In the mid 1990’s a spate of global fast food chains entered hoping to capture a part of Indian fast food segment but they found it difficult to establish themselves.

In 1995 McDonald's and Hard castle restaurants pvt. a joint venture launched their fast products in India.

In 1996 Domino’s setup base in India with franchisee agreement with Bhatia brothers who had businesses in chemicals and fertilizers

In 1995 KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) has chosen to set up its own outlet in Delhi,they entered the Indian market.

 McDonald's
    

Pizza Garlic bread Chicken pizza Cheese pizza

Chicken food Zinger burger Leg chicken fried Chicken lolipop

Burger Alu tikki Mc puff Mc grill Mc swirl

Personal factor
 McDonald's targeted children as well as adult age group people.  For the children they offer LEO TOYS with their happy meal,but they eat.  McDonald's adopt a strategy in their food segment so that every people can buy their meals.their meals are not expensive.

 McDonald's produce their products according to the need of the consumer.  They opened the shop at Delhi during navratri for vegetarian people.  They made separate food for vegetarian and non vegetarian people .  Cooking style of McDonalds are also different to others .

Cultural factor
 McDonald serve their service according to the customer most of the people are vegetarian so they launched their product according to the demand of the customer.  They adopt a strategy that they divided their product according to classes like upper class,lower class,middle class.


PERSONAL FACTOR  Domino’s made efforts to give its product a local flavour.  The company offered 12 types of pizza toppings such as prawn topping and extra-hot toppings catering to the consumers  They also kept in their mind on option for kids –the chocopie which is chocolaty.  Domino’s offered its customers free home delivery with a promise to deliver pizza within 30 minutes.

 They introduce a dessert after the main meal and also launched sweet dishes .  The service would identify which Domino’s outlet was closest to the place where the customer was calling from, and put the call through.  Their specialty are pizzas.

Cultural factor
 It offer special product in different regions.  For south India it offered Chettinad Chicken and Mutton Ghongoor.  For north India it offered Butter Chicken and Paneer Makhani.  In east –Fish pizza tempered with mustard sauce .


 KFC had Indianized its menu to a great extent .  KFC initially preferred to retain its international taste.  KFC offered only individual meal.  KFC also made efforts to change its positioning. KFC’S promos sought to attract families who looked for not only food, but also some sort of recreation.


 Indian families wanted more variety,and the KFC had only one item on its menu.did not enhance its appeal.  KFC was also thought to be expensive.  KFC’s communication is not clear for family restaurant  Consumers saw it as a chicken recipe restaurant.

 KFC offered vegetable and chicken burgers,apart from chicken on the bone.  KFC launched a new range of wrap category snacks, which included rolls, such as tortilla rolls.  During the navaratri festival ,it offered a new range of nine vegetarian products, which included paneer burger.  A more fiery burger called zinger burger was also introduced for teenagers.

    Wide variety of products Reasonable price Targeted all category of society Healthy conscious food

 Expensive products range  Lack of communication between the company and customer  Less outlets in India  Bad customer service

 Home delivery  Customer care (toll free no.)  Promotion  Provide office lunch

 Huge competion in the market  Protest against the Non-vegetarian foods  Mounting losses and increasing operational expenses

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