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The study was conducted in cgc landran college , to find the effectiveness of recruitment and selection process.

Recruitment and selection process is a crucial factor in any organization for selecting the right person for the right job profile. The study intends to find how effectively recruitment and selection process followed in the cbs landran college .The study on effectiveness of recruitment and selection process provides the organization to know how effectively the process is going on

The foundation of the College in 2001 has had far reaching effects on the professional education and employment markets of the region and beyond. it has become the first choice for them. NOW Providing education in the diverse fields of Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, BioTechnology, Pharmacy, Hotel Management and B.Ed., it is producing more professionals in diverse fields than any other institute in the state.

1. To comparative analysis of the various sources of recruitment of CGC . 2. To analysis the sources from which qualitative man power recruit . 3. To analysis the relation between employee retention and employee recruitment .

DATA COLLECTION: Sources of data collection: Primary data Primary data are collected afresh and for the first time . In this study, primary data is collected primarily to understand the existing recruitment and selection process the college is using. Secondary Data Secondary data is collected from internet, registers, records of the college Data collection Instrument:

Percentage Analysis: In percentage analysis, charts like bar chart and pie charts are used to graphically represent the results from percentage analysis of the questionnaire

1.Do you give consideration to internal candidates for all jobs before outside recruitment begins? A)Yes b) No 2.What kind of recruitment sources does your organization use? a) Newspaper sources b) Employee referral c) online source d) Campus recruitment 3. which method of the following result in higer employee retention a) Newspaper sources b) Employee referral c) online source d) campus recruitment

4. What type of tests are mostly used in your college during selection process?
a) c)

Personality tests Judgement tests yes no

b) Personal interview d) Ability tests

5. Do you have any standard pattern in selection process? (From initial interview to final placement) Yes No 6. Identify any one factor which affects to recruit best candidate? a) Image of the cgc landran b) Internal organizational policies c ) None of the above

7. At the time of recruitment ,were you aware of all the scheme( leave) , working procedure of the job Yes No
8. I have been working in the organization for a) Less than 1 year b) 1-2 years c) 2-3 years d) 3 or more 9. Any of the following things use for employee retention . a)Job enhancement

b)Appreciate their efforts c)Increase salary according to their increase experience yes no 10. Finally rate the recruitment and selection process used in cgc landran college
a) Effective b) Very effective c) Not effective

The study was made only with limited number of samples. The respondents may give false information. 95685-76C9-4C96-B2913D5CD4DE1BE5/0/9781843982579_sc.pdf process.html