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The Simple Present Tense is used for :

A general activity A general truth Habitual actions Mental states Perceptions

Things to remember Verb 1 : to go, to buy, to send, etc. Linking verbs : Am, is, are

Look at the following examples : General activity - My sister plays the guitar. - Mr. Kurniawan manages the shop. - Ikram works for the Astra Company.

General truth - Water boils at 100 degrees. - The sun sets in the west. - The sky is blue.

Habitual action - The students go to school everyday. - She drinks a cup of tea every morning. - He gets up early in the morning.

Verbs of perception - We hear some noise in the hall. - She smells something burning. - This medicine tastes awful.

Verbs of Mental states - I believe he is right. - He knows the answer. - We dont understand the questions.

II. TALKING ABOUT EVENTS The Present Progressive Tense The activity is happening right now/at the time the speaker is saying it.

Things to remember The linking verb: am, is are + Verb 1+ ing (going, eating, buying, etc)

Look at the following examples : a. Its noon. I am eating lunch at the cafeteria right now. b. Ani cant come to the phone right now because she is taking a shower.

Look at the following table!

SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE Statement {I-You-We-They} work {He-She-It} works. PRESENT PROGRESSIVE I am working (You-We-They} are working {He-She-It} is working


{I-You-We-They} do not work {He-She-It} does not work

Do {I-You-We-They} work? Does {he-she-it} work?

I am not working {You-We-They} are not working {He-She-It} is not working.

Am I working? Are {you-we-they} working? Is {he-she-it} working?


EXERCISES For question number 1-3. Find the correct answer by circling a, b, c or d! 1. Teacher Student : How do you go to school ? : .

a. I take a bus. b. I am taking a bus. c. I will take a bus. d. I wont take a bus.

Key answer : A
Explanation : It asks about your daily habit.

2. Nina : What does a teacher do ? Cathy: . a. She usually explained the lessons to the students. b. She usually explains the lessons to the students c. She is explaining the lessons to the students. d. She has explained the lessons to the students.

Key Answer: B Explanation : Because it asks about what a teachers habit is

3. Caller : Can I speak to Lia? Receptionist : I am afraid . Caller : When will she back? Receptionist : At one oclock, can I take a message? Caller : No, thanks, Ill call her back later

a. She is having a meeting. b. She is in her room c. She had a meeting d. She will be here.

Key : A Explanation: The caller asks what Lias

For question number 4-7. Find one word/phrase that is not correct . Deny : Do you believe in flying saucers? A Santi : What did you talking about? B C I think its only your imagination D

Key : B Explanation : Santi asks what Deni is talking about ( at the moment )

5. A : What do you do when you are A B nervous? B : When I am nervous Im biting my C D nails

Key : D Explanation: Because its asks your habit

6. Anto Anti

: Why are you smile? A : Im smiling because Im happy. B C So I always smile when Im happy D

7. Father : Whats Mayang doing? Mother : .Thats strange! She never cleans her room a. She is fixing the car. b. She is studying English. c. She is cleaning her room. d. She is having a meeting

Key : C Explanation : Father asked about Mayangs activities.