ECE Research and Presentation

Nico Botones – EMCA2

numbers and words” . along with their difficulties: • Visual discrimination: • “Seeing the difference between two similar letters. shapes or objects” • Visual figured-ground discrimination: • “Seeing an image within a competing background” • Visual sequencing: • “Reversing or misreading letters.Brief description: • There are many subcategories to VPDs.

parentsupportspace.(Cont): • Visual motor process: • “Writing within lines or margins of a piece of paper” “Moving around w/o bumping into things” • • Visual memory: • “Remembering the spelling of familiar words with irregular spelling” • Visual closure: • “Identifying a word with a letter missing” • Spatial relationship: • “Getting from one place to another” .

brainbalancecenters.jpg . Which will sometimes frustrate the student’s learning process.Characteristics: • Unable to visually recognize things that are familiar to them. • A student would be unable to recognize letters and numbers in the means of learning. but they are able to recognize things with their other http://www.

• People can come across as clumsy and may look like they’re bumping onto and missing aim towards objects • This thought will hinder the student’s ability to perform learning tasks such as working on computers or simply working on penmanship skills http://www.jpg .(Cont): • People may have difficulty performing minor motor

Teaching strategies: • For reading. Oral teaching is the best way to help the students. • For the younger students. one might need to create texts with larger and readable fonts with words having to be spaced out. color coded instructions would be a great alternative. . • With the person’s other senses still working properly. one could use a tape recorder or an audio book to help the reader or the instructed to know what to work on.

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