Environmental Monitoring for Marine and Coastal Ecosystem

• Malaysia is located on the Coral Triangle – Global center of marine diversity • Redang: One of Malaysia‟s top tourist destinations • This resulted in drastic increase in coastal activities

• Beach Pollution Accretion Coastal Erosion Beach Pollution . • Accretion .Issues • Coastal Erosion – receding sandy surface area.coastal sediments return to visible portion of beach.

Mapping 4. Bio Indicators . Coastal Profiling 2. Beach Debris 5.Overview Coastal Monitoring – Continuous observation & recording of coastal changes. Sampling Sediment Composition 3. 1.

• To use the findings as a tool for environmental managers & stakeholders to enhance conservation policies and management of marine areas. .Objectives of EMMCE • To improve understanding of current coastal processes within community. • To understand the situation of the studied areas and driving factors affecting it.

• It is hard to control the result as tourists are not specialists (leave measuring & mapping to those who are trained) • Therefore it is easier to embark on activities that generate funds to conduct the programme. .Why is it difficult for tourists to engage EMMCE programme? • The activities are not interesting.

Shell.MNS Objectives • To gather support for the programme from Hoteliers in Redang • To create awareness and therefore generate support for MNS‟s cause in Redang from: 1. Government 2. HSBC etc…) . Private Sector (Aquaria.

• This hype and activities will also boost tourism in Redang. • Allowing hoteliers to be part of the conservation efforts & opportunities to develop CSR programme – therefore enhancing their brand image & values.Strategy • To create hype and activities to generate fund to finance the research and cleaning of Redang beaches. .

hotels‟ business will be affected: . • With the depreciating environment.Why the hotel should support the programme? • Position project as something which will benefit them in one way or another.



Proposition 1 : Start Simple. Sign up to „Be a Friend of Redang!‟ and to enjoy the following for RM30 only: • • 5-10% discount on food & beverages around Redang Get a cap/t-shirt/sunscreen. . Start with a Programme 1.

Proposition 2 : Coral Planting .

Coral Planting • A new activity proposed to tourists whereby they get to dive as well as plant corals. • Underwater Pictures of them can also be taken as souvenirs. . • Fees charged for the above.

.Proposition 3 : Eco-friendly Artisanal Products • Useful products or souvenirs made out of collected rubbish. • Jobs are created and environment is benefitting.

• Parents have more time to relax. treasure quests etc… in which they will also be educated about marine life by guides.Proposition 4 : Involve Children! • Package whereby Resorts provide activities for children. • Children indulge in activities such as rubbishpicking competitions. • Prizes can be redeemed after each session .

Mechanism: 3 KGs Trash 5 KGs Trash WEIGH & REDEEM! .

• Participation fees: RM 50 . • Highlighted activities. – Art Performance from the invited performers. – Unique social experience with other guests by having fresh from the ocean outdoor dinner by the camp fire.Proposition 5 : Fire Camp Gathering on Beach • Resorts organizes fire camp music festivals on beach for local community and tourists.


three-on-three. • Activity overview : – Volley ball competition – Duration depends on how many participants and sets. is conducted by hotels and opened to public. Estimated time : 9 A. 30 per team (of 3 person) . beach- sports activity.M-3 P.Proposition 6 : Green Competitions • Sport Tournament – a friendly.M – Winner will receive prizes such as hampers and other rewards • Participation fee : RM. team-played.


Proposition 7 : Incorporating Special Days • World Environment Day • Earth Day Objectives • To ride on the media mileage generated • To take the opportunity to address the issue nationwide (press releases. editorials etc…) .

facebook. share more. inviting celebrities & media for coverage. you have donated 10 cents into the coastal reconstruction funding. by simply sharing and liking this video” or “By watching this video.Activities • Launch of „Be a Friend of Redang!‟ programme. .. (Donation Drive.” – Videos are to be broadcasted in youtube.) • Gala Dinners – To trigger big funding targeted to big corporations. – Concept example : “If you want to save marine ecosystem in Redang. MNS website and any other social media. Donate more. Get the Redang‟s government to view this video. Adoption Programme etc. • Viral Video – features stories and footages about Redang‟s environment before and after the coastal disappearance which triggers public to share about this awareness more.

• Cheap recycled-trash bags .Proposition : Signage & Recycled Trash Bags • Frequent use of signage & quotes at strategic locations to remind tourist of their duty towards the environment.

The end… .

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