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The Emanuel-Grace Connection

Beginnings, History, & Details
Grenada – The Country

• Grenada, called “The Isle of Spice”, is an island

country with 110,000 residents and a lot of
• It is located about 50 miles north of South
• St. George’s (above) is the Capitol
• It is a land of beautiful beaches and rainforest
• Their income comes mostly from tourism &
• Many people there believe there is a God, but
do not yet know the real gospel and the
salvation that Christ offers us
Tropical Rainforests and Waterfalls
St. George the Capital City
Typical family home 16’ X 16’
New London Involvement
Since June of 2000:
• Emanuel has sent eight teams to Grenada
• There have been 40 different Emanuel members who
have been on a short-term mission team to Grenada
• Emanuel has supported this mission in numerous ways,
by providing among other things:
» Financial support
» A worship service, clothing and gifts during Christmas of 2000
» Books and Bibles
» Supplies for the missionaries and church
» Materials for the various VBS programs and Teen Week
» Prayer and encouragement for the Pastors and members
» Rebuilding of homes in Grenada after Hurricane Ivan in Sept. 2004
» Gifts for children and families
» School supplies for youth
» Prayer and relational/emotional support for members
Initial Contact
Emanuel first became aware of the opportunity to help in
Grenada in 1999. Pastor Steve Witte, who was serving at
Emanuel at the time, initially had some thoughts and visions
about sending short-term mission teams to the Caribbean and
had approached the World Missions Board about it. He was
told it was under Home Missions, who in turn told him the
Caribbean was under the South Atlantic District Mission
Board in Florida. When Pastor Witte heard this, he contacted
Danny Wehmeyer, the President of the South Atlantic District
Mission Board. In conversations, they shared their ideas and
visions, and the concept of going and helping in the start-up
efforts in Grenada came about. Pastor Witte eventually flew
down to Florida to meet with Danny and some of the Board.
During these discussions, the plans were put into place for
Emanuel to send it’s first team to Grenada in June of 2000.
June 2000, First Trip
• Our first trip in June of 2000 was before Grenada was ever officially
recognized as a WELS mission church. Grenada’s first Lutheran “church”
consisted of four families and their kids. It was initially pursued by Deighton
and Heather Sylvester, who had relocated to Grenada from the WELS
church in Antigua. The Sylvesters had expressed Grenada’s need for a
solid Christian church and talked openly about the opportunities to spread
the Word there.
• The first team from Emanuel included: Pastor Steve Witte, Jack & Erin
Vande Guchte, Jake Lepke, Shane Krause, Hannah Witte, Tammy
Anderson, and Johanna Rhone. The goal was to do basic outreach and
promotion of the church that was developing through canvassing.
• Our journey there was an adventure in itself. We experienced mechanical
problems, pilot change, due to flight hrs expiring while waiting for the plane
to be fixed, a plane that would not start, and finally missing our connecting
flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Grenada by five minutes (even though
our team of 8 was about a quarter of the passengers going on to
Grenada!). Discouraged about losing a day in Grenada, our team tried to
role with the flow and see where God would take us. We discovered we had
about 24 hours to wait for our next flight. The airlines ended up putting us
up in a 5 star hotel on the ocean with meal money. Pastor Witte helped us
focus on using this time to prepare our hearts and minds even more. We
also were able to experience a little of Puerto Rico while we were there and
bonded well as a team. This diversion helped give us additional focus time
as a team and gave us time to really ready our hearts.
• The original member families were Deighton and Heather Sylvester
and their son, Martin, Melvaughn and Jackie Coutain and their sons,
Marinus and Marlon, Cheryl Pascal and her sons, Rogerson and
Dwight, and Rosalyn Douglas and her daughter, Gaynell. Many
other children participated in provided activities, and a few additional
adults were in and out of church participation. At the time of our trip,
there was no pastor assigned to Grenada, however, over the
