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• The Catholic Church as we all know has declared that the Reproductive Health Bill 5043 which seeks passage from the House of Congress is an Anti-life Bill. • The contents of the RH bill will tell us the true and real purpose, which is to limit or alienate our population. • In the point of view of the Church, the issue of over-population which is the primary reason why this bill was made, is nothing else but a LIE. • Poverty in millions of Filipinos is not caused by over-population, but rather we believe it is caused by corruption. • Corruption in our country is found in all levels of our government. • Trillion of pesos have been lost because corruption has sink deep into our society.

the concept of “free sex” is being forced into our society. • If only we can unite and stop corruption completely in our country I am sure there will be no poverty in this country of ours. Likewise. introduction of contraceptives to our young ones is part of the global marketing strategy of giant foreign corporations to unload their products in the third world countries in exchange for profit. • Next. but millions of our poor brothers and sisters are suffering from this great sin (stealing). • The succeeding pages of this powerpoint are the reasons and the stands of the Catholic faithful.• Although we can confidently say that only a few (crooked individuals) have been affected. 5043? (previously known as House Bill 3773) Entitled : Reproductive Health and Population Act of 2007 . Why is the Catholic Church against Reproductive Health Bill or House Bill No.

2008. Phil. c. It is an ideological attack on human life. FREE SEX. unconstitutional. It should be rejected. IF CONTRACEPTION FAILS. ABORTION. . “No Place For The RH Bill In Our Law” dated August 17. b. it is everything they say it is not.) • • The Reproductive Health bill in the House of Representatives is being presented as a health bill and an antipoverty bill at the same time. it is necessary. Reproductive Health – actual definition which the authors of the bill try to deny or hide includes the following: a.Definition of Term(s) 1. It is not what its authors say it is. Its enactment into law will only deepen the already frightening ignorance about the real issues. (Article by former Senator Francisco Tatad. It is neither. The bill rests on a flawed premise. and our social and cultural values. the family. oppressive of religious belief and destructive of public morals and family values. Daily Inquirer. USE OF CONTRACEPTIVES.

Contraceptives: * poison the womb * render men and women infertile and/or sterile * increase the frequency of sexual activity due to false sense of security.A) • • DECEPTION (concealing the truth about terms and programs) Analyzing the title . Is health synonymous with death? – This will result to reduction of population. So. why “health”? Is health synonymous with sickness. would result to– increase the possibility of AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.if reproductive health includes full range of contraception. * Kill babies inside the womb. • • Why Population Development? Is scalping the population synonymous with population development? How can Population be developed if: * we drastically reduce it * we render people sick * we render people infertile and/or sterile * we kill the future generation ISN’T THIS A SUBTLE WAY OF DOING A SELF-INFLICTED GENOCIDE? • • .

legal. methods. Then. 2 .A). devices. • • So.2. The State upholds and promotes responsible parenthood. why should we allow a bill which stands in exact opposition to the provision of the Philippine Constitution? • Still in Section 2. supplies and relevant information thereon even as it prioritizes the needs of women and children. among other underprivileged sectors. affordable and quality reproductive health care services. informed choice. Declaration of Policy • Sec. paragraph 4 : The State likewise guarantees universal access to medicallysafe. birth spacing and respect for life in conformity with universally recognized international human rights. why not invoke also the Philippine Constitution? Is it because the Philippine constitution is glaringly Pro-Life and Pro-Family and it is an extreme contrast to the anti-life and anti-family stance of the Proposed Reproductive Health Bill? .

stroke. Contraceptives with cyproterone increase risk of deep venous blood clots. . goiter. resulting to ABORTION. cancer of the uterus. * Mayo Foundation Pills Depo-Provera® IUD • The above-mentioned drugs/gadget creates chronic inflammation of the lining of the uterus. when you know that : • Pills – causes Hypertension. thus. bleeding. etc.How can you say “Medically Safe”. perforation of the uterus. prevents implantation of the newly fertilized egg. cancer of the breast. diabetes mellitus. • Depo-Provera – causes diabetes mellitus. • IUD – causes infection. increases risk of chlamydia and gonorrhea. bleeding.

Are Condoms safe? Absolutely not! • Condom creates a false sense of security. increases frequency of sexual activity. • The condom has a failure rate that is estimated to be between 10 to 30 percent (if use properly) according to the USCenter for Disease Control. increases incidence of AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases because condom DOES NOT offer a 100% protection and even has NO protection on certain diseases like Hepatitis B. etc.• Condom Female Condom Male condom The male & Female condom is a latex or polyurethane sheath placed on the human sexual organs to prevent sperm from entering. Using condoms to prevent pregnancies & other diseases (STDs) is like playing Russian Roulette – your life is at stake! .

