1960s and 1970s

• Teenaged baby boomers – too many of them to ignore. A huge age difference. • The young created a counter-culture. They rejected the ―Canadian dream‖—getting married, starting a family, buying a bungalow in suburbia, and waiting to have sex. • Sayings(Make Love, Not War; God is Dead; and Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out)

• Attitudes toward sexuality changed dramatically. Obscene material was no longer obscene. • Birth control stopped being Taboo and became a ticket to worry free sex. • Canadian society became more tolerant of homosexuality.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS • Everett George Klippert :In 1965 interrogated by the police as part of an arson investigation in the Northwest Territories. Klippert was arrested after admitting that he had had sex with other men. When psychiatrists determined that he was unlikely to stop having sex with men, he was declared a dangerous offender and sentenced to life in prison. Maclean's, Canada's popular newsweekly, then printed an article sympathetic to homosexuals. This led to increasing calls to reform Canada's law on homosexuality. Klippert was released in 1971.

Pierre Trudeau (who later became the 15th Prime Minister of Canada).• Homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada as a result of legislation (Bill C150 AKA the omnibus bill) introduced in 1967 and passed in 1969 by then-Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada. He famously commented. "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."[ .

Klippert was released in 1971.• Maclean's. • Homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada as a result of legislation introduced in 1967 and passed in 1969 by then-Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada. This led to increasing calls to reform Canada's law on homosexuality. Trudeau . printed an article sympathetic to homosexuals.

He then ushered in legislative changes that removed some of the restrictions against homosexual relationships. homosexuality was considered a criminal offence. • In 1969. and a psychological disorder. . Pierre Elliot Trudeau announced that the state had no business in the bedrooms of the nation. a mortal sin. • Eventually people began to become more tolerant.COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET • At the beginnings of the 1960‘s.

. for example. He lost this battle to the mini-skirt.FROM “NO. a Quebec City police chief sent 50 patrolmen out to enforce a law that said that women weren‘t permitted to display their thighs in public. • Some tried to stop this. NO TO A GO-GO” • From book bannings to a smorgasbord of porn. • In 1968 the CBC refused to air men‘s underwear commercials.


By 1970 almost every woman could get the pill if she wanted to. hesitant to give it to patients. It was still illegal ―to sell. 1960 the Birth Control pill was invented in the U.S. publish an advertisement of or {have} for sale or disposal any means of preventing conception‖. .THE PILL • In April 18. It wasn‘t until 1965 when UBC provided information to its students about the Pill that word spread about its use. advertise. therefore. Doctors were. One year later the Canadian government approved it for Canadian use.

instead of with surrogate families. (Living with friends after graduation.THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION • The Pill and opportunities led to an increase in sexual experimentation.) • Well-known authors were speaking out about the glories of sex. .

San Francisco—Summer of Love • Drug use increased.TURN ON. He spread his word to the youth of North America. DROP OUT • In 1962. . Timothy Leary became an LSD Zealot. The number of charges laid under the Narcotics Act more than tripled between 1966 and 1968. TUNE IN. • Big name entertainers like Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan sang songs alluding to the joys of taking drugs. • Haight-Ashbury. a Harvard University psychology instructor.

for they increase drug use.• The Canadian government appointed a Royal Commission on Drug Use. . They recommended the following: • People no longer be charged for merely possessing marijuana • The penalties for other marijuana offences be reduced • There be no increase in the penalties for other types of drug offences • Drug addicts receive medical treatment rather than court-imposed criminal sanctions • Forget the scare tactics.


the woman‘s liberation movement. the gay rights movement. civil rights. CCR) . • Young people listened to Protest Movement Songs (war in Vietnam.ROCK „N‟ ROLL • Powerful beat • Compelling lyrics that had been made famous by black musicians. • Much of the music celebrated the use of psychedelic drugs. Joan Baez. and the environmental movement) (Bob Dylan.