previous nine months, three different pastors had each spent three
months in Grenada to evaluate the feasibility of starting a mission
church there. Emanuel sent their team during the final stay of the
three, while Pastor Rolfe and Catherine Westendorf were there. The
South Atlantic District Mission Board had an apartment rented in
Grenada where the visiting pastors and our team stayed. Church,
Sunday School, adults Bible studies, and after school Bible lessons
and academic tutoring were also held there.
• The first trip was funded with
some assistance from the church,
but primarily through the efforts of
each team member contacting
relatives and friends to help and
making their own contributions as
During this initial week, our team developed many friendships with the
core members of the church and spent the majority of our time
canvassing and sharing the gospel with anyone and everyone we could
introduce ourselves to around the area. We had many different
responses. Some were interested in the Gospel, others were not, and a
few were even very challenging to our youth doing the outreach. Some
said they would consider being a part of the church once a pastor was
there full-time, while others wanted a church ‘building’ and a full time
pastor “so someone could bury them and have the funeral at a church.” A
few of men felt that they were already in “paradise”, so why would they
need Heaven. There were also some deep discussions with adults that
challenged our teens to examine and grow in their own faith as the adults
they spoke with asked sincere and deep questions. It was an amazing
growth experience for everyone.
We also interacted with many kids
in the Monte Tout neighborhood
which we were located near. Monte
Tout is a poorer area and the
children flocked to our team
quickly. (Many of these same
children are still involved and/or will
come back quickly whenever a
team from Emanuel arrives!)
Post June of 2000
• After the Westendorfs returned to the US, some of the adults in the
church were worried about being forgotten. Our team was able to
encourage them by saying regardless of the decision on final
mission status, we would do all we could to assist them and provide
support for them as Emanuel as a congregation was able. A few
however, were still a little skeptical that we would return.
• In November of 2000, Danny Wehmeyer of the South Atlantic
District Mission Board in Florida contacted us again and asked if
Emanuel could send a team over Christmas to provide a Christmas
service for the people and to bring gifts to the children to provide
encouragement for all that they were not forgotten and that people
in the States and WELS really did still care about them and were
planning on doing all they could to help them establish a church
Christmas 2000, Trip #2
On Christmas Eve Day of 2000, Jack & Erin Vande Guchte, Nina
Fecteau, Jake Lepke, Shelley Immel, and Steve Kroiss flew to Grenada
for a week to provide that Christmas for our brothers and sisters in
Grenada. While there, we brought many gifts for the children, donated by
Emanuel members, provided and informal worship service and message
of hope and blessings regarding the birth of Christ for the church
members there, and passed on the message that they were not being left
behind and forgotten even though they had not yet attained mission status
and still had no pastor. Much time was spent building relationships &
strengthening those that began the previous June. Several of their leaders
shared their hopes and visions for the church (many of which have or are
currently coming to fruition!) and their hope that Emanuel would remain a
part of their ministry well into the future. Before we left, Deighton
Sylvester, the strongest of the members there, he and his wife were
WELS members in Antigua, shared how beneficial our visit that Christmas
was to everyone’s moral. Some had been ready to give up. Between our
visits, and with no pastor, Deighton could only lead small group devotions
and Bible studies. Our visit gave many a renewed hope and sense of
encouragement. There had also been a water shortage on Grenada too
that December, leaving many sick and some dead from dehydration and
illness spread through the inability to wash hands in school and other
public places. So our visit could not have come at a better time for them.
Vacation Bible Schools
July 2001 & June 2002
Trips #3 & 4
In 2001, we worked Grace to provide a
