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Diversity and Complexity Issues in Training

Way of Facilitation and Learning

Prepare by; Group-3 ( DCC )

Teaching Learning Principles Inclusive Participation Diversity and Complexity Issues & Facilitation Discussion

Teaching Learning Principle

What is Learning? What are the outcome of learning? What is Teaching? Adult Learning Principles Teaching/Learning Methodology

Simple way to see the things

As an example in The Three Idiots Film

What is Learning?

acquired knowledge: knowledge or skill gained through education Outcomes 1.Knowledge 2.Skills 3.Attitude 4.Analysis


impart knowledge to somebody: to impart knowledge or skill to somebody by instruction or example As a simple way, we can assume

Teaching man assist learning

Teaching/Learning Outcome
1. 2. 3. 4. Knowledge Skills Attitude Analysis

Adult Learnings Principles

Adult Learnings Principles

Realistic and important (Application in the 'real world ) Active participation (Adults like to drive their learning) Professional development Practical Requires respect Need feedback Accommodate and respect diversity (wide range of experiences, knowledge, self-direction, interests, and competencies) Coaching and follow-up support (Transfer of knowledge for adults is not automatic and must be facilitated)

Teaching Learning Methodology

Participation Learning outcomes Example lecture, small group work, brain storming, role play, demonstration

Inclusive Participation
What means participation? Why participation is important? The effect of Synergy..


Why participation is important?

The effect of Synergy..

combined effort being greater than parts: the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities

Diversity and Complexity Issues & Facilitation

What is Diversity? What is Complexity? Why we need to take account on diversity/complexity issues in teaching/learning activities?

What is Diversity?
variety: a variety of something such as opinion, color, or style, ethnic, cultural, background, knowledge, ability & performance

What is Complexity?
condition of having many parts: the condition of being made up of many interrelated parts

Diversity & Complexity Issues in Training

Knowledge Cultural Religious Ability (different performance ability) Age Gender Sexual orientation

Why we need to take account on diversity/complexity issues in teaching/learning activities?

Facilitation GOALS?
Facilitation is a kind of teaching role So, it goal is same as teaching/learning outcomes Therefore, facilitation method must respect the Adult Learning Principles and base on the way to achieve those teaching/learning outcomes in full potential

Tips for facilitator in dealing with diversity and complexity issues (Discussion)

1. Knowledge, Age 2. Cultural, Religious (including ethnic) 3. Ability (different performance ability) 4. Gender, Sexual orientation Discussion title facilitation tips (do and dont) Time 10 min Presentation - 5 min for each group