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Turner .Consulting Business of giving advice  Opinion  Specialist / Generalist  Sharing expertise  Structured thinking  Problem solving  Plan of improvement Consulting is more than giving advice -A.N.

best practices & cross domain Holistic Relationship Timeliness Responsibility Accountability Knowledge transfer Ethics & empathy Bad Consulting       Project only Repetitive Strictly process driven Silos Limited to scope Purely transactional .Good Vs Bad Consulting Good Consulting            Ownership Innovative End objective oriented Leverage learning.

Are transparent and direct Do not fleece the client Offer data driven solutions and not things out of a book.Good Consultant     Work like a stakeholder in the client’s business.  Are always open to questioning their own assumptions and starting over  Diagnoses the problem and are ready to change the problem statement  Always striving to increase Organizational efficiency .

 Cares about securing his revenue first and then thinks of clients revenue.Bad Consultant  Work in the interest of their employers  Mince words and use language to their benefit  Overcharge and exploit naivety of clients  Offer ‘textbook’ solutions  Are stubborn and inflexible in their thinking. .  Doesn’t like to say that another consultant is better than him for the respective project.


Are you a Consultant or an ERP implementer  Consultants whenever asked to improve bottom line or bring in Operational Efficiency they tend to simply suggest Outsourcing of backend work or BPO work.  There are Consulting firms who are best in implementing ERP and for every problem in the business their solution boils down to implementing ERP. in finding the root cause or the actual problem. .Consulting is same as Outsourcing.  Fresh Perspective-This is true in a lot of cases but Consulting is definitely more than this. and doing innovative problem solving.

out-of-the-box solution and value add would be far more.  Although the common belief is this:-But the fact is that a smaller firm can actually go an extra-mile in understanding your problem and finding an innovative. BCG or Bain has the capability or potential to provide the best solution to our problem.Bigger the Brand…  Most of the clients believe that bigger the brand the better firm it is to solve our problem or understand it. . whereas these big firms might just focus on Methodologies.  Only Mckinsey.

I could do that myself if I had the time – “Consulting is just basic common sense.  Fresh perspective – New insights through unique methodologies rather than looking at the problem through the same lens  Consultants play a neutral role which would help get the stakeholder’s support within the client’s organization Learn from their experiences and also question the consultants as much as you can Use consultants as a medium to convince other executives who have problems with accepting internal point of view .”  This we feel is only partly true  You may get a decent solution but may not be the best competitive solution  Consultants can apply the lessons learnt from 100 other projects that he had worked on with similar problems.

. fair and honest approach rather than short term focus. Most of us focus more on the end result and ignore the time and effort.  We feel the most appropriate way to avoid this would be to avoid working with clients you don’t trust. Therefore. Engage in long term partnership which involve open. it is not justifiable to underestimate the work of a consultant.Consultants just fool around to extract money from the client  This is not always true  It takes huge time and effort before we actually see the end result.

Consulting Fee  Consulting fee need not necessarily be dependent on the amount of time spent of consulting.  This should be proportional to the value that the client ultimately receive from the consulting assignment  It is not always necessary to fix the consulting fees based on what Big 4 consulting firms quote for similar assignments  Consulting firms can even quote higher if they feel that the service that you offer is something unique and the value that the client gets would be far superior .


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