. The AIDS virus is 450 times smaller than a sperm and can go through semi-permeable substances such as condoms.1 microns or about 1 ten thousandth part of 1 millimeter. CM Roland. editor of Rubber Chemistry and Technology notes. what US –Center for Disease Control said.Condom and STDs • Remember. Take a careful look at the comparative scale. “ condom has a failure rate that is estimated to be between 10 to 30 percent (if use properly) . it is much easier for the other STDs and HIV Virus to also escape.1 micron in size… 50 times smaller than the voids (holes) in condom… virus can readily pass through the condom. Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Sperm • • • Note: The sperm measures about 3 microns at the head and the HIV virus about 0.” Treponema Palladium (Syphilis) Herpes simplex Human Immunodeficiency Virus • If the sperm can escape. “The AIDS virus is only 0.

ISN’T THIS A FULL-BLOWN SABOTAGE OF THE FAITH AND VALUE-FORMATION THAT WE LABOR FOR AND DESIRE FOR OUR CHILDREN? . what if in the future the couple would want additional children because the present children died? • How come that drugs/procedures that cause sickness/death be labeled as medically safe? Ligation = bleeding.• Ligation and Vasectomy = render couple permanently sterile. Pelvic infection • Does medically harmful mean medically safe? • Why include children among those who need reproductive health services? Are they implying that we expect children to be sexually active? Vasectomy = bleeding. linked with increased incidence of prostate cancer.

the right decision can be made.3. why will we clamp on our wealth? Why will we reduce birth? Why will we encourage people to use contraceptives. Since manpower is the principal asset of every country. our prime wealth. effective reproductive health care services must be given primacy to ensure the birth and care of healthy children and to promote responsible parenting. so that by proper discernment.3) • D). Freedom of informed choice means educating the people regarding the benefit and the side effects of a drug/procedure. If people are our greatest asset. Guiding Principles (Sec. or have them be sterilized? • • • F). must be fully guaranteed by the State like the right itself. . HOW CAN A NEW HUMAN BEING BE BORN IF WE RENDER PARENTS INCAPABLE OF PROCREATION? Why? Do our government workers expose the side effects of all forms of contraceptives/sterilization procedures before they allow one to make a choice? In some centers. Freedom of informed choice. which is central to the exercise of any right. mothers who have just delivered are coerced (force) into signing the consent for ligation.

Depo-Provera.5 . Pills – ALL CAUSE ABORTION ! • How can one declare to prevent abortion when the armamentaria in one’s program are ABORTIFACIENTS? … Does promotion of abortion mean prevention of ABORTION? . • Why will it be declared that their Reproductive Health program aims to prevent abortion? • When in fact: • IUD.• Sec. letter F • (5) Prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications.

NO RESPONSIBILITY” THROUGH WIDESPREAD AND WELLCOORDINATED AVAILABILITY OF CONTRACEPTIVES. Protection and promotion of gender quality. . F. is imperative.• B). ENCOURAGE AND SYSTEMATIZE SEXUAL PROMISCUITY BY CREATING A CLIMATE OF “FREE SEX. While the number and spacing of children are left to the sound judgment of parents and couples based on their personal conviction and religious beliefs. women empowerment and human rights. G. . . • • • I. adequate and correct information on reproductive health and human sexuality and should be guided by qualified State workers and professional private practitioners. Freedom of informed choice . 3. including unmarried individuals. including reproductive health rights. such concerned parents and couples. should be afforded free and full access to relevant. Sec.

and must always be open to life. G and Sec. protection and fulfillment of reproductive health rights seek to promote not only the rights and welfare of adults individuals and couples but those of adolescents’ and children’s as well as in Sec. D. 6. . 4. Active participation by and thorough consultation with concerned non-government organization (NGOs). E. 7. 10. • • Why is it wrong? It’s wrong because it interferes with the natural generative process. 8. 5. plans. and communities are imperative to ensure that basic policies. Respect for. Sexual Intercourse is for married couples only. 9. 11. programs and projects address the priority needs of stakeholders. people’s organizations (POs). L.• • K.

