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This is the real age for pursuing education in an intensified manner. The students have to write the public examination and score high marks to ensure admission in to higher academic pursuits. Any school or college will have students of different standards and rating All of them are fall in to the following categories. * Brilliant student. * Average student.

Brilliant student:
a) A brilliant student who score high marks b) A brilliant student who fail to score high marks. Average student : a) An average student who score high marks. b) An average student who fail to score high marks. Who is Brilliant student?
1) One who uses his brain power to the maximum extent 2) One who know the subject thoroughly. 3) One who can grasp and understand quickly. 4) One who can adopt accordingly. 5) One who can think originally 6) One who can motivated. 7) One who loves to take up challenges.

Who is an Average student? An average student means one whom usage of the brain half of that used by a brilliant student. An average student can also be brilliant if he learns use his brain better.

However, generally people rates a student based on their marks. If a student scores high marks, every one considered him brilliant. On the other hand if a student misses to score high marks, he is automatically branded an average student.

If one is focused in life towards achieving some thing be clear about your Goal. .He will be very clear about his GOAL. you will understand the secret behind his Success .SET YOUR GOAL General: If you observe any achiever.

Getting up late in the morning. 8) Laziness at work. Wasting lot of time in gossiping. Postponing things often. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) .Symptoms of lack of clarity of Goal. Time 7) Sleeping for long hours. computer games cinema. Aiming too many things and changing them often.V and using cell phone for long. 6) Watching T. 10) Feeling boredom and lacking enthusiasm. 9) Getting tired easily. Internet chatting. Giving up the aim in the middle.

1)Auto .How to focus your self towards the Goal. .Hypnosis 3) Auto .Commands 4) Visualization.Suggestion 2)Self .

Auto –Suggestion Auto. I am -------Able Capable Truthful Faithful Wonderful Beautiful Successful Hopeful Obedient Lucky Fortunate Outstanding Intelligent Brilliant Active Energetic Excellent Strong Confident Happy Healthy Wealthy Dedicated Disciplined Devoted Courageous Determined Patriotic .suggestion is to eliminate from your mind all negative thoughts and feelings in to Positive thoughts.

Hypnosis 1)I will surely become an outstanding student. 3)I will prove my worth.Self. 5)I can do it. . This is my challenge. 6)This is my challenge. 4)I will use my time usefully the whole day today. This is my challenge. 2)I will be great achiever in life.

Self Commands Self-commands are to silently shout. Where ever you fall short of your best. do it better. fool. how can do this. concentrate. Similarly when you things excellent like Wise praising your self good. done excellently. . come on. no. really capable. cant do it. shout at your self with un kind words such as …. Stupid. great going. idiot. keep it up.

Visualization Visualization is powerful process. . visualize the ideas in mind before any think can do it. it help as to do better.

A human mind generally programming the Sub conscious.PROGRAMMING THE MIND Every one is blessed with more than ten thousand core brain cell. But still an average person uses about 5 – 10 %. Negative Traits Negative Habits Negative Thinking . it means programming such as ….

Subconscious mind: It is the mind of the past ( . .ve ). if do it consciously that work will be excellent. the conscious mind consult the subconscious mind and approve the proposal (of the conscious mind) if you have already done in similar work in the past.All of have tow mind 1) Conscious 2) Sub conscious Conscious mind: It is the mind of the present ( + ve ). it is very powerful. any think that you do. when you want do something .

.Programming Negative Traits 1) Jealousy 2) Impatient 3) Short temper.

Programming Negative Habits 1)Postponement 2)Laziness 3)Drowsiness 4)Smoking 5)Drinking 6)Argument and fighting. .

programming in a Positive way.Programming Negative Thinking 1)I am useless. Hence use the power of mind. 7)I cant do well. 3)I don’t like this 4)Life is boring 5)Education is taxing. 2)I cant understand. Never move closely with negative people Always make friends with positive and bright student. . 6)I am very un lucky.

If you do that you will be get peak concentration and will be able to understand the subject very well. .CONCENTRATION TECHNIQUE General: For a student very important requirement is concentration power it means preparing the mind. When you want study . you need to prepare the mind before you start studying.

. 4) Deep sleep state.State of mind Our mind does not work in the same way at all time. 2) Relaxed state 3) Drowsy state. 1) Brisk state.

It is most suitable for hypnosis. . listening to understand. will get peak concentration in this state for studying . Relaxed state: Most suitable for mind work . so does not give any strong input. Deep sleep: This is the most relaxing state for both body and mind . for writing records and assignment. that makes you get refreshed. Drowsy state: This is half sleep state mind will be very lazy ..Brisk state: Best for physical and routine work.

) Brisk Relaxed Drowsy Deep sleep Beta State Alpha state Theta state Delta state 13 and above 8 – 12 4-8 1–4 .The state of mind can be found out by EEG (Electro Encephalogram) State of mind Scientific name EEG recording ( Cycle / Sec.

