--------------------------PUJA JHA(62) RAJNISH KUMAR(65) JENIFER(68) SABITAVO DAS(73) SAURAV SINGH(78)

THE INDIAN HR INDUSTRY • Age.more than 3 decades • Pre liberalization to post liberalization • Growth of HR services compared to other services • The size of the industry is approx Rs. And majority portion is still untapped • No public company . 30000 crore.

EVOLUTION OF HR INDUSRTY Three levels: 1. such as payroll and benefits 2. . and track performance 3. identify training and development opportunities. Execution of the administrative functions of HR activities. About development and evolution of the human capital. for operating the company. that overlays administrative and talent management processes. involving the use of data to deploy talent. Talent management processes.

but manpower quality is deteriorating.  Surfeit of graduates.DAUNTING CHALLENGES  Demand for skilled manpower is rising. but supply isn’t able to keep pace.  Bloating wage expectations. but low employability due to poor skills.  Deep-rooted mindset  Managing aspirations of the 20-30 yrs young employees .

Source: Kelly Services Survey.57million SMEs don’t follow even contemporary HR practices.  1800 SMEs do not employ HR heads.SHOCKING Facts and Figures!!!  Less than 3% of HR heads sit on the boards of their companies.  99% of India’s 3. Team lease Survey .  People efficiency in India is barely 50-60% against a global average of 80-90%  Out of the 2 million graduates that pass out every year only 1/5th are employable.

FACTORS INFLUENCING SATISFACTION AND CONTRIBUTION OF EMPLOYEES  Career development opportunities  Training  More challenging work  Opportunities to do what ‘I do best’  Regular. specific feedback  Greater clarity .

EMPLOYEES SEEK MORE CHALLENGING ASSIGNMENTS Source: BW-HR Anexi Blessing White Employee Engagement Survey 2010 .

WHAT INFLUENCES EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTION Source: BW-HR Anexi Blessing White Employee Engagement Survey 2010 .


INDIAN HR INFLECTION POINT • Have we really reached to that level????? • From local to global/ glocal • Seriousness for HR function • The government initiatives • Human capital vs work force mentality .

HR Challenges….  Cultural challenges  Leadership Grooming  Retaining know – how  Gender Equality .

India ranks 114th in terms of the Gender Gap Index 2010 report  Only 16% of the junior managers are women  Only 1% of the organizations have women CEOs  A female employee earns Rs 67 for every Rs100 earned by her male counterpart for similar work. Confederation of Indian Industries Report Source: The World Economic Form Gender Gap Index 2010 .GENDER EQUALITY  68% of the Fortune 500 companies do not have a female boardroom member  Only 11% of the top executives are women  Among total 128 countries.

HR Initiatives for WOMEN • On campus day-care centre – (McAfee India) • Flexi. Infosys) .Timing to accommodate early parenthood • Extended maternity leaves • Adoption maternity leave – (IBM) • A certain amount of payment of the legal expenses incurred while adopting a child – (HP) • Cab drops during pregnancy • Post maternity leaves without pay for 6months to 1yr – IBM.

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