Vacation Bible School. It was held right
after mission status was granted, but
before any pastors were assigned. We
worked with Danny Wehmeyer and
Deighton Sylvester to facilitate this trip.
In 2002, we went again, this time
working alongside a Project Timothy
team from Watertown.
While there each year, we worked closely with
the members of “Grace Church - Grenada” to
promote and run the VBS’. Even closer
relationships were developed. Emanuel
provided funding, teachers, supplies, & prayer!
Grenada VBS Programs
• The average attendance
during the one week VBS
was about 75 kids per
day both years.
• The 2001 Team Included:
Jack & Erin Vande
Guchte, Nancy Mathison,
Rachel Dobberstein,
Tanya Ritchie, Shelley
Immel, Charis Witte,
Shane Krause, and Ryan
• Following the 2001 VBS,
Pastor’s Kober and
Radloff were assigned to
VBS 2002
• In 2002,we returned again, with a team that consisted of Jack &
Erin Vande Guchte, Jake Lepke, and Jodie Meyer. That year,
we also worked together with a Project Timothy Team from
Martin Luther Prep in Watertown.
Both the 2001 and 2002 trips were
two week trips that included
promoting and preparing for the
VBS week during the first week, and
leading the Vacation Bible School
the second week.
Teen Week July 2003
Trip #5
• In 2003, Pastor Kober asked
us if we could bring a team
down to help reach out to the
many struggling teens in
Grenada, including many
who had been in our VBS’.
We sent a full team to try to
tackle this task.
• During “Teen Week”, we had
53 different teenagers
participate in a weeklong
program with our team of
teens from Emanuel and the
Jeff Davis family from Lake
Mills WI.
Teen Week 2003
• The team from New London, which included Jack & Erin Vande
Guchte, Dave & Mari Lepke, Bill & Emily Heiges, Brett Krause, Caleb
Lepke, Amanda Much, Rachel Krueger, and Becky Favorite, and the
Davis family (Jeff & Sally, three teenage daughters and two pre-teen
sons) from Lake Mills was split into teams of two teens and two adults
per day. Each team covered a topic area for their day of leadership.
• The topics addressed were:
• Relationships (most importantly with Christ)
• Sex and Dating (what does the Bible say about it?)
• Drugs and Alcohol (what does the Bible say?)
• Responsibility and accountability (Why should we be?)
• Law and Gospel message of Grace from our Lord
• The trip again was two weeks, with
one week of promotion and preparation,
and one week of events.
Changes in Grenada
• In late 2003, Grenada lost its mission status with the WELS due
to significant budget constraints across the synod and it’s
missions. Pastor Kober and his family were issued a call to
Memphis, Tenn. And left that year.
• Pastor Radloff and his wife decided to retire and remain in
Grenada to keep the church going. About 50 or so people were
regularly attending services each week.
• The Radloff’s were hopeful that Grenada would someday regain
mission status as the church there continued to slowly but surely
grow. As the church regrouped in 2004 and Radloff’s were
adjusting to being on their own, both financially and in ministry,
Emanuel did not have a team that went down.
• In September of 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada and caused
catastrophic damage and loss of life. It was estimated that 90%
of the building in Grenada sustained damage or were completely
destroyed. Emanuel sent 4 members for a ten-day relief effort to
help rebuild homes and bring needed/unavailable tools and
Trip #6 - October 2004
In October, 2004, Jack Vande Guchte, Gary Fecteau, Dave
Stern, and Joe Dexter traveled to Grenada following Hurricane
Ivan to help with relief efforts for the island and the people of our
church there. They worked with a number of people who came
from the WELS church in Austin TX as well. During the ten days
they were they, they were able to help many families in different
ways, they helped re-roof almost 8 homes and rebuilt 3 basically
from the ground up, as well as provided emotional support for the
people we worked with and met. One couple discovered the Lord
and became Christians, decided to get married after living
together for over 15 years, and become members of the church
there simply after watching the work effort our team from
Emanuel and Austin TX. They saw a Christ-like servant’s heart
and wanted to have what they saw in that team. Emanuel
provided money, supplies, and people support as well as many

