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Two key questions How can we reach our customers? How can our customers reach us?   Ø Ø 3/7/13 .INTRODUCTION  An interactive dialogue b/w the company and it’s customers. Communication includes all potentials interactions. the target customers may have with the product and company.

feedback.PROCESS OF COMMUNICATION  Is the process of exchanging information and the process of generating and transmitting meanings between 2 or more individuals. channel and receiver ( decoder). Communication involves a sender( encoder). message .  3/7/13 .

Structure 3/7/13 .

Ø Also called Encoder.Cont…  Sender: Ø Person or group who initiates or begins the communication process. 3/7/13 .

3/7/13 . conversation . gesture. Ø Might be a speech interview. telephone conversation .Cont…  Message: Ø Is the actual physiologic product of the source.

Ø Care should be taken while selecting the channel.Cont…  Channel: Ø Medium the sender has selected to send the message. 3/7/13 .

3/7/13 . Ø Through the translation of message. the receiver must then make a decision about an accurate response.Cont…  Receiver: Ø Must translate or interpret the message sent. Ø Also called Decoder.

Cont…  Feedback: Ø Confirmation of the message provides evidence that the receiver has understood the intended message. 3/7/13 .

Ø Playing both the roles. Ø The word ."Intrapersonal" .means within the person. and process messages within yourself. receive. 3/7/13 .Levels of Communication  Intra personal Communication: Ø initiate.

Ø Conversations. 3/7/13 .  Interpersonal Communication: Ø Occurs when two or more people talk face to face. and small group discussions are interpersonal exchanges.Cont…. dialogues.

 Mediated Communication: Ø Occurs when two or more people use some intermediate means for carrying their messages.Cont…. Ø No face to face communication 3/7/13 .

private person-to-group situation often has some of the characteristics of interpersonal communication.Cont…. Ø A small.  Person to Group Communication: Ø Involves one speaker and audience. 3/7/13 .

Ø Restricted opportunity for feedback is the most serious barrier to effective mass communication. dissimilar. 3/7/13 .Cont….  Mass Communication: Ø Includes messages sent to large. distant audiences using some intermediate instrument of transfer. public.

Cont….  Organizational Communication: Ø Occurs when an individual and groups within an organization communicate to achieve established goals. Ø Mainly takes place in a formal way. 3/7/13 .

Desire A. by buying the product.Attention I .AIDA  A Potential customer undergo four sequential mental states before he becomes an actual customer. A.Action Ø Ø Ø Ø 3/7/13 .Interest D.

save time.Conclusion  Communication plays a major role in every aspect of our life because it create a image among the receiver who actually receives the message. brings desired response.  3/7/13 . Correct communication builds confidence. builds goodwill.