Concentration Technique. 1) Alpha breathing 2) Meditation 3) Visualization 4) Glancing 5) Breath observation 6) Cyclic method .

Spend a few minutes doing meditation. It is needed more for you than them. Meditation brings 1) Calm to mind. Meditation Most youngsters think that meditation for the aged and retired persons . . 2) Concentration in studies 3) Prepare your mind to do well on your studies. 4) Sharpness at work.Alpha breathing Relaxed state is most suitable state of mind to get peak concentration . This can be attained by regulating your breathing.

and give peak concentration in studies.Visualization Before studying . this makes you focused . just visualize your goal for a minute and proceed . before studying or doing any work . Glancing (Brief look) Before studying any thing first through it for about a minute ( from beginning to end) . This will prepare to mind to concentrate. just close your eye for a minute and observe your breathing process . . Breath observation This is very easy and effective . you will find your concentration considerably increased.

Cyclic Method Peak Concentration Present Study well Life is great POSITIVE CYCLE Did you exam very well Excellent Job Excelled in Studies Became a Profession .

Could not concentrate Present Could not Study well NEGATIVE CYCLE Wrote exam badly Life is horrible Failed miserably No Job .

. Most students possess super memory. if it is arranged and kept in a systematic manner.MEMORY TECHNIQUE General : Memory is the most important requirement every body to excel in every walk of life . 1) Natural memory 2) Memory mnemonics 3) Permanent memory 4) Memory imaging 5) Memory diagram. The following are memory focused to increase your memory power. including studies.

. this should increase the natural memory Memory Mnemonics are Codes or Clues to improve memory. if use those mnemonics systematically we can achieve super memory. Mnemonics can be in the form of Words. recall the previous activity arranging chronological order and visualize all activity. Sentences or link. we should recall the events in the same order.Natural memory is in-built memory in our brain. while recalling.

1st review 2nd review 3rd review 4th review 5th review 6th review after 1st day after 1st week after 1 month after 3 month after 6 month during the annual exam time. the reviews of subjects have to be made systematically in order to ensure long term memory.Permanent memory This is a planning technique to improve the long term memory. .

Memory diagram concept first needs to select a suitable diagram or drawing for remembering any subject or topics. When gazing at the page the image of the entire page gets stored in subconscious Memory diagram Memory diagram are very effective and is an innovative way of remembering things or concept. It may be limited for mathematics and static’s.Memory imaging This is a memory addition. after reading a page thoroughly gazes at it for a few seconds before reading the next page. .

Preparation is an art. PREPARATION AND PRESENTATION METHODOLOGY Exam. 3)During Exam. is a written presentation for scoring High marks. Preparation 1)During Academic year. Phases of exam. 2)During Study holiday. Day.EXAM. and exam. .

5) Any doubts whatsoever. 3) Thoroughly understand the subject. . 1) Attend all the classes regularly.During Academic Year Students have worked to plan. reference books. 4) Do not leave out any portions. studied and prepare for one academic year. consult your teacher. class notes. 2) Read textbooks. Work hard during academic year and work smart during examTime.

6) Group reviews from other students to get clarification and doubts. 8) Prepare your own exam. . cycle test. 10)Write model exam. monthly test. Such as weekly test. Notes and Keynotes or summary. 9) Attend exam. 7) Refer previous year question paper. unit test .

important equation and aspects relevant to subject for next day examination . During Exam day Should read and recollect the exam notes and key notes. while studying scribble ( on paper) key words. 2 – 3 weeks of study holidays .During Study holiday Generally just before the exam . During those days you must read the exam notes and key notes for all the subject. Read text books or reference books if you seek any clarification or doubts.

In other words the fruits of the entire hard work all through the year depends merely on your exam presentation.On the day of exam Exam score depends on how well students presents his answer in the exam. .

Exam Presentation skill 1)Selection of question . 2)Neat and legible presentation. 3)Good margin. 9)Time management. . 5)Sub heading with underline. 7)Written in paragraphs . 4)Bigger letter. 6)Gap between words. 8)Enough gaps between paragraphs.

( for public exam.Exam Routine requirements 1) Pens 2) Pencil 3) Eraser 4) Sharpener 5) Scale 6) Sketch pen 7) Calculator (for college) 8) Wrist watch 9) Writing pad (if allowed) 10) Hall ticket. ) .

What makes you an achiever in your life Apart from studies a student should equip your self with 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Life skill Fine arts Martial arts Co – Curricular activities Social service activities Reading habit .

1)Life skill Public speaking Meditation 2)Fine arts Painting Drawing Music Dance 3) Martial arts Karate Swimming .

4)Co – Curricular activities Crafts Sports Learning skill Group discussion Personality development 5)Social service activities NSS NCC 6)Reading habit General knowledge books . .

RESULT Success in Examination and an Achiever in Your Life. GOOD LUCK. .

PREPARED BY K.Tiruchy -14. . CHANDRA SEKARAN Manager / Civil / Factory BHEL .