The following slides chow some of the impact and devastation

that Ivan caused on Grenada and the people’s lives.
Hurricane Ivan Brought More Loss,
Brokenness, and Poverty
The capitol city was devastated,

as was everyone’s moral.

Homes and lives were destroyed

The October 2004 Work Crew

The fact that people came again right away after the hurricane provided
great encouragement to the people of Grenada, especially within the
church, and renewed strong bonds of friendship.
Continued Changes
• Post Ivan, church attendance soared to between 100 and 120
people attending each week. Grace Church and the Radloff’s
maintained this level of involvement for the next two years, and were
finally re-granted mission status in 2006. As they were in rebuilding
mode yet as a country and Radloffs were working alone, Emanuel
did not send any teams down during this time, but maintained
regular contact with both the Radloffs and core members. They
issued their next call in the Fall of 2006 to Pastor Mark Birkholz.
• Pastor Birkholz accepted that call and served in Grenada for about
nine months. During that time, he worked with Emanuel to begin
preparations for a Teen Retreat for the teens of Grace. He left in the
early stages of planning and returned to the US though due to family
and personal issues that kept him from remaining in Grenada. The
Retreat plans continued though with Pastor Radloff, who shared that
he would need to depend upon us to make it happen once we got
there though as he was once again doing the full ministry alone,
now at age 70. Radloffs had originally planned to ‘officially’ retire in
August of 2007 and return to Texas to live. Once the Birkholz’s left
in the Spring of 2007, Radloffs again changed their plans. They
remain in Grenada, doing the ministry and helping Grace make a
call to another pastor.
2007 Summer Teen Retreat
Trip #7
•When Emanuel was asked if we could send a team to do a retreat for the
teens that are part of the church, the hope was that it could jump start a
youth group program for those teens. There are about 20 teens involved
with the church on a fairly regular basis. So, in August, 2007, a team
consisting of Pastor Heiges & his wife Paula, Jack, Erin & Juan Vande
Guchte, Craig Much, Noelle Cupp, Emily Favorite, and Karianna Zillmer
went and held a weeklong Teen Retreat for the teens of Grace Church.
There were about 20-25 teens involved throughout the week. Several of
the ‘original’ youth who had not been to church in several years came
back and several other teens brought friends. We were able to build some
significant relationships with these teens and some of the adults in the
church who were interested in youth ministry. Beyond the retreat, we
provided youth ministry resources, some training and development ideas
for youth ministry, Paula led an adult women’s Bible Study class that was
extremely well received, and Pastor Heiges led worship for a weekend,
giving Pastor Radloff a much needed break.
•While we were there, our team again was very self-sufficient. Pastor
Radloff loaned us a car, and Deighton Sylvester assisted us with finding
housing. Otherwise, we ran the Teen Retreat without burdening the
ministry leaders in Grenada.
•Pastor Heiges also offered to return later in the fall to provide more relief.
Teen Retreat 2007
Follow-up on the 2007 Teen Retreat
• The outcome from the Teen Retreat was great. About 25
teens were a part of the Retreat this year. Grace was
able to establish a core of teens for youth group
following the Retreat, including several that were brand
new to Grace and are now also involved in Basic
Instruction Courses to become members there. The
youth leaders at Grace, Pastor Radloff, Melvaughn
Coutain, and a few others, have begun regular bi-weekly
youth groups and are also teaching Bible lessons for
teens after services on Sundays. The leaders have been
using the resources provided to them by Emanuel and
have already been asking for additional ideas.
Pastor Heiges Trip November 2008
Trip #8
• Pastor Heiges returned to Grenada in November for
about two and half weeks to provide relief/support for
Pastor Radloff. Pastor Radloff was able to return to the
US during most of this time.
• While there, he preached, did outreach, met with
members, provided encouragement, led youth events
and youth group, led teen Bible studies, and explored
future ideas and opportunities with the lay leaders in
• He was also able to reconnect with many of the teens
from the Teen Retreat and saw many of them developing
in their faith and becoming more involved in church.
Issues we have encountered
• Breakdown of families
• Gang development in teens
• Alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes
• High unemployment
• Poverty – Families without food
• Insufficient housing to meet needs
• Heat, Average daily temp. is in the
upper 90’s with the temp at night in
the 80’s
• Heavy Rainfall, usually daily through
parts of the year – 365 inches
annually on average - Other years,
there have been water shortages
and near drought
• Steep Hillsides – Mudslides when
• Multiple, cults and religions
• Resistance to Christianity
• Broken promises
• Cultural differences with our team
Future Connections & Goals
• Goals Include:
– Future trips to provide growth opportunities for their youth/teens/parents,
as well as for those from Emanuel who would be a part of a team.
– Emanuel has already been asked to consider a 2008 trip to do another
teen retreat or something along those lines.
– Include 6 Grenadian (Grace) teens and one adult with Emanuel’s
contingency to the 2009 WELS Youth Rally and each subsequent Youth
– Provide teaching/preaching support through pastor trips/exchanges.
– Provide financial support, as able, to enhance the ministries there.
– Provide training support for lay leaders in various areas of ministry as