The Band. The Guess Who (American Woman). Leonard Cohen (Suzanne).THE CANADIAN SCENE • Ian and Sylvia Tyson. . and Neil Young were all famous Canadian singers. Gordon Lightfoot.

broken limbs.000 young people. freak-outs. Jimi Hendrix. • They had hoped for an attendance of 75. acid. and one birth.000. grooving. pop. and lovemaking. garbage. mud. 1969 the biggest musical event of the 1960‘s occurred in Woodstock. New York. They attracted big-name performers: CCR. skinny dipping.WOODSTOCK • August 15 to 17. but receive 400. along with rain. and Santana to name a few.‖ • The brainchild of four hippies. • ―Three frenzied days of music. dysentery. . Janis Joplin. two deaths.



They were the answer to their problems.) TV helped this by constantly showing new inventions.I AM WOMAN • The Pill played an enormous part in making the women‘s liberation movement of the 1960‘s possible. (Motivation—the desire to keep up with the Joneses. . • In the 1950‘s the suburban housewife turned to alcohol or tranquilizers to overcome her unhappy existence. • At the start of the 60‘s women began to make advances in the workforce.

• In 1968. . • Trudeau‘s government liberalized Canada‘s divorce laws. Prior to this adultery was the only legal ground for divorce. the federal government made it possible for a woman to have an abortion if she could prove the pregnancy was damaging her mental health.


RELIGION IS DEAD • The church was no longer an important aspect of peoples‘ lives. cults. (Church of Scientology) (Moonies) (Hare Krishna‘s) . there were groups who called themselves ‗Jesus People‘ (‗Jesus Freaks‘ to those who did not like them) who believed they were getting high on Jesus Christ. • There was a lot of searching for the truth. and even the occult. • However. Many turned towards Eastern religions.



WHY? • TV .1960‟s and 70‟s „POP CULTURE‟ • Pop culture fads spread like wildfire during the 60‘s.

• Colour TV was broadcasted in Canada in 1966 even though most felt there was not a demand for it. however. there were some Canadian shows—Mr. . and The Nature of Things that were popular. The Friendly Giant.• 1952 only 26% of Canadians were able to receive television signals • 1960. Dressup. 90% of Canadians ― • CTV realized they had to show American programming to be competitive.

Early TVs .

Hottest TV shows to debut during the 60‘s • • • • • • • • • The Flintstones The Beverly Hillbillies The Fugitive Addam‘s Family Gilligan‘s Island Star Trek Mod Squad The Brady Bunch Ed Sullivan Show .

Hottest TV Shows .



fringed jackets. granny glasses. and bouffant hairdos. wrap around sunglasses. bell-bottom pants. go-go boots. and miniskirts. sandals.READY TO WEAR • Your clothing was your message in the 60‘s • There was the Jackie Kennedy look—pillbox hats. low slung pumps. tiedyed clothing. two piece suits. bare feet. • Younger generation—elephant pants. . A-line skirts that fell to the mid-knee. long greasy hair. granny dresses.

Ready To Wear .



FADS • • • • Troll Dolls Lava Lamps Black lights Day-Glo clothing .


DANCE CRAZES • • • • Twist Mashed Potato Swim Watusi .

com/watch?v=0CoesFHwEXM&feature=related .youtube.youtube.DANCE CRAZES http://www.com/watch?v=K5PqydMA1kA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQBKpV9emKc http://www.

EXPO ‘67 • Montreal • Attracted 50 million visitors .

SUBURBIA • • • • Cookie-cutter homes Free of knick knacks Easy-to-clean surfaces Strict rules—grass had to be cut once a week etc. • Equipped with the latest appliances • Typical family had 3-4 children .


INVENTIONS AND TOYS • 1961. Spock‘s Baby and Childcare Book (#2 bestselling title of all time) • Ken • Twister • Yo-yos • GI Joe • Lego • Superball • Frisbees . Disposable diapers (10 cents apiece) • Dr.


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