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“Classical Dance Theater” by: Gerald Jonas

Presentation by: Francesca San Roman and Andrew Giles and Edited By: Laura Pratt and Dr. Kay Picart

but the courtly ideal of making the most difficult feats of prowess look easy has become an integral part of the ballet aesthetic”(130).htm .org/ SpaceBallet.nssnt.Ballet • “The royal courts that nurtured ballet are either gone or stripped of their political power. old.

smumn. dancers move to the center of the room when they perform similar exercises without support”(130).edu/ sitepages/pid927.php .Ballet Class • How does class begin? • The first exercise is the ___ • “After finishing at the barre. www.

il/ news. • The classroom was his laboratory. www.he taught the ninety-minute company class every morning. the trained bodies of the dancers his tools.htm .(130) • His choreography was called Balanchine • As ballet master of the New York City Ballet.

trocadero.html .com/ features/features4.Kabuki • Japan’s kabuki theater achieved classical status by a diametrically opposite route from that of ballet. • The word kabuki originally meant _____________________ _____________________ _____________________. www.

• The performers must not only move like a woman on stage. . but think ___________. • The Japanese word for a kabuki performer who specializes in female roles is __________. or “woman person”.Kabuki Performers • In the all-male world of kabuki the icons of femininity are _______(136).

Continuing the Kabuki Tradition • Who trains the young performers? • How old does training start? • When are outsiders adopted into the family? .

• Okuni www.htm and Kabuki • Women have performed kabuki outside the classical venues • Women appear as actors and dancers on the modern Japanese school/sougo2.

The Social Structure of Japan in the 17th Century Daimyo land owning feudal lords Samurai The warriors Farmers Preiests and Artisans Merchants Skinners Prostitues Kabuki Performers .

www..htm . • Staging was an amalgam of ______ effects and ________ conventions(142).com/.Performances • Kabuki performances started early in the ________ and lasted ________.mvschool./ kabukidancers_p1..

com/ view.php?t=1&c=10..artsanddesignsjapan.. .The Theater • Who attended the theater? • What was the set up for the stage? www.

berkeley.html .Dance in Ballrooms • What was the clothing like for Ballroom dancers and ballet dancers? vol9/hanson.

./ camargo_marie.Ballet Evolves • Marie Camargo • Marie Sallé • Jean Georges Noverre .

..• St. Petersburg • La belle au Bois Dormant ( The Sleeping Beauty) • Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Sleeping%20beaut.theaterverkoopzeeland. .

Conclusion • Ballet has survived the French and the Russian Revolution. . • Only time will tell if kabuki can find new audiences beyond its homeland. • Both ballet and kabuki converge on their emphasis on charismatic performers.

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