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Laboratory Session 3


The skin The integument from: http://faculty.jpg .edu/FACULTY/TFischer/AP1/skin.irsc.

jpg .uwa.Layers of the Skin  The skin is divided into three main layers:  Epidermis  Dermis  Hypodermis/ Subcutaneous layer Skin histology from:

The Epidermis  The epidermis of the skin is composed of four/ five layers:  Stratum basale – basal layer. visible only in thick skin  Stratum corneum – horny layer.cvhs.jpg .okstate. 10 -25% of cell are melanocytes  Stratum spinosum – prickly layer  Stratum granulosum – granular layer  Stratum lucidum – clear cells continuously divide to produce keratinocytes. 20-30 layers thick of dead cells Skin from: http://instruction.

org/histology/fieldTrip/thinSkin.Pigmented Skin: Melanocytes Thin skin from: http://protonbeam.jpg . skin  Thin skin:  has a thin stratum corneum  is devoid of the stratum lucidum  covers most of the body surface Thin skin from: .med.

Thick skin  Thick skin:  has a thick stratum corneum  the stratum lucidm is present  can be found on the sole of your feet and the palm of your hands The integument from: .

The Dermis  Two layers:  Papillary layer – of areolar connective tissue. nerve fibers and accessory structures. contains dermal papillae  Reticular layer – of dense irregular connective tissue  Contains blood and lymphatic . Thin skin from: http://protonbeam.


jpg respectfully .jpg and http://www.nku.nku.Nerves  Meissner’s corpuscle  light touch receptor  Pacinian corpuscle  deep pressure receptor  Free nerve endings Nerves from:

soles. .Hair  Hair :  is found all over our skin except the palms. contracts Hair follicle from: http://missinglink. nipples and parts of the genitalia  raises when the arrector pili m.

jpg ous010tc.Sebaceous glands  Sebaceous glands:  secrete sebum  lubricates skin and hair  occur all over the body except palms and soles Sebaceous gland from: http://www.uwa.

edu/~dempseyd/sweat%20gland%20good.nku.Sudoriferous glands  Sudoriferous glands:  engage primarily in thermoregulation  are located all over the body  Modified sweat glands: mammary glands and ceruminous glands Sweat gland from: http://www.jpg .

Nails  Nails:  are modifications of the epidermis  protect the dorsal surface of the distal part of our fingers and toes  are tools Thin skin from: system03_files/image020.jpg .

Functions of the Skin  Protection  Temperature regulation  Cutaneous sensation  Metabolic function  Blood reservoir  Excretion .


Tissues and the Integument .

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