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 Export agreement refers to the offer by the exporter and its acceptance by the buyer.  It specifies the description of the item(s). Export order is a document communicating decision of the foreign buyer to purchase certain item(s) from the exporter. .

3. Sends the quotation with the details like FOB price. “Offer to sell” is made after the negotiation. 4. Business promotion visit to a foreign country. Contact with a buying agent in the exporter’s country.1. the foreign buyer his requirements. Participation in Trade Fairs/ Visits. Contact with the overseas marketing agent. 5. 2. On the receipt of this basic information. Shows the product range to the interested buyer. delivery time etc. The exporter locates a trade enquiry through      Web Sites of the import firms. . Mode of Payment.

Product and its description. 2. 6. 4. 9. 8. 3.Varies from order to order depending on the nature of product. Products specifications like quality. parties involved. 10. Documents Required . 5. 7. Price: FOB/CFR/CIF etc. Quantity Payment terms Delivery Schedule Mode of Shipment Type of Shipment Labeling. Packaging.  The standard clauses of an export order:  1. etc.

 Acknowledgement of the Export order.  Scrutiny of the Export order. Labeling and marketing requirement if noted in the compliance. a) b) c) d) e) Items (Product). Payment Terms Special Packaging.  Conformation of the Export Order.  Constitution of Team of Executives. . Sizes & specification Pre –shipment requirements.

Contents of the Activity Profile Determination of the material / supplies required. Shipments of goods. Making arrangement for the procurement of the material/ supplies. Negotiation of documents Preparing pre-shipment documents . Terms & conditions of Insurance. Managing the risks involved in the export shipment.   a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Developing Logistics for Execution of the order. Appointment of the clearing and forwarding agent.f) g) h) Shipment & Delivery date as per the negotiation. Documents required by the buyer. Arrangement of funds.

. Planning Import of Goods Import restrictions. Locating Sources of Supply in India.        Procurements of Inputs/ Supplies. Sources of Supplies. Selection Criteria Follow up with the Supplier/ Manufacturer Reservation of shipping space.

 Technical capability  Management  Research and development facility. . Reliability  Production Capacity of the Supplier  Reputation of the supplier  Terms of supply  Financial Strength.

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