Chapter 7

PROMOTIONS MIX Decisions and Strategies

The Promotion Mix for Ethical Drug Products

companies in promoting ethical drug products to physician, dentists and allied professionals use a variety of tools in their total promotion mix arsenal such as the ff: Sampling, detailing, specialty advertising in journals and newsletters, scientific symposia, for a medica, poster sessions highlighting medical breakthroughs

The Promotion Mix for Ethical Drug Products
Drug companies also make use

Professional Service Representatives (PSRs) or medical representative deployed in various places of the country conducting regular visits and optimizing whatever promotional activities in accordance to company guidelines for certain products and for certain specialty

to support the various promo tools geared to achieve market . health centers. employing creative and consultative salesmanship. industrial clinics. highly personalized services. immediate-impact communications. and substantial ammunitions in terms of budgets. or in their private practice.  Drug companies practically “ fight to the death” for a bigger share of the prescriptions market from within and outside the doctor’s clinics. public relations.The Primary Target Markets  Promo tools in the aforementioned are physicians and dentists who prescribe the ethical drug products to their patients either in hospitals.

provided to patients or end-users carrying a prescription by way . the pharmacists in drugstores can make or unmake a prescription drug product depending on what is actually available in the store to serve or advice.  With the advent of the revitalized Generics Law.The Second Target Markets  Ethical drug products are the pharmacists who dispense and endorse the prescription drug products to endusers in drugstores and hospital pharmacies.

The authority endorsers at the point-of-sales for OTC drug products in drugstores are none other than the pharmacists.PROMOTIONS MIX FOR OTC/PROPRIETARY DRUG PRODUCTS The primary target markets for the OTC/proprietary drugs that require no endorsement or prescription fro physicians or d4ntists are the mass-based consumers of both sexes of various income strata. and psycho-social-cultural grouping. .

Effective Retailing. Materials.  Conducts a Continuing Pharmacist Education (CPE) Program to all the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association Chapter all over the country by way of providing highly-qualified resource speakers for such relevant topics as: Inventory management and Control. Merchandising and Product Displays. Personal Handling and many others. INC.UNITED LABORATORIES. and other product giveaways are provided to further . handouts.

the big drug outlets in the country conduct varied promotions activities and employ such promo tools as: attractive billboards/neon signs. free medical and dental consultations. localized advertisement. modernized store fronts and interiors.PROMOTIONS-MIX OF WHOLESALERS AND BIG DRUGSTORE CHAINS  To increase customer traffic and greater store patronage. creative merchandising and displays at the selling area and point-of-sale. sampling. sales promotions for consumers and drug outlet’s personnel. discounts and many drug outlets in .

. a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. personal selling. Drug companies differ in the design and actual implementation of their promotions mixes. and public relations. sales promotion.PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED Promotions mix is the specific mix of advertising.

but market reach is wider and faster. . long lasting recall. and likewise triggers purchase decisions and repeat buys. ADVERTISING for OTC/Proprietary Drug Products TV advertising is the most expensive medium promoting OTC/proprietary drug products. TV advertising to be effective must be supported with other promotions tools and other elements of the marketing mix. creating greater product awareness.PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED A.

PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED B. create an immediate response. dramatize product offers and perk-up declining sales. CONSUMER SALES PROMOTIONS for OTC/Proprietary Drug Products These are promotions activities designed to achieve the following goals: arrest/attract attention of OTC consumers to buy the product. provide inducements or contributions or incentives to give vale to consumers. to by now and by .

4. 12. CONSUMER SALES PROMOTIONS OTC/Proprietary Drug Products ff: for  This includes a wide assortment of tools such as the 1. 6. 9. 2. 10. 11.PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED B. 7. 8. 3. Discount coupons Bonus-packed offers Piggy-back offers Pick and win promo Raffle promo Trading stamps Premium promo Free good promo Rebates Pin money Mystery buyer “Sale” campaign . 5.

.PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED C. SALES PROMOTIONS for Ethical Drug Products  Many of the local drug companies employ sales promotions techniques to create awareness. study grants.Other sales promo tools for ethical drug products to target prescribers includes: subsidies during MD residency training’s. sponsorships in conventions and conferences. and patronage of their ethical drug products from physicians and dentists such as the ff: 1.Discount coupons for patients 2.Prescription for a cause 3.Medical Missions or Free Clinic Operations 5. acceptance.Gifts for the needy 4.

thus. each person observes the other needs and wants. becomes sensitive to others feelings and expectations. PERSONAL SELLING Involves personal interaction between two or more people. adjusts to situations promptly and decisively. goes beyond the selling and marketing functions top a deep long-run personal friendship.PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED D. Personal selling. is .

Product displays.  End-consumers have to be “pulled to one side and be reminded”.Posters and other merchandising paraphernalia.Drugstore owners. 2.PROMOTIONS MIX DEFINED E. MERCHANDISING AND DISPLAYS  Merchandising and displays cover every activity which help the dealer or drug outlet resell the company’s branded or generics line. pharmacists and pharmacy aiders personal recommendation and/or endorsements. The factors which provide these reminders may be groped under the ff broad headings: 1. . 3.

especially now. that the DOH has. the massive generics information drive. AND PHARMACY AIDES/SALESCLERKS  Drug companies are very much aware and conscious of the powder that owners and drugstore personnel wield influencing the buying decision for OTC/proprietary products. revitalized. The pharmacists and all counter clerks in drugstores are . which gives the end-consumers the virtual authority in the choice of drugs.PHARMACISTS.

