Weak Matrix .

even to     get the attention of the FM Sponsor may be too much busy with executive duties Employees loyalty is always for the line manager Employee will be evaluated against their functional work rather than the project delivery The line manager can always claim that the resources are busy with operational work .Culture in a weak matrix environment  Very exhausting and requires too much patience  Project manager will suffer a lot to gain resources.

65%  Avoid project delays and help with planning . to help coordinate all project activities within the organization. improve project performance .50%  Contain cost. Common Reasons why organizations formed a PMO  Need for consistent project management .25% .40%  Improve customer satisfaction . staffed with full time employees.What is a Project Management Office?  A PMO is a separate office.

Some other Reasons to Establish PMO  To establish and keep good project management      processes To distribute project management expertise through organization To improve project success rate To reduce project lead times To consolidate project data To own an “enterprise project management” system .

PMO Tasks  Establish and enforce good project management processes  Assess/improve organizations project management maturity  Acquire enterprise project management system  Help PMs with administrative details  Risk evaluation  Product “fit” for organization  Monitor market changes and alert PMs of potentially needed scope changes  Audits and project reviews  Keep project management database  “Home” for PMs .

 In my judgment.How to Build PMO in this scenario  The challenging question is how a Project Management Office (PMO) fits into this structure. each level should dedicate some resources to PMO functions. developing. and that the PMO be responsible for acquiring. the best way to insure high quality and standardized project management throughout an organization to insure exceptional communication across all levels from the top of the organization to the individuals on project teams. If you take a more organized and methodical approach to PMO responsibilities across the levels. you will find a substantial improvement in productivity of your resources because they won’t be duplicating activities and the PMO will more effectively and efficiently implement policies and procedures for project management. .  Implementation of policies and procedures is complex because each redundant silos resists changing the policies and procedures that they have implemented. evaluating and letting go of resources within their hierarchy.  I also propose that the PMO is the location of resources that are not allocated to specific projects until those resources can be allocated.

Potential PMO Problems  Unrealistic expectations:  PMO may not save a project already in trouble  PMO cannot correct upper management failures such as:  Inflated project goals  Insufficient project support  Inadequate resource availability .

Resources requires to be successful implementation  Get backing and sponsorship from senior management (VP or at least FM)  Pilot project in VP/FM’s area of control  In second iteration. expand PMO to cover the whole organization  PMO will self propagate due to it’s usefulness .

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. I’ve lost almost 300 games. And that is why I succeed – Michael Jordan .I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. 26 times. I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.

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