 What can be done to avoid the following

 Define Coastal Engineering

 Know different aspects of Coastal Engineering
 Identify different Coastal Engineering structures


 Coastal Engineering

- study of the processes ongoing at the shoreline (Oceanography), and - construction within the coastal zone.

What is Coastal Engineering?

Coastal Engineering
 Involves aspects of;

- Near shore Oceanography,

- Marine Geology,
- Civil Engineering

Coastal Engineering
 Often directed at;

- Combating erosion of coasts

- Providing navigational access

 Jetties  Breakwaters

 Land Reclamation

Common Structure Types

Typical examples

Saldanha Oil Jetty

Typical Examples

Breakwater in Nquga

Typical Examples

Dubai Palm Island – (Land Reclamation Project)

 Coastal Engineering



Explain why offshore structures/oil platforms are not considered in coastal engineering

2. Provide 4 more coastal engineering structures, and

brief description on how they function


Why Coastal Engineering???

One Day we May all be Coastal Engineers!!!!!

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