• Besides will you expose your child at an early age in the full range of information on family planning methods (use of condoms. . . parents should be the one to introduce to their children this topic since they know the maturity level of each of their own child. • • • • a). IT WILL DESTROY THE PURITY AND INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN BY INTRODUCING MANDATORY SEX EDUCATION FROM GRADE 5 TO 4TH YEAR HIGH SCHOOL. IUD). 3 Letter L . and “Safe Sex“ will be encouraged) Sec. . oral contraceptives. Prioritizes the needs of women and children. . 2 (last Line). services and facilities. among other underprivileged sectors. and should be chastity based.• C). 12 Mandatory AgeAppropriate Reproductive Health Education. . (Various contraceptives and their usage will be tackled. . • The bill mocks parents with fine and imprisonment for refusing to expose their children. These sections will sabotage the role of parents as primary educators of their children in a delicate subject like sex. Sec. and Sec. those of adolescents’ and children’s as well.

c). It will promote early curiosity and subsequently early sexual activity among children. • Which will have a similar result on what US society experienced in just three short decades (1960-1991). Increase incidence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers. Increase incidence of teenage pregnancy.• b). • HOW CAN THE YOUTH BE THE HOPE OF THE FUTURE WHEN THEIR FUTURE IS PAINTED BLEAK BY AIDS AND OTHER STDs? . • HOW CAN THE YOUTH BE THE “HOPE OF THE FATHERLAND” AND THE “HOPE OF THE MOTHERLAND” WHEN THEY ARE ALREADY FATHERS AND MOTHERS AT A VERY TENDER AND UNPREPARED AGE? d).

• • • • -.Hormonal contraceptives.This would mean huge amount from peoples’ taxes will be spent to purchase it. intrauterine devices.• • E) DECLARING CONTRACEPTIVES AS ESSENTIAL MEDICINE. Sec. injectibles and other allied reproductive health products and supplies shall be considered under the category of essential medicines and supplies which shall form part of the National Drug Formulary and the same shall be included in the regular purchase of essential medicines and supplies of all national and local hospitals and other government health units.Contraceptives as Essential Medicines. 10 . Why should contraceptives which are definitely harmful to the body (BFAD in the US had declared pills to be carcinogenic or cancer causing) of the mother and causes abortion be placed in the same level as drugs which truly alleviate sickness? Essential for WHAT? . These harmful contraceptives will now be included in the regular purchase of medicines and supplies to all national and local hospitals and other government health units.

may even kill them. • Why spend money on drugs which will: – Make people sick – Infertile – Sterile – Or.• The government could not even provide our very poor patients with free antibiotics which is very essential for their survival. IS THIS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANT .TO POISON OR EVEN KILL ITS VERY OWN PEOPLE? .

offices and instrumentalities funded in the annual General Appropriations Act in accordance with Republic Act No. APPROPRIATING HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR FAMILY PLANNING. for Popcom – 386. plus $2.5 million.” including contraceptives.2 million for 2009. 7192 (Women in Development and Nationbuilding Act) and Executive Order No.F). .19 billion. quite apart from funds for other agencies of government and local government units for the same programs. Add $2. 23-Appropriations – The amounts appropriated in the current annual General Appropriations act for reproductive health and family planning under DOH and POPCOM together with ten percent (10%) of the gender and Development (GAD) budgets of all government departments.4 million from the United Nations Population and development Fund and reproductive health for 2008. Such additional sums as may be necessary for the effective implementation of this act shall be included in the subsequent years’ General Appropriations Act. For the Department of health it is 3. • • • The General Appropriations Act of 2008 earmarks an enormous amount for “family planning and reproductive health services. agencies. bureaus. 273 (Philippine Plan for the Gender Responsive Development 1995-2025) shall be allocated and utilized for the implementation of this act. Sec.

etc. and more classrooms.” • Why then should we use taxes of people to buy something or spend for a procedure which we know violates the sacredness of his religious belief? . is desecration a kind of respect ? . . Citizens have a right to resist misplaced and irresponsible exercise of authority because the good of the people is the supreme law. create more jobs for the poor. “ The State should uphold respect for one’s religious belief. isn’t it that poverty now is even worse than in the 70’s. free books. Why misplaced priority? Today’s average family has three children compared to seven in the 70’s.• • • • • • When in fact this money can go to our public schools in building more toilets. Free education in College. • Constitution states. • Have they forgotten that a lot of Filipino tax payers are Catholics. But. Government have spent billions of pesos to reduced poverty.

more particularly women workers. regularization of employment status or selection of retrenchment. hypertension.• H) EMPLOYERS ARE MANDATED TO GIVE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE TO EMPLOYEES. All collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) shall provide for the free delivery by the employer of reasonable quantity of reproductive health care services. All your good employees will be gone . supplies and devices to all workers. Employers shall respect the reproductive health rights of all their workers. Why mandate employers to allocate resources to spend for free “poison” to their employees? What if they develop cancer. • • • • • In establishments or enterprises where there are no CBAs or where the employees are unorganized. Sec. the employer shall have the same obligation. Women shall not be discriminated against in the matter of hiring. 17 . diabetes.Employer’ Responsibilities. Why not mandate employers to provide scholarship programs to employees’ family members who are deserving? Or why not spend it to increase salary to better employees’ economic status? . heart attack.

