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Principles of Public Health Nursing practice

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Mr. Manasseh Mvula BSc N IV student UNZA


General objective

§ At the end of this lecture, a students should acquire knowledge on the principles of Public health Nursing


Specific objectives § At the end of this lecture. üDefine Public Health Nursing üDiscuss the six principles of Public Health Nursing practice 3/11/13 . a student should be able to.

2008).. § The primary focus is the prevention of disease.Definition § Public health nursing is a field of nursing practice in which the family and the community are the clients (Stanhope M et al. promotion and the maintenance of the highest level of health and wellbeing 3/11/13 (Stanhope M et .

3/11/13 . willingness to change and their adaptabilities to prescribed therapies.Principles of Public Health Nursing § Public health nursing believes that all persons have the capacity and the potential to develop better physical health and improved wellbeing. depending on their desires.

mental and spiritual wellbeing. 3/11/13 . emotional.Comprehensive Health Care § Entails giving holistic care or giving care in totality. § Holistic care means taking care of all the aspects of the patient health namely physical.

3/11/13 . § Comprehensive health services encompass other health care programmes in order to provide holistic care.Cont’d § A public health nurse using this principle does not select which problems to deal with.

§ The disadvantage is that it is too general 3/11/13 .Cont’d § Services are usually integrated so that many services are offered at the particular time for example. § This principle is good because it takes advantage of each visit to the community to deal with most health problems people may have in the community. children’s clinic and antenatal clinic.

§ The disadvantage is that it is narrow in scope as it does not enable the public health nurse to deal with other health problems in the 3/11/13 community. § The advantage is that it is specific and tends to deal with a problem completely. .Selective Health Care § Using this principle. a public health nurse selects a particular health problem and deals with it completely.

race. 3/11/13 . regardless of social background. § People.Equity § Equity is providing services to people in fairness. colour or geographical location should have equal access to the services the public health nurse provides.

Cont’d § In developing countries. § In line with this principle. the Zambian government has introduced outreach programmes in order to attend to people in the peripherals. 3/11/13 . this principle is not usually followed wholly because of lack of resources.

§ Improved health status in the community cannot be achieved without the involvement of other sectors-whether public or private. 3/11/13 .Intersectoral collaboration § This principle requires involvement of other disciplines in the execution of many public health programmes.

the ministry of education partners with the ministry of health in the vaccination of school children. § The media sensitizes people on many public health matters like the prevention of cholera in the community.Cont’d § For example. 3/11/13 . § This shows therefore that the Ministry of health cannot work alone.

for such problems to be solved require full participation of the community in reporting and solving issues that are prevailing in their community.Community Participation § This principle reminds the public health nurse that health problems are in the community where people live. § Therefore. § A public health nurse can also use a community diagnosis in 3/11/13 to help the order .

Affordable and acceptable health care § The the the and public health principle entails that care we provide to the people in community should be of quality within the means of people. 3/11/13 .

Take home points § PHN is a field of nursing practice in which the family and the community are the clients. § Its primary focus is the prevention of disease. promotion and the maintenance of the highest level of health and wellbeing. 3/11/13 .

Cont’d § In order to maintain its primary focus. üEquity. six principles have to be applied and these are. üSelective health care. 3/11/13 üIntersectoral collaboration. üComprehensive care. .

Questions? 3/11/13 .

§ What are the six principles of public health nursing practice? 3/11/13 .Can you remember? § Define public health nursing.

Assignment § Read about the major public health problems in Zambia. 3/11/13 .

Community Health Nursing. Elsevier Mosby. Et al (2003). Toronto. oxford Philadelphia. Missouri 3/11/13 . Lancaster J (2008) Public Health Nursing. § Stanhope M. 7TH edition.References § Dianne W. 2nd edition.

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