right Triangle Has a right angle (90°) Obtuse Triangle Has an angle more than 90° .

and also two equal angles . Right Isosceles Triangle Has a right angle (90°).Quick Question Triangle What are these two equal angles? 45 degrees each.

.Triangle Quick Question What is Pythagorean theorem? This is one of the most famous things about triangles.

.Triangle b – base h – Height bh Area of triangle: 2 Perimeter of Triangle: Sum of lengths of all sides.

Find the area. Triangle .

Similar Triangles 1. corresponding sides have the same ratio Play with similar triangles . all their angles equal 2.

8 .8 5. In triangle S: a = 5.6. b = 4.Similar Triangles For all similar triangles. sides facing equal angles are always in the same ratio.6 4.

Similar Triangles .

Similar Triangles .

Similar Triangles .

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