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Xerox and Fuji Xerox

While.What role has Fuji Xerox played in Xerox’s global strategy ? How do you expect this role to change in the future ?  Fuji Xerox has been the most successful joint venture ever between an American and Japanese firm. .“  Xerox gained the functions of quality programs. product technology from Fuji through adaptation of  “Leadership through Quality program"  State-of-the art Product technology and business effectiveness  Competitive Benchmarking  JIT Manufacturing Exchange of personnel and evolving communication process. Xerox's global strategy was to combine "American ingenuity with Japanese manufacturing. development and manufacturing capabilities. Xerox concentrated heavily on globalization. Over time it evolved into a fully integrated operation with strong research. When Xerox began to rejuvenate. Canon attacked Xerox in the US market with its new liquid toner copiers and medium to low-end copiers. it lost a big part of its market share in America to Canon. it hinged on Fuji Xerox for guidance and partnership in functional abilities.

 Integration of the capabilities of both the companies to produce better quality products in lesser time. manufacturing and marketing.  Fuji Xerox and Xerox Corporation should continue to keep the level of autonomy it has developed that allows them to competitively work off one another while at the same time using that ability to strengthen each company and any weakness they may have. .Role in the future:  Intensify collaboration in development.  Improved coordination for serving the south-pacific operations.  Fuji Xerox's aspirations to get worldwide market for low end can lead to better efficiencies.

 Fuji Xerox revenues represented a significant portion of the xerox groups worldwide revenues  Fuji xerox financial contribution to xerox net earnings in the form of royalties and profits has been growing rapidly Fuji xerox had been an important source of low end copiers for xerox Though Fuji xerox has developed its technological capabilities and invested heavily in R&D. Reasons: The joint venture helps Xerox to compete against the dominant player Canon. Yes.Is Fuji Xerox a successful joint Venture in 1990 ? How would you measure its performance ?Please be as concrete and specific as possible . it continued to rely on Xerox for basic research on new technologies (High end products)  Collaboration between xerox and Fuji seemed to be most successful in research Both the companies have agreed upon who would take the lead and supporting of personnel leads to constructive relationship . so there is no conflict of interest The trust between the companies is huge .

Development and Hardware design  Xerox’s business strategy.What were the key success factors in this alliance in the past? Do you expect these factors to change in the future?  Key Success factors  Trust and coordination between the two companies  Autonomy to Fuji Xerox  Exchange of personnel.rental system along with outright sale  Fuji Xerox’s Total Quality Control  Continuous review  Strategy summits  Co-destiny task force  Fair and elaborative revenue sharing model .technology transfer  Strong research in both the companies  Xerox -basic research and software capabilities  FX.

Xerox must bring in new facilities to integrate printers. scanning and photocopying options  After Sale Service should be top notch  The service offered on the products after sale should be better than industry standards .Change in Key Success Factors  Optimization in R & D The cost and interval of introduction of new products through the R&D should be optimized  Focus on Innovation With a view of possible increase in use of computers.

Consider the different options for reorganization listed in Exhibit 11. Hence. Select one option in each functional area and be prepared to explain why you prefer it over the others ? Marketing Relationship: Independent and Separate The present model is independent and separate. so less BPR required Over 94% of the Xerox & Rank Xerox. leading to duplication of resources There would be duplication of resources in mid and high volume units as well Independent marketing provides leeway for individual organizations to leverage of competitive advantage in particular territories The pricing techniques differ in the 3 organizations ( from cost markup in FX to acceptable gross profit in Xerox) There is scope for renegotiation of territories especially in South Pacific region where Rank Xerox has control but Fuji Xerox would have competitive advantage Partners like Rank may not be willing to go for coordinated marketing scheme . overlapping of territories would essentially mean two separate companies selling the same product. low volume units were of Fuji Xerox’s design.

Contd… Research: Coordinated  Goes in line with the continuing trend of cooperation in R&D  Core competency of FX and Xerox are different with FX specializing in low volume units while Xerox focusing on mid and high volume units  Manufacturing Licensing Fee offers incentives for continued innovation  The skills complimented each other with Americans known for their ingenuity while Japanese being adept at manufacturing skills  The coordinated development would allow them to be a step ahead of competitors due to better sharing of knowledge on changing technological environment especially coming from Japanese competitors  Duplication of resources can be avoided .

Contd… Development & Manufacturing: Complementary with Overlap  Various government policies (like Japanese governments restriction on imports. US governments policies to protect labor employment) prevent manufacturing facilities to exclusively manufacture and export products  The cost of transporting products would be avoided  Competency and knowledge sharing on R&D and best practices in manufacturing can be enjoyed by FX and Xerox  Massive cost savings have been made in US manufacturing facility due to increased coordination and knowledge sharing with their Japanese counterparts  Core competency of Xerox is in mid and high volume units while FX is in low volume units  Concentrated efforts can go research in specific designs without duplication of resources .

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