Search for GOD started with the dawn of creation.

For this many visited saints birth places,some to the pilgrimage of idols or emblems representing them,some to the temples and we cannot deny the fact that still in this world u may find people who do not believe in the SUPERNATURAL ALMIGHTY.I want to repeat again that the knowledge shared is not at all been to hurt anyone’s sentiments or the feelings shared by him.

Something about INDIA
India boasts of thousands yrs of cultural& natural heritage •86 national parks •448wildlife reserves •More than 2.4 million temples, mosques, church India has long been known as the land of saints, temples, spiritual and religious believes. the land of myth or blind faith. the land of superstition the land of finest poets, writers, artists, craftsmen the land where great epics been written which lay the foundation of modern times. India being a secular home to all communities with hinduism being practiced in majority around 80% serves more than 1bn people comprising total popn of India. Muslims,sikhs,jains,christians,refugees comprises of the rest nation. Each has its own pilgrimage, heroes, legends and even culinary specialities.

FROM JAMMU VIA PAHALGAM •Jammu-pahalgam: 320kms,8-9hrs drive •Pahalgam-chandanwari: 16kms,2hrs drive •Chandanwari-sheshnag: 13km trek •Sheshnag-panchtarni: 11km trek •Panchtarni-CAVE: 6km trek

Applications for Yatra should be sent to nearest registration office Two passport size photographs A self addressed pre-stamped envelope(speed post) A medical fitness certificate from an atleast MBBS doctor each yatri is issued a registration-cum-identity slip by authority,to carry during yatra Ins:pilgrims advised to get insured

Some useful tips
Check the things before u start • Water • Glucose biscuit& health drink • Torch • Raincoat • Military shoes • Woolens (jackets pref) • Light eatables • Monkey cap Ladies are advised not to trek in sarees instead in pants or salwar kameez

Medical assistance: advised to take any prescribed medicines along,else there is a provision of qualified doctors &nursing staff. There are military camps also at every stoppage for any assistance Provisions: ration &other eatables are available at fair rates. Also one can enjoy lots of langars wayside Accommodation: good tented acc.are set up at the time of pilgrimage at sheshnag,panchtarni,chandanwari. Insurance:in view of hazardous nature,pilgrims are advised to get insured Carrying or use of alcohol is strictly prohibited •Try not to overstrain on steep gradients. •Do not relax at pts where is warning notice.Try not to overstrain on steep gradients. •Do not relax at pts where is warning notice. •No yatri will be allowed without a registration card

Day 1
• Mata CHINTPURNI Significance: smallest of all nine sisters nobody can take prasad for his relatives n frens if going on further pilgrimage • Mata kangra devi Significance: a river flows by side named gupt ganga.

There is a child in every one of us, be it a teenager, an adult or a well grown person.we not only want to enjoy going back to our childhood but also not to leave the leisure of teasing & irritating the counterpart. I wanted to explain this in d context that how we enjoyed & leisured bathing in gupt ganga. How all the uncles were having fun, sprinkling water on each other like a kid.

MATA KANGRAJI Uniqueness: besides there is another temple of an aghodi sadhu. The uniqueness abt these sadhus is that they eat anything to survive,bath in the cremation ashes and drinks in a bowl of human skull
The aghori sub-sect still hold to it as a daily reminder of human mortality and as a challenge to transcend the duality of life and death.

Day 3

Day 4
• SHIV KHODI: Absolutely wonderful and fantabulous place to visit atleast once in a life time.It is not a well popular place but still has much of its importance.Around

Day 2
Significance: hundreds of lights burning on water and still water remains cold. By far we might have advanced so much in the field of scientific researches but there is still a mystery that from where all these lights being emerging from the past thousand years in around and under water. The thing is no matter how far we go ahead we remain always under the hands of nature& we cannot challenge it.

Yatra Significance
• The Legend about the importance of Amarnath Cave is as follows : • This is The Cave which was chosen by Bhole Shankar for narrating the secrets of immortality and creation of Universe to Maa Parvati ji . The story goes like this . Centuries ago Maa Parvati asked Shiv ji to let her know why and when He started wearing the beads of heads ( Mund Mala) . Bhole Shankar replied when ever you are born I add one more head in my beads . Maa Parvati said ," My Lord, my body is destroyed every time and I die again and again, but you are Immortal. Please let me know the secret of this ." Bhole Shankar replied that it is due to Amar Katha ."

Yatra Significance
• Maa Parvati insisted that she may be told that secret. For long Shiva ji continued postponing . Finally on consistent demand from Maa Parvati He made up his mind to tell the immortal secret . He started for lonely place where no living being could listen it . He choose Amarnath Cave . In preparation to that He left His Nandi ( The Bull which He used to ride ) at Pahalgam (Bail gaon) . At Chandanwari He released Moon from his hairs (Jataon). At the banks of Lake Sheshnag He released the snakes . He decided to leave his Son Ganesha at Mahagunas Parvat (Mahaganesh Hill ) . At Panjtarni, Shivji left the Five Elements behind (Earth , Water, Air , Fire and Sky) which make living being . He is the Lord of these elements. It is believed that as a symbol of sacrificing the earthly world , Shivaji and Maa Parvati had Tandav Dance . After leaving behind all these, Bhole Shankar enters the Holy Amarnath Cave along with Parvati Maa.

Yatra Significance
• Lord Shiva takes his Samadhi and concentrate . To ensure that no living being is able to hear the Immortal Tale , He created Rudra named Kalagni and ordered him to spread fire to eliminate every living thing in and around the Holy Cave . After this He started narrating the secret of immortality to Maa Parvati . But as a matter of chance on one egg which was lying beneath the Deer skin remained protected . It is believed to be non living and more over it was protected by Shiva -Parvati Asan (Bed) . The pair of pigeons which were born out of this egg became immortal having listened the secret of immortality (Amar Katha). Many pilgrims report seeing the pair of pigeons when they trek the arduous route to pay their obeisance before the Ice-Lingam (the phallic symbol of Shiva).

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