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A US-based global manufacturer and retailer of outdoors wear with a focus on footwear Company also sells apparel such as clothes, watches, glasses and leather goods 2007 - Timberland was named the 78th best employer in the US on the CNN Money "One hundred best companies to work for" list. A strong proponent of Timberland also operates from a number of offices around the world, including INDIA




Employee Volunteering Program

Debuted on September 18, 1992 offered employees up to 16 hours of paid time each year to engage in community service In 1995, the number of paid hours available to employees was raised to 40 hours a year By the late 1990s, the company formalized two annual service events designed to make it easy for employees to serve.

A team of passionate individuals within the company who volunteer beyond their regular jobs for community services and CSR initiatives

Employee Volunteer Program Reporting the results of the program Power to bring about a change Path Of Service Forty paid hours of community service Service program that matches the employees interests

90% of the Timberland employees take part in the Path of Service

Service Sabbatical Program

An avenue for employee enrichment

Volunteerism, a key driver for positive worker attitudes

Web Based Examples of CSR

Q.1 What are some of the benefits to companies that operate a volunteer employee program stated in the case study ?

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Helps in creating healthier community Improves corporate public image Building employees teamwork skill Attracting better employees Improving employee morale Enhancing employee training Enhancing employee productivity Enhancing company productivity

Q.2 How can companies encourage employees to participate in volunteer program and avoid having employees feel that by volunteering they are potentially derailing their chances of promotion because of the time theyll spend out of the office?

Here are few ways to encourage employees to volunteer: 1) Offer employees paid time off for their volunteerism. 2) See if one or more of your employees can create and run a volunteer program. 3) Seek out organizations such as Habitat for Humanity that need multiple volunteers so your employees can interact outside of the workplace. 4) Make it fun. Encourage your employees to bring their friends and family members

5) Encourage top managers to lead by example and

volunteer themselves.
6) Provide your volunteers with company-logo shirts

and/or hats.

7) Create a tracking system so your employees can easily log the hours they volunteer each month. that enables one or more employees to apply to volunteer fulltime at a nonprofit organization for an extended period while retaining their pay and benefits.

8) Consider implementing a volunteer-leave program