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To motivate people to become better presidents.


Grade: A
Years of presidency: April 30 1789- March 4 1797

I gave George an A because hes been doing well earning respect and is being viewed as a good leader by many people. He has also helped other countries and tried to keep neutrality to help his country stay out of war. He has also done a good job with putting in people who he trust to help him and not some other random person.


Grade: A
Good job on keeping the U.S under control. George did pretty well this term, hes now taking other peoples views into account and making sure that he doesnt just be selfish with his decisions. Keep up the good work George and Im hearing good things about you left and right.


Grade : A
Years of Presidency: March 4, 1797 March 4, 1801

I gave John Adams an A because hes done a good job knowing and paying attention, to what his country needs and does not need. He also has done a good job trying to keep neutrality and keeping peace between the U.S and other countries. John Adams knows how to keep his mind on one thing and not go back and forth between decisions. Overall he has done a good job keeping his country safe and deserves an A.


Grade: C
I gave John Adams a B- because hes been doing a good job with making decisions. But he also took some peoples rights away by signing the Alien and Sedition Acts. I know he didnt write it and Congress did but he couldve vetoes it. By accepting it he took peoples freedom of speech away and went against the Bill Of Rights.


Grade: A
Years of Presidency: March 4, 1801 March 4, 1809

I gave Thomas an A because he has done a pretty good job at not abusing his power. Hes putting himself into the shoes of the people and doesnt view himself as all high and mighty he also wants all people to have an education and is not letting only certain people to have it. John Adams lets all people have rights and doesnt abuse his power.


Grade: B
I gave Thomas Jefferson a B because hes a honest person. But he cant keep his mind on one decision. He says one thing one time then another thing the next. Hes always trying to please someone. He also is a bit racist because he said that White people are superior to Blacks.


Grade: A
Years of Presidency: March 4, 1809 March 4, 1817

I gave James Madison an A because he has done a good job making decisions. For example he had a hard decision whether to declare war on Britain or to strengthen the country. And he made the best decision and the U.S was safe. He also didnt back down and let the British keep attacking them.


Grade: A
I gave James Madison an A because he has been doing well in sticking to his decisions and executing them. Like when he was preserving the Constitution. James Madison also isnt greedy, he doesnt just take land from civilizations and he also tries to protect peoples rights and not take them away. There had been some recent people making bad opinions on him, but opinions are opinions. Therefore this doesnt affect his grade.


Grade: B
Years of Presidency: March 4, 1817 March 4, 1825

I gave James a B because he is doing a good job solving problems in other places. But it doesnt mean that just because he did that hes in charge of them. Hip helping them also let to the Latin American Independence. He also made a lot of Americans happy when he made the Monroe Doctrine.


Grade: N/C I didnt change James Monroes grade for this term because not a lot of the evidences were actual facts. Most of them were just bad opinions. Also there werent a lot of evidences about him as a person. Most of them showed Uncle Sam as monsters and acting childish ruling Cuba. But these are still peoples opinions.


The president that is graduating with the valedictorian award is James Madison. The reason why is because he stopped the British from attacking the US. He also earned two As for both terms. He isnt greedy, he cares about people. And he also knows how to stick to one decision. He also preserved the constitution during major time of war.

The president who is repeating is John Adams because he has the lowest grade out of all of them for both terms. He also sign an act called the Alien and Sedition act and took some peoples rights away. Also by signing that he allowed deportation to just about anyone he doesnt like. Which is an example of abusive power. John Adams also has a grumpy personality which is probably the cause of most of the troubles the U.S was in.