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Organizational Behavior: Report on SMDC

Industry Analysis: SM Development Corporation
 A Real Estate Business  Started in the year 2003 and became the top in the year 2005  Real estate market are the buyers, renters, developers, facilitators and renovators  Products are properties, condominiums and commercial spaces for business  Careers are administrative positions, analysts, sales man, etc.  Threats are recession, inflation, increase in interest rates, etc.

 Market share in the country as of 2011 is 24%

Company Analysis: Strategy
Mission Statement
•To ensure that the homebuyers enjoy the best value for their investment with an upscale lifestyle, generous amenities, and a safe, secure, and friendly neighborhood; •To provide an excellent after-sales and maintenance service that will preserve and enhance the long-term value of its residences; •To deliver sustainable long-term growth and increasing shareholder value by exercising prudence in resource management based on the principles of good corporate governance; •To become an employer of choice, offering comprehensive opportunities for career growth and enhancement; and, •To assist and nurture the communities in which it operates by progressively building on its role as a responsible corporate citizen;

Company Analysis: Structure

• Have more than two bosses • Sales Manager • Assitant Manager • Senior Property Specialist

CENTRALIZATION • Decisions are focused on sales • Sales Quota • Commission

Company Analysis: Leadership Style
Consults with employees in decision making Sensitive to his subordinates or employees needs and give considerations

Focuses on the work to be done

Focuses on the well-being of the worker

Set challenging goals

Has a vision

S/he avoids to make decisions

Willing to take personal risks to achieve his vision

Give rewards to employees who have done something good

An Inspiration to his/her subordinates

Company Analysis: Communication Patterns
Communication Media




Company Analysis: Conflicts

• Decrease in sales • Boost competitors (Avida, DMCI, etc.) • Tragedies (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.)

Resolution Styles
• New strategies • Changes • Confrontation

Company Analysis: Power and Politics
•Top managers per group-healthy competition


•Leadership-motivates the subordinates
•Power-ability to lead, formal power •In conclusion, Leadership=power •Leaders-getting opinions from subordinates •Subordinates-expected to follow


•If unethical-consult to the higher
position/department related to it.

Company Analysis: Organizational Culture


SMDC gives goodness to everyone

SMDC provides goodlife not just the customers but also to employees

SMDC is complete service

Employees are well trained and confident enough

Strong Culture

Company Analysis: Recommendations

• Recommendation: – SMDC must ensure that their structures are firm that it can’t be destroy by natural calamities – SMDC must promote some more discount and promo which is affordable in order to retain and gain customers – If there are quarrel between employees, confrontation is an effective tool to solve the problem and if it’s not effective, it is also better to consult the one who is next to their position.

SMDC Pictures: Interview

SMDC Pictures: Mr. Paul Hernandez & Mr. John Rey Esperanza (Property Specialists PS)

SMDC Pictures: Mr. Augustus Locsin (Top Director)

SMDC Pictures: SMDC Building near Mall of Asia

SMDC Pictures: Two E-com Building & SMDC Building

Thank you!
MGT142 BY03 Organizational Behavior Prof. Marcial Orlando Balgos

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