Displays built by the company’s representative – are most often the basic display materials provided by the company head offices.DISPLAYS Displays may be built: the drugstore owner or dealer or branch manager or the company representative. Dealer displays – are most effective and long lasting. .

never lower.  Posters are point-of-purchase (POP) materials. their ideal location is the outlet. or the point where the consumer is likely to make his/her purchase.  Always place your posters at eye level or higher. therefore. . and your brand when the consumer gets into the drugstore.POSTERS/STREAMERS/BILLB OARDS  Product posters and steamers are important link between advertising (seen by the housewife on magazines and newspapers and television or heard by her over the radio).

Always take the appropriate display materials with you and use them to sell . 3. 2.HOW TO CONVINCE A DRUGSTORE OWNER TO SETUP DISPLAY 1. Plan your biggest display in those drugstores that attract the biggest consumer traffic. You should plan on how you are going to sat a display as carefully as you plan the actual sales. 4. Before going into a drugstore. you should already have in mind what OTC/proprietary brands to display.

.Preferential shelf space – is that part of the fixtures which is in a commanding position.POSITION OF DISPLAYS  There are displays: four position for 1. 3.On the store floor – is the best place for a mass display of your OTC/proprietary brands.Point-of-purchase – is undoubtedly the best of the for position. 2.

4. Make it big and attractive enough to attract the consumer. . Have it either where most consumers stand. or better still t every serving point. Have it at a height between waist and eye level (while your posters are placed at higher levels). Place it in a strategic place so that the counter clerk sees it as well. If you have a POP display 1.KEY DISPLAY GUIDELINES A. 3. 2.

within reason. the bigger the display. 2. however. If you have a Floor Display (this also applies to Preferential Shelf Space) 1.Do not trim it by including too many brands. 3.Relate it to the size of the drugstore.KEY DISPLAY GUIDELINES B. . the more it will sell.Have it in a position and size where it will be seen by the greatest number of consumers.

Make sure you control the whole window space and that there are no other products cluttering the display. . If you have a Window Display 1.KEY DISPLAY GUIDELINES C. 2.Keep the windows clean and all elements of the display properly arranged.

Sell to your sales clerks the idea of properly maintaining the display at all times. Show them how to maintain the display in an attractive condition. displays. 3. Be selective – don’t try crowd in too many 2. Consult your suppliers through your sales . 4.CHECKLIST FOR A GOOD DISPLAY PROGRAM 1. Study the most advantageous and strategic placing of display materials within the store. 5. Tie-in your displays with advertising in other media: give it a family resemblance.

To increase average spending of target clientele. 5. into the store who will actually buy. To increase customer traffic even during ordinary days. 4. 3. To sell the maximum range of product line depth and width. .OBJECTIVES OF DRUGSTORES IN RELATION TO MERCHANDISING/DISPLAYS 1. To bring in more prospective buyers 2. Top maintain or strengthen store and brand loyalty.

goods or services by an identified sponsor. display. for OTC/proprietary or health food lines.DEFINITION OF TERMS Advertising – any paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of ideas. patronage rewards. and contest designed to stimulate a stronger consumer response versus competing brands. price-offs. rebates. games or sweepstakes – gives consumers the chance to in . premiums. Contests. Consumer Sales Promotions – consist of samples coupons.

A game – presents consumers with something every time they buy that may help them win a prize. for purchases on products in the campaign period. A sweepstakes – calls for consumers to submit their names for a drawing. they are entitled to a sweepstakes ticket.DEFINITION OF TERMS A contest – calls for consumers to submit an entry to be judged by a panel that will select the best entries. for example: whenever they buy products included in the campaign. Coupons – certificates that give buyers savings when they purchase a product in a .

either radio or TV commercial. so each person can observe the others need and characteristics to close and make quick .DEFINITION OF TERMS Frequency – a measure of how many times the average person in the target market is exposed to the message. Promotions Mix – the specific mix of advertising. and public relation a drug company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. Personal Selling – involves personal interaction between two or more people. personal selling sales promotion. for either ethical or proprietary drug products.

Patronage rewards – cash or other awards for regular use of certain company products or services. to dramatize a company or product. features. Price packs or cents-off deals – offer consumers savings off the regular price of products. examples : Revicon Tablets x . and events that seem more real and believable to readers than to ads. Point-of-Purchase (POP) – displays and demonstrations take place at the point-ofpurchase or sale.DEFINITION OF TERMS Public Relations – news stories.

 Rebates or Cash refunds Offers – like coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase rather than at the retail outlet. for consumers to buy more and encourage a repeat buys .DEFINITION OF TERMS  Premiums – goods offered free or at a low costs a s an incentive to buy a product. Example: Submission of empty wrappers in exchange for cash.  Reach – a measure of the percentage of people in the market who are exposed to the tri-media ad campaign during the given period of time for advertised brands.  Sales Promotion – short term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or service.

free goods. tradeshows given to trade channels. usually for free. . push money. cooperative advertising. to achieve desired goals. sometimes a company charges a small amount to offset the cost. allowances. conventions. Samples – offers of a trial amount of a product to consumers. contests. sales rallies.DEFINITION OF TERMS Sales force Promotion – bonuses. Trade Promotion – discounts. Examples: smaller sizes of drug products as starter dose.

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