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Malaysia & Singapore

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Malaysia and Singapore people, culture, language

Malaysia is a located where the Indian Ocean meets the South China Sea, Malaysia is situated on major trade and immigration routes in the region. Early immigrants brought wealth as well as their own unique cultural heritages and religions. .

Singapore, a densely populated city-state, is one of Asia's "Four Tigers" and is Southeast Asia's most important seaport, financial centre and manufacturing hub. Like its neighbour Malaysia, it is multi-cultural, with the main mix between Malays, Chinese and Indians. The people are generally highly educated with a high standard of living and GDP comparable to that of Western Europe

Fast Facts
Locations: Southeastern Asia Capitals: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore Official Language(s): (Malaysia)- Behasa Melayu Malay (Singapore)- Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English Populations: 25 million (Malaysia); 4.5 million(Singapore) Ethnic Groups: Malay, Chinese, Indian and others Religions: Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Christian and others Currencies: Ringgit (Malaysia); Dollar (Singapore) Time: +8 hours GMT

Two enterprising printers in Singapore, John Fraser and David Neave , decided to diversify their investments and go into soft drinks. Together, they formed the Singapore Straits Aerated Water Company, Southeast Asias first aerated bottled water producer and the forerunner of Fraser and Neave Limited. In 1936 F&N's soft drink division started to produce and bottle Coca-Cola in Singapore and Malaysia, becoming one of The Coca-Cola Companys earliest franchisees in Asia. 1992: Joint Venture Signed To cement the relationship between the two companies, a joint venture agreement was signed on May 11, 1992 to establish F&N Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company had a 25% shareholding in the joint venture.

F&N Coca-Cola expanded rapidly into new markets around the region, including Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan 1999: Coca-Cola buys bottling operations In late July 1999, Fraser and Neave Limited sold their 75% of F&N Coca-Cola (Singapore) Pte Ltd to The Coca-Cola Company. 2011 : Bottling agreement with F&N ends In October 2011, the agreement between Coca-Cola and F&N to bottle F&Ns non-alcoholic brands in Singapore came to an end. Today, the Coca-Cola business in Singapore is fully owned by The Coca-Cola Company continues to serve the Singapore market by producing, selling and distributing a total beverage portfolio.

The Coca-Cola Company has been refreshing Singapore for almost seven decades. Coca-Cola was first produced and bottled in Singapore by Fraser and Neave under franchise in 1936. Within half a century, Coca-Cola became the most popular soft drink in Singapore. In late July 1999, Fraser and Neave Limited sold their 75% ownership of F&N Coca-Cola Pte Ltd to The Coca-Cola Company. Today, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages, a bottling operation fully owned by The Coca-Cola Company continues to serve the Singapore market by producing, marketing and distributing a total beverage portfolio. As a total system together with Coca-Cola Singapore, the Company employs over 600 staff, mostl of whom are Singaporeans.

Consumer Segment
Generation Y comprehends a group of people born aged between 15-35 years old. They have divided into subsequent trends, such as the Fashionists and Techno lovers.

Consumer Insights in Singapore

Weekly consumption*
Female 44,75% Male 55,25% < 2 bottles 55% 3- 5 bottles 22% > 8 bottles 12%

6-7 bottles 11%

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola light Coca-Cola Zero Sprite Fanta Mello Yello Nestea Minute Maid

Hug Me: Coca-Cola A new Coca-Cola vending machine at the National University of Singapore is programmed to dispense a bottle of Coke when a person Hugs the machine, .The vending machine has the inviting words Hug Me written on its front in Coca-Colas signature font. .

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