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Introduction Description The Components of SKYBUS Implementation of SKYBUS Proposal for establishing SKYBUS Advantages Conclusion


Light weight coaches called `Sky Buses which are suspended from bogies and travel below rail guides, the physics of which can be engineered very easily shells of coaches and suspension links well proven . Pre-fabricated latest construction technologies, which save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project in busy urban areas without disturbing the existing traffic pattern.

Heavy 52/60 kg /m rails placed at standard gauge floating in elastic medium and held in a 8 m X 2m box enclosure, supported over a 1m dia. columns spaced at 15 m and located at 15 m distance from each other. In the divider space in between lanes on a road- way, at a height of 8m above road surfaceprovides the support and guidance for powered bogies which can run at 100 kmph With the coach shells suspended below , carry passengers in air conditioned comfort, can follow existing road routes, while existing traffic on roads continue.



Sky way

Sky bogies

Sky coaches

Sky stations

Traverser arrangements at terminals

Why Sky Bus saves 50% to 75% in costs!

Conventional railway provides for heavy steel coaches to protect people from derailments and capsizing. So carry more steel and dead weight instead of people.

Sky Bus has no such problem;no derailment nor apsizing; hence uses very light weight coaches and carries more people using much less dead weight Sky Bus with the same weight & length carries 300 persons comfortably

With total weight of 48T, a railway can carry only 70 persons in20m length


The authorities in Mumbai are sufficiently taken up with the idea to consider setting up a sky bus system on a 9.8 km stretch between Andheri and Ghatkopar. To the Tamil Nadu Government, has presented a possible route network between Muthialpet in North Chennai to Athipet in the west via Koyambedu and Mahabalipuram 45 km South of the city.

Konkan railway corporation would soon begin work on construction of a 1.6 km running track of Skybus in Goa.

Fast Transportation No Land Acquisition Problems No demolition & Vandalism Fire Protection No Deaths Low Capital cost Lowest Operational cost No interference with road traffic

Capacity Flyover No Pollution No traffic Jams & No waiting Low Travel cost Comfort Tourism

This research confirms that the advantages of sky bus technology are tremendous. For overpopulated Indian urban areas, sky bus seems to be the best solution for safe, quality, and inexpensive mass public transportation. Indian state governments and metro city corporations are waiting for final approval from experts. If sky bus project receives approval by experts for its track tests, sky bus will become the solution for urban public transportation in 21st century, at least for India.