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Business Studies Marketing Project Travel Agency

Members: Calvin Wong Lawrence Lau Anthony Lau Tam Lam Terry Tang

• Increasing purchasing power • More people are willing to travel countries they like • Looking for tours with higher quality and better services • Enjoy a luxury trip

Objectives • Create Brand image • Build reputation among the industry • Establish long-term business relationship with channel members • Provide a new and tailor-made experience of traveling to customers .

000-$8.000-$60.000 South America $50.000 .000 Middle East $7.000-$15. SKY Travel • Prices of high class tours to the following places: USA + Canada $14.000-$13.000 South Africa $11.000-$16. Wing On. Sunflower (新華).Market Research • Major competitors: Hong Thai. Jetour. Morning-Star (星晨).000 Europe $13. EGL Tours (東瀛遊).

• Unfulfilled needs of customers – E. Amazon Ecotourism • Special trips – An eating/investment trip with connoisseur – Pilgrimage tours (specialist in visiting holy land/ mountain) • In 2007 the overall expenses spent on traveling by HK people = 107billions .g. South America.

Situation Analysis-SWOT Analysis • Strengths: – – – – – – Business Class Concentrate mainly on long distance tours High Quality Services and Tours Experienced Tour guides Front-line staff with language ability Well-trained employees .

Weaknesses – Lack of capital – Lack of support from other channel members – Lack of marketing expertise – Brand name unknown – Imperfect information of the market – Relationship with airline companies .

package .Opportunities – Unfulfilled customers’ needs – New tours.

Threats – Competitors – Market not yet saturated – Customers’ favor may change – Rising cost – Difficult to survive .

Market Segmentation • Demographic – It should be set up near the living middle-to-high income group  retired people  place of: • Psychographic – aims to those: • want to be different • enjoy high-class tours .

Positioning Super high-class • Grand image • Brand new traveling experience • High quality service • Focus on long-distance travel  .

Target Market • People with high income • Retired people – more leisure time for traveling – willing to spend a large sum of money for traveling • Company tours • The youth are excluded due to their financial status and they tend to have short-distance travels such as Taiwan and Japan .

California…) – Canada – South America (Brazil. Chile…)  . Argentina.Product • Traditional Part: – Four categories: a) America + Canada b) Europe c) Africa d) Middle East America + Canada • Sightseeing: – Eastern USA (Chicago. Washington. New York…) – Western USA (Los Angeles.

Saudi. Israel. Qatar . Arabia. Europe – – – Italy + England + France + Spain + Germany + Portugal… Sweden+ Denmark +Norway + Finland + Switzerland … Czech + Greece + Hungary + Austria + Ukraine + Turkey …  Africa – South Africa. Egypt  Middle East – Dubai. Middle Africa.

Last Supper room. Amazon. rainforests… • Foreign festivals – Beer festival (啤酒節) in Germany . Swim and Float in Dead Sea • Ecotourism (生態遊) – Travel around the rainforest by helium balloons – Location: South America.Package • Pilgrimage Tour – Location: Israel – Wailing Wall.

• Historical Trip – Location: Germany – Berlin Wall. Concentration camp. Wasa Poland-Jewish Monument – A historical expertise provides German English translations • Skiing Trip – Location: Switzerland – Coaches and all skiing equipment will be provided .

20% off discount – insurance acquired . avoid transits which cause inconvenience – five star hotels guaranteed – private sumptuous coaches – enough free time for travelers – extra entrance/sundry charges during the trip are not included – 1 professional photographer for phototaking – for any travelers having their birthday during the trip.• Features of our trips – at least one experienced and professional leader and a local tour guide who can speak fluent Cantonese – direct flight to destination.

Place • Places to be considered:    Wan Chai Tsim Sha Tsui Happy Valley .

• Why Wan Chai? 1. The people living nearby are mostly middle income group or above 3. Only 1 large scale competitors in the stated district 2. At the middle of residential area & business area .

Price • Price are set based on the market price • Price range: Traditional tours: $10000-15000 Package tours: $15000-20000 • In Peak Season. price will be increased by 20% .

• 10% discount offered to VIP members • Extra discounts for VIP members traveling in their birth month • Discount to children • Discount offered to customers who sign up for the first time – $1000 discount .

Promotion • Advertising • Personal Selling • Publicity .

Services Marketing Mix • People – Staff dresses in uniform in shops – Tour guides dress code: always formal (e. wear shirt. No punk hairstyles.g. leather shoes) .

We look forward to seeing you next time.g.• Process – Provide staff with notes on standard procedures when serving customers – Require staff to memorize FAQs and useful phrases (e. Thank you for joining our tour.) – Ask customers to complete quiz to assess the quality of our tour .

glass coffee table.• Physical Evidence – Decoration concept of the shop : Home sweet home – Use wood in designing the shop – Sofa. large variety of drinks .

Relationship Marketing • • • • Provide VIP membership – Priority to make reservation Give discounts to VIPs joining packages Give discounts to children aged under 11 Feedback in quizzes is discussed every 2 weeks to ensure complaints are handled efficiently .

Recommendations • Do regular research on: 1. the major age groups of different packages • • • Allocate more resources to the most popular packages Cater more the demands to the major age groups Evaluate content of tours regularly . the popularity of each of the packages 2.

Contingency Plan • Lower the price of the packages and tours • Eliminate those tours with least interest .

The End .