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Development of the New England Colonies

Think about this...

Imagine that your parents have told you that they have a new set of rules for you. You have to wear winter jackets in the middle of summer, you must eat tofu during every meal, and you can only hang out with your friends on the second Wednesday of every month. They also criticize you for the way you dress, your favorite hobbies, and your love for green vegetables. If you do not follow these rules, your parents will make you clean your bathroom with a toothbrush while singing Call Me Maybe.

Think about this...

You think this is crazy and refuse to be persecuted by your parents anymore. Luckily, you have found a new place to live. Yay! The only problem is, it is in Wyoming, which is rather far away from your home in the Rantoul area. But your parents are nuts, and you cannot take it anymore! So you decide to form a pact with your friends (everyones parents have adopted this strange behavior) and journey to Wyoming to start your new life..

What would you do?

When you get there, all of you decide that you should probably create yourselves some shelter. Unfortunately, none of you knows how to build a house. Nobody knows how to grow any food either, and you spent all of your money during your trip. How do you overcome these challenges? Do you want to struggle in this new life, with limited resources but the freedom to do as you please? Or, do you go back and tolerate your crazy parents? What do you do?

Where are the New England colonies?

What are the New England Colonies?

Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island

New Hampshire

Henry the 8th and his rule

Dissention Separatists

Pilgrims and their Journey

Left for Americans due to religious reasons Escape "persecution" Virginia Stock Company
o o

allowed Pilgrims to settle in Virginia company would get share of any profits

Mayflower Compact

Pilgrims landed north of Virginia All settlers of Plymouth had to sign contract Signed in 1620 Critical step in the development of representative government in America


Massachusetts Bay Company grants new group of Puritans a charter in 1629 Establish new colony north of Plymouth Strict Bible society

little "tolerance"

Political Ideology

John Winthrop General Court becomes Elected Assembly Voting restricted to males

Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

Developed by people kicked out of Massachusetts

Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson

Role of Native Americans

Settlers made treaties with the Native Americans in order to receive their help Squanto & Samoset showed them how to make use of available resources 1621 - The two groups lived together peacefully for a short period of time

New Resources

New Resources led to new industry

o o

Rivers Trees/Forests Oceans

Conflict over Resources

Conflicts arose between Native Americans and colonists over resources and land Pequot War - 1636 King Philip's War - 1675

Your Turn!
1) Pretend that you are in charge of creating a town in the New England region. Draw your ideal version of a settlement in one of these New England colonies. Consider the industries and resources we discussed in class (shipping, forestry, etc.) as you construct your town. Then, write a short paragraph explaining your design choice. How did you choose the location of particular areas (homes, work)? Why did you include certain resources and not include others?

Your Turn!
2) Develop your own set of laws to govern one of the New England colonies. What kind of policies do you think will help you survive for a long time? Will you include the Native Americans in your government, or are they not important? How will you divide resources? What behaviors will be tolerated and what will be against the law?