they are needed at Grace Lutheran Church, Grenada.
– Provide teams of builders/laborers to assist with any building projects in
Grenada, when such time comes as they build a church and/or school
facility or any other ministry related structures.
– Provide prayer and emotional support for the families and ministries of
Grace Lutheran Church, Grenada.
– Support the pastor who receives a call to serve at Grace Lutheran
Church, Grenada in any way they need or request as feasible for
Emanuel to assist with.
Logistical Information and Thoughts
(For the purpose of any future trips to Grenada)
• Basic Information
– Lodging (Location, costs, etc…)
• Our teams (with a post-Ivan exception) have stayed either at the Bougainvillea
Apartments or the Southwinds Apartments for each of our trips. The costs have been
covered by Emanuel during each trip unless we stayed in the Synod rented apartment
at Bougainvillea. Costs have been reasonable for these furnished apartments, ranging
from $50-80 per day.
– Food
• Food has always been purchased by Emanuel at the local groceries and cooked by our
team. We have historically brought some initial foods along to sustain until shopping
could be done. Prices for basic food needs (bread, milk, cereal, pasta, etc…) are similar
to US, with a few exceptions, and ‘treats’ being much higher (things like soda, chips,
etc...) If taking foods, be basic, such as mac & cheese, peanut butter, granola bars,
etc… Local restaurants are good and reasonably priced. We try to eat out to experience
local foods at least once. Spices used are very different – be prepared for Indian flavors
(like curry). Fruits are generally abundant; and we will bring you to the open market
once. Okay to eat fruit from the church people, when they offer try some. Expect all to
help shop, cook, and wash dishes etc…
– Island Transportation
• We have walked or ridden the local bus transit for the vast majority of our
transportation needs. There has also been either a ministry car or extra pastor’s car
available for each trip we have been on. We rented a vehicle during the post-Ivan trip,
about $75/day. Jack V has attained a local driver’s license each trip ($12 US + a US
license) and driven extensively as needed to be sure we were no burden on the pastors
or lay leaders. Driving is English style (opposite side of car and road to US) with round-
abouts common. Local transportation (mini-van buses) is about $.75 each way to go
into St. George’s (the capital city). Buses can also be arranged to be rented out for a
day if you contact one of the driver’s – there are several in the church body- or if you
talk to one of them while riding into St. George, many will offer special deals.
Logistical Information and Thoughts, con’t.
– International Travel Info.
• All flights into Grenada will need a connecting flight if flying out of Chicago/Mil.
Generally we have flown American Airlines made connections in San Juan, Puerto
Rico and flown American Eagle into Grenada. There are limited flights each day, 2
into Grenada and 2 back to San Juan. If you miss your connection on the way down,
you will be in San Juan almost 24 hrs. Tickets have ranged from $400 to $1200
depending on the time of year and other circumstances.
• As of 2007, everyone going to Grenada must now have a valid US passport.
• Luggage was delayed by a day or two on one trip.
• There are VERY specific size & weight limits for Grenada.
– Financial
• Banks convert traveler’s checks without problems. 2.76 EC to
$1.00 US.
• If want hair braided, it’s expensive and plan on three hours to do;
this is a good way to get to know them better though ($15-40 US)
• Have money for time in airports (and possibly San Juan for a day)
• Must have $20.00 (US) to leave Grenada-collected at the airport before getting on the
– Clothes
• Bring comfortable walking shoes – you will walk a lot!!!!! Beach shoes recommended
• The adults and most children wear long pants for boys and skirts or dresses for girls
especially in the city or at church – we try to be culturally sensitive & dress similarly.
• Packing list always provided to team members
– Safety Concerns
• There have been few, if any, serious safety concerns. There are drugs on the Island
though, and individuals have been offered drugs and prostitutes. Sidewalks have
holes for drainage – be careful they are big drop offs
Logistical Information and Thoughts, con’t.
– People
• Expectation of greetings and eye contact when you meet them
• Majority of population of African descent
• Very laid back
• English speaking, but hard to understand at first, listen hard and don’t be afraid to ask
them to repeat
• Careful what you say & who’s around when you say it, If something surprises you, talk
about it later when with our group in private. Be sensitive.
– Homes
• High poverty rate, houses small (16’x16’) and some dirty in and around
• Most have a TV and a telephone
• Proud of their homes, they built and it’s on their land
– Animals/vegetation
• Don’t touch/careful the animals – chance of disease. Bulls/cows may be loose/untied
• Goats & sheep look alike-they can tell diff by tails/don’t question
• Prepare for small lizards up to a foot to 18 in.
• Bugs are limited – “no see-ums” at night-like a mosquito bite, mosquitos are present
• Water animals – crabs/sharks/jellyfish (Last two primarily at night w/tide)
• Okay to pick up shells at beach
• Careful with vegetation, some extremely sharp
– Souvenirs
• T-shirts are from $10-20 US (normal pricing as US), other things vary greatly.
• Spices & vanilla are popular gifts and are usually reasonable
• Maps are about $5-10 US
• All prices will be marked in US and EC
Logistical Information and Thoughts, con’t.
(For the purpose of any future trips to Grenada or potentially other destinations)

