Achyut Kanvinde


He was born on 9th feb1916 and died on 2003 He was one of the renowned architect from India. He is also a teacher and writer.


In 1947 Kanvinde got his Masters degree in architecture from Harvard University, became the president of the Indian Institute of Architects in 1976 Kanvinde is the author of Campus design in India . He was educated under Walter Gropius at Harvard University

Kanvinde set up a private practice with the architect Shaukat Rai (b 1922) in 1955 and designed numerous institutional buildings, housing and industrial complexes. Achyut Kanvinde,has even worked with BalKrishna Doshi, and Charles Correa of India. Muzharul Islam of Bangladesh


His most works are related to education and research Indian Institute of Technology (1960– 65), Kanpur, The National Dairy Development Board (1974), The Nehru Science Centre (1982), Bombay,

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Harivallavhdas house Ahmedabad Swiss Trade mission IIT Kanpur (library) The National Science Centre (1984), New Delhi

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Recipient of Padmashree -1975 Recipient of gold medal of the Indian Institute of architects -1985 National award of institute of engineers for architectural engineering- 1990

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Out standing konkani award (posthumous)-2003 TMA Pai foundation manipal-2003 Great master national award by J.K.industrial ltd.- 1993

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Buildings were conceived in a strict modernist vocabulary. He used concrete frame structure in filled with brick panels and plastered in a fine stone grit finish. He mostly used the locally available materials. His works are based on modern architecture of the West, but at the same time preserves and reinterprets Indian tradition.

The strength of the architects’ ties to Indian tradition and the ways in which the principles of modernism are expressed vary greatly. Their work is obviously contemporary and fuses tradition with the principles and materials of modernism in creative and remarkable ways.


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur is one of the premier institutions established by the Government of India. IIT-Kanpur is located on the Grand Trunk Road, 15 km west of Kanpur City and measures close to 420 hectares. The research in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of India.

Milk processing plant for the National Dairy Board
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It is located in Mehsana, India. The black and white zig zag designs, for Greek, Islamic, and other international symbols, Other aspects of the building suggest other mythic references--most of which escape the ordinary viewer. This four-story building, housing departments relating to math, statistics, and computer science,

It is a plan in the shape of an "H" and is aligned with the cloister of the Administration Building. The stark, rectilinear concrete forms and industrial profile of the plant announce that it is a place for production. Thus modern technology is used to preserve a traditional way of life, and the processing plant is the physical expression of this fusion.

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