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N.Harin Jeba Lydia I MBA A

Inclusive growth basically means, broad based growth, shared growth. Inclusive growth as the literal meaning of the two words refers to both the pace and the pattern of the economic growth.


The strategy of the eleventh plan "to provide the mass of our people access to basic facilities such as health, education, clean drinking water etc, and that governments at different levels have to ensure the provision of these services".

What is inclusive growth about?

Economic growth Adopts a long term perspective and is concerned

with sustained growth. Focuses on both the pace and pattern of growth Focuses on productive employment These are potential outcomes, not specific goals They are fueled by market-driven sources of growth with the government playing a facilitating role

Vision of eleventh five year plan The target is to achieve 9% increase in GDP. Improvement in the quality of life of the people rapid growth that reduces poverty and creates employment opportunities access to essential services in health and education especially for the poor equality of opportunity Empowerment through education and skill development employment opportunities underpinned by the National Rural Employment Environmental sustainability Recognition of womens agency Good governance

There must be equality of opportunity to

all with freedom and dignity. The government should create favourable and stable macroeconomic environment that fosters private sector participation. Implementation of laws that are equitable, facilitate procurement of natural and scarce resource, providing economic incentives. The Indian middle class will continue to

Better education is often an important means to better jobs, increased income, and a better quality of life. Education and skill development will receive high priority in the Eleventh Plan India needs to widen its education base radically Provision for laboratories/libraries and also strengthening of the existing facilities available should be made to bring about inclusive growth.

Good quality infrastructure is the most

critical physical requirement for attaining faster growth weather roads, water for irrigation, airports availability of power at a stable voltage and frequency railways that are not overcrowded Ports with low turnaround time to reduce costs of imports and exports to handle the growing traffic telecommunications and broadband connectivity

The access to finance is an

important one for all segments of society, and especially to the poor and marginalized sections, as it can facilitate them out a sustainable living and alleviate them from poverty.
The ability to access small

amounts of capital through formal microfinance loans has enabled many people below the poverty line to start successful small

Society consists of Individuals Business Politics

Current state

Ideal state


President Pranab Mukherjee Inclusive growth should not remain a mere slogan and the benefits of economic prosperity must reach all sections of the society

The economic prosperity that our country has experienced over the last few decades will mean nothing if, on account of poverty, a significant percentage of our population is not able to participate in its development.

"A decisive reduction in poverty will be possible only if

there is an expansion in economic opportunities for all