• Additional thoughts regarding short-term mission trips/teams

– Team Members chosen should:
• Be able to travel and stay in Grenada on dates chosen
• Have valid US passports
• Be a member in good standing
• Be willing to teach/lead small groups or activities if part of trip ministry plan
• Have skill set matching expectations of trip and team
• Demonstrate spiritual maturity in challenging environments
• Have the financial ability to partially pay for their trip
– Historically, Emanuel has paid about 1/3, each team member has paid 1/3, and the
remaining 1/3 has been raised through fundraising (either collectively, individually, as a
church, or some combination)
• Have the physical ability to walk extensively, handle heat & humidity, etc…
• Be able to handle stress in a healthy way
• Demonstrate a Servant’s Heart
• Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and healthy social skills
– Team’s presence in a foreign ministry
• Our goal is to always be as self-sufficient as possible in order to be a
support and help to the missionaries and ministry versus being an extra
burden on them.
• Our teams are expected to serve extensively in any way asked while in
Grenada. Mission is always first. If there are openings for short times of
recreation/touring they will be pursued, but not at the expense of
ministering to those we came to serve.
• Debriefing should always be done at the end of the trip between Emanuel’s
team leaders and Grace’s leaders to evaluate the ministry performed, plan
possible future ventures, and to pray.
Additional Information and Thoughts
• The people in Grenada are our lifelong friends now. They have relied on the
knowledge that people here at Emanuel, in New London, WI, thousands of
miles away have been praying for them, encouraging them, and providing
the emotional support that they need. They look to us for little other than
love, encouragement, ideas, and help with their ministry as we are able.
• The impact our mission trips to Grenada has had on Emanuel is amazing.
People have supported generously both financially and with requested gifts
or supplies. There have been about 40 different members who have gone to
Grenada so far. Countless more families have been directly impacted by
those who have gone and brought back the fire and passion to minister and
for mission work. Those who have gone have said they will never forget
their experiences in Grenada nor the people they met.
– This year alone, three former team members, now in their early 20’s have
asked to get involved in youth ministry leadership here at Emanuel. Another
former team member has been involved in youth ministry at her church in
Madison for the past several years. Two additional former team members
are on track to become ordained pastors. While they were pretty sure that
they would be on a pastor track pre-Grenada, the experiences they had in
Grenada will be a blessing to any church they serve in the future.
• There have been countless “God sightings” (times where you see God
directly at work in someone’s life) throughout our connections with Grenada.
Only God could have arranged for many of the things that have happened
through the past eight years.
Final Thoughts
• One last piece signifying the impact God has allowed Emanuel to have through these
trips. The relationships built really are permanent and will continue to last.
– While in Grenada this summer, a young lady came up to Jack V in a bank as she
recognized him from the past. Her name is Gaynell. We first met Gaynell in 2000 when
she was about 11 years old. Her mom, Rosalyn, was one of the original 4 families, but
passed away in 2004. When Rosalyn passed away, Gaynell had to move to an uncle’s
home on another part of the island. No one at church had seen her for over three years
(including us). She recognized Jack and immediately asked how certain Emanuel
people were, remembering all of them she had met. She anxiously shared her story of
how she graduated from school and was getting ready for college now. She hopes to
reconnect more the next time we come down.
– Several other original youth, Becky and Randy, had not been in church in about 3 years
either. Both came to the Teen Retreat this summer when they heard we were there.
– Finally, on January 10, 2007, Jack & Erin received a letter from two young sibling adults
in Grenada, Carlene and Bunelli Pezar. Their mother had run a preschool in Mont Tout.
During our first trip, we met them and our team connected well with Carlene and Bunelli,
who were mid-teens. During the next year or two, we would look them up when we were
there. This meant a lot to them. (Bunelli even called once to the US to be sure we made
it home safe.) Their mother went to another church, so they were out of any connection
with Grace. We last saw Bunelli about five years ago, and Carlene four years ago while
she worked at the airport. We have not seen nor heard from them since. In their letter,
they asked how we were, and asked by name about each, of the other team members
from that first trip. We are not sure what, other than the Holy Spirit, may have triggered
their desire to write now, but we are so thankful that we may be able to reconnect with
them. They are both Christians, but neither is heavily involved with a church since their
mother moved to the US a few years ago. Carlene is now a Social Worker and Bunelli
work in a theater as a projection operator. They are young adults looking for connection.
This is what mission partnerships really are all about - providing hope & help, and
sharing the love of Jesus with others!
Why keep going?
-Love of the Lord
-Life long Friends
-The Great Commission