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March 2004 The Company was converted to a public company.800 MW at a suitable location. Letter of Award for Urthing Sobla hydro power project awarded to REL* May 2005 September 2005 Letter of Award for Siyom project awarded to REL* September 2005 Letter of Award for Tato II project awarded to REL* . April. 2005 The Company entered into a MoU with the Government of Maharashtra for setting up of thermal power plant of 1.200 MW and a gas based power plant of 2.The plant is now being set up at Shahapur in Raigad district of Maharashtra.Milestones January 1995 The Company was originally incorporated as Bawana Power Private Limited.

2007 Name changed to Reliance Power Limited by a special resolution of the members The Company acquired SPL from Power Finance Corporation which sets up 3.* November 2006 The Company acquired RPSCL from Aditya Birla Power Supply Company Limited which company is setting up 1.Shahjahanpur. Uttar Pradesh. August 2007 September2007 Amalgamation of RPUPL with the Company becomes effective. November2007 Letter of Award for Krishnapatnam UMPP awarded to Reliance Power .960 MW power plant at Sasan. July 4. Madhya Pradesh.200 MW Coal Based Power Plant at Rosa.April 2006 REL entered into a MoU for setting up a power plant of 300 MW at Butibori in Nagpur district of Maharashtra.

• To practice highest standards of corporate governance and be a financially sound company.Mission Reliance Power aims to provide reliable. • To consistently enhance the competitiveness and deliver profitable growth. reliability. • To relentlessly pursue new opportunities. • To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern for society. low cost 24X7 power supply • To attain global best practices and become a leading power generating company. safety and operational efficiency. • To improve the lives of local community in all the projects. . capitalizing on synergies in the power generation sector. • To achieve excellence in project execution. quality.

• To encourage ideas. • To earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders. integrity and transparency in all aspects of interactions and dealings. • To promote a work culture that fosters learning. . exceeding their expectations. team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals. talent and value systems and become the employer of choice. individual growth. • To uphold the guiding principles of trust.• To be a partner in nation building and contribute towards India’s economic growth.

Vision • • • • • To build a global enterprise for all The stakeholders To be the largest private sector power generation company in India To be the largest hydro power generation company in India To be the largest green power company in India To be the largest coal mining company in India .

Board of Directors .

L. V. Rao CHAIRMAN DIRECTOR DIRECTOR Contd. Dr. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Dr. Yogendra Narain Shri J. Bajaj Shri J. Chaturvedi Shri S. L. Chalasani DIRECTOR DIRECTOR CEO .P. K.Board of Directors Shri.

Power Projects Reliance Power has established and is constructing various power projects which are: Coal Based Projects • Rosa Power Project (1200MW) • Butibori Power Project • Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project • Krishnapatnam Ultra Mega Power Project • Chitrangi Power Project • Tilaiya Ultra Mega Power Project Gas Based Projects Reliance Power is developing almost 10.000 MW of gas based power capacities at multiple locations. .

480 MW) Hydroelectric Projects Reliance Power is developing 4.400 MW) • Dadri Power Project (7.• Samalkot Power Project (2.620 MW of hydroelectric power capacities at seven locations. Tato II (700 MW) Siyom (1.200 MW) Urthing Sobla (400 MW) Amulin (420 MW) Emini (500 MW) Mihundon (400 MW) • • • • • • • .000 MW) Kalai II (1.

and mobile medical vans that dispenses free medicines and provide free health check-ups. physiotherapy center.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Reliance Power in its continuous efforts to positively impact the society. has formulated policies for social development . especially the areas around its sites and offices. Education Reliance Power has made major contribution for the education of the children of Project Affected Families and the children of the villages around the sites which include building of a DAV school at the site free school bus facility for the students. The various activities of its CSR includes: Health At its various project uniforms. Reliance Power sites runs medical facility center. study tours etc . stipend to every child who attends school .

• • • • • Environmental Initiatives Reliance Power strives to minimize environmental impact through generation of clean and green power.Employment Reliance Power invests significantly in skill upgradition of people around the sites. Reliance Power strives to develop and promote processes and newer technologies to make all their products and services environmentally responsible . training is also provided on: Computer coaching centre English speaking classes Personality development classes Physiotherapy training center. Apart from these. Provides assistance to women keen on starting their own businesses. The imperative is to use natural resources efficiently to leave a minimal carbon footprint and impact on biodiversity.

.Use of Green Technology Reliance Power believes in using the best technology for all its businesses to lessen the environmental impact For some sites of Reliance Power. they would be using imported coal with low ash content. Moreover to limit ground level concentration of pollutants. the chimneys are being made taller at all their plant sites.

. and the economic and social development Company’s Commitment The company believes in maximizing shareholder value. and in benchmarking the company to the best global standards.Corporate Governance In keeping with the Group ethos. This strategy gives a long-term competitive edge over their other peers in the sector. Social Commitments It is a socially responsible organization that is wedded to the idea of sustainable development through conservation of natural resources. the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and continues to work in a transparent and professional manner to create value for all the stakeholders. The projects are based on efficient and environment friendly technologies.