the NCR had 15. I am sure those who were born after the second child will NOT AGREE! According to the economist Bernardo Villegas of University of Asia and the Pacific./km.• I) ENCOURAGING TWO CHILD POLICY • Sec. Population density has nothing to do with poverty.708./km. says think tank.. No punitive action shall be imposed on parents having more than two children. 16 Ideal Family Size – The State shall assist couples.081. Inquirer . Oct.”Population Bill a big waste. parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal family size. the two child policy will not solve our poverty problem. 2008. and with GNP of $1. with NGP of P32./km.230.617 per sq. but Singapore’s per capita gross national income was $21. Attaining the ideal family size is neither mandatory nor compulsory.”) .223 population for every sq.219 as compared to Eastern Visayas with 173 sq. For example./km. And if we compare data on regions within the country. while Philippines had only 255 sq. Singapore had 7.3. (Source : Phil. and NGP of only P6.

Inconsistent trade policies.Reasons why Philippines remains poor. no peace and order. Vast Sugar Plantation * Bad Politics a. The best example is the vast sugar plantations in Negros. Worsening Political dynasties . * Uneven or Unequal Distribution of Wealth Over 80% of the country’s wealth are owned and controlled by just over 500 families. Inadequate spending on health and education. cheating. Panay & northern Cebu but which are owned by just a handful number of families. terrorism b. * Bad Governance and Bad Economic One of the 500 families Policies crime and corruption. Massive vote-buying. unmitigated smuggling. heavy burden of foreign debt.

“for every 1Peso that every taxpayer pays. Others like the ZTE.50% or 50 centavos goes to corruption”. Fertilizer fund. etc. COA says approximately the combined government money lost to corruption from 1972 to 2002 is Two (2) Trillion pesos. * Very Poor Agricultural Advancement Philippines 50 years ago Japan 50 years ago Philippines after 50 years Japan after 50 years .* GRAFT and CORRUPTION World Bank confirmed in their studies said.

or intentionally provide incorrect information. a (1) … knowingly withhold information .• J) PROHIBITED ACTS AND PENALTIES • • Sec. The bill actively pushes for massive contraception and sterilization. 21.. On the ground of lack of spousal consent or authorization.22 Sec. A physician will be penalized because he will not do ligation on the wife without the husband’s consent nor a vasectomy on the husband without the wife’s consent. . The physician will be penalized because he respects the oneness of husband and wife. 21 a. what is their definition of correct information regarding programs and services? Will it mean that providing accurate information about the side effects of drugs/procedures which they themselves try to conceal or cover-up. 21. • • • Therefore this bill cuts into the very heart of the sacred relationship of husband and wife. will be rendered punishable? If we will stifle the truth what will we peddle in exchange for it? Who will now speak out or write for the truth? • • • • • Sec. (2) … refuse to perform voluntary ligation . ..

Remember. ceases to be a genuine advocate of democracy. a nonpriority. Siphon our financial resources by redirecting it towards reproduction health program. Make people a sick population – less productive. It attest to health! 4. Most importantly. a government which will use force to harass the medical profession or any group of professionals for that matter. the bulk of which presently sustain our economy c. Deplete our population. leaving more urgent programs like education. more burdensome for the health care. Less OFWs.• And for a physician to decide out of fear due to outside pressure and not out of compassion and justice for his patient – loses the essence of his being and the nature of his profession … and. genuine poverty alleviation. What this bill wants to do is to further push us into greater poverty and bring us to the brink of extinction through the following: 1. basic services. Less food and services production 2. Why? • a. and further deplete our economy. • We are already a very poor nation. . Less people to pay taxes b. promote desecration of faith and cause further deterioration of the nation’s moral fiber. 6. Exert undue pressure upon the medical profession. 3. 5. fertility is not a disease.

before we became a citizen of our country and before we became a citizen of the world. and before we became a member of our society. nobody can take away God from His Church! LET US NOT ALLOW THIS BILL TO PASS ! SAY NO TO THE RH BILL NO. • This question usually comes from the people who does not know the nature of the Church. why does the State interfere in the affairs of the Church? That is the very reason why we are defending ourselves. because if they know their question should be. The Church is not a Church without the people.Why does the Catholic Church interfere in the affairs of the Government? When in fact there is a separation of the Church and the State. we first and foremost belong to God’s family. We are the Church. The Church is the people of God. • • • • • • • Are we going to allow one of our children to be poison. of course not. 5043 . Contraceptives poisons! Are we going to allow if one of the family member is being fooled or deceive? No! Do we agree to the allow one member of our family to be killed? No! Finally. And before we became a member of our family.

Amen. Thank you very much and GOD BLESS! . We pray in Jesus Name.• To end this presentation may we continuously pray to Jesus that He send forth the Holy Spirit to guide the Authors and to make them realize that the bill will not do good but only harm to all of us.