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Enabling the Benefits of Convergence

Eric Rondilla
SieNet Communications Services

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 SME Market Environment  Introducing Avaya IP Office  IP Office at Work

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SME Market Environment

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All rights reserved.SME Issues and Concerns How do I increase customer loyalty? How do I drive revenue growth? How can I improve my business infrastructure? How can I be more interactive with customers and partners? How secure is my business? How can I provide 24/7 hour service without 24/7 staff? How can I increase employee productivity? ©2009. 4 .

Introducing IP Office .






All rights reserved.IP Office: Extensive Applications Manager SoftConsole Phone Manager Queue Manager Unified Messaging System Status Conferencing VoiceMail Pro Compact Contact Center ©2009. 14 .





Telephone Versatility for the User one-X Telephones For full IP telephony or to provide a simple solution for remote offices Standard Analogue Telephones For when you just want to make telephone calls SIP Phones Add specialist open standard SIP endpoints to IP Office Digital Telephones For employees who need a versatile handset with features such as hold. manage calls. 19 . transfer. All rights reserved. PC Soft phones Make calls from your PC. track missed calls and lost calls ©2009. conferencing and speed dials.

20 .IP Office at Work ©2009. All rights reserved.

and speed efficiency. and how many calls you may be missing. and is set to grow and change along with it. Route incoming office calls to your mobile telephone. location. Redistribute inbound calls from your busy locations toward idle locations. Integrate applications Enable incoming calls to display company name. 21 . streamline. Eliminate conference call costs and speed your decision-making. ©2009. Gain more than just communications products and services. Look more professional Impress customers and empower staff with state-of-the-art telephones. Implement a system that delivers immediate results to your business. initiate or participate in secure audio conference calls anytime.What IP Office Can Do Host Conferences Protect your investment Connect all sites Save. Launch outbound calls to bring the right people together instantly. Link remote offices as if they were one. Schedule. Integrate business communications to save money on long distance charges. All rights reserved. Sleek. and even listen to your e-mails. functional telephones designed for the business professional. See how much time you spend on each call. purchasing history or other vital details. impress customers. Measure customer support Powerful reporting package illustrates how you are serving your customers. and spark collaboration. sell more strategically. Improve customer satisfaction Maximize customer satisfaction as more calls are handled promptly.. Work from anywhere Enable instant one-number access regardless of your location.

23 . Wherever They Are Out of the Office Missed calls. voice mail Slow decision-making. frustrated customers Missed transactions. lost revenue Doesn’t Have to Mean Out of Touch • Employees receive all calls at their desktop and mobile phone simultaneously • Easier for customers to reach key employees with just one number to call • Customer satisfaction & loyalty increases • Deals close faster to improve win rate ©2009.Delivers Real-Time Responsiveness to Employees & Customers. phone tag. All rights reserved.

anytime Reduce costs by leveraging your existing mobile infrastructure ©2009. so does your mobile phone  Transfer from mobile to office phone and not drop the call  Reduce mobile phone charges and leverage IP Office features  Single place to pick up all voice messages Mobile Twinning alerts user while out-of-office Office Phone Benefits Keep employees in touch even when they’re away from their desk Caller Offers ONE number approach for easy contact anywhere. All rights reserved. 24 .Mobile Twinning Reduce risk of missed calls & lost revenue  When your desk phone rings.

Helps Ensure Non-Stop Productivity Even When Employees Can’t Get Into The Office Anything Can Happen Be Prepared When It Does Severe weather. storms Everyday life (minor illnesses & emergencies) Feeling pressure to return to work • Employees communicate when they can’t get into the office. All rights reserved. PC & Internet connection is all that’s needed • Improves customer service and employee morale • Reduces stress. increasing productivity • Home or mobile phone. 27 . positive impact on environment ©2009.

All rights reserved. hold – Conference calls – Speed dialing – Call history – Presence ©2009.Phone Manager Pro Be prepared for the unexpected  Intuitive PC user interface provides full call control from any phone on site or remotely: – Make and receive calls – Transfer. forward. 28 .

Microsoft Outlook) Compact Mode ©2009.. 29 . Microsoft™ Outlook) Separated tabs for In.g. Out and Missed calls (useful for informal call centres) Time on call 19 languages on individual user basis Personal directory Distinctive ringing (via WAV file) Dialing from contact records Simple creation of contact records Increased Speeddial / BLF capacity (add to Personal Directory.Phone Manager Pro Information at Your Fingertips Multiple speed-dial/BLF icons Screen-pop of contact management VoiceMail Pro message control Queue monitoring of 2 groups Simple Incoming call scripting applications (e. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Enables Full-Time Telework so Employees Communicate Like They’re in the Office Home calling expenses are rising Think Outside the Cubicle • Flexibility to employ the most qualified workers wherever they are located • Avoid office moves / expansions and save • Boost loyalty and morale with a flexible. 30 Expanding workforce means larger office space Qualified labor pool is limited in local area . productive work environment • Keeps home calling expenses in check ©2009.

cut costs  Provides home workers with same functionality as workers in the office  Save on residential calling costs. 31 .VPN Phones for Home Workers Improve communications. All rights reserved. reduce/eliminate reimbursements  Monitor and track calls and productivity of Avaya IP Phone with VPN Software at remote location remote workers  No remote VPN device required  Expands full-time & seasonal labor pool to virtually any geographic location ©2009.

Deliver Customer Delight by focusing on customer services Winning and Retaining Customers • Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a superior customer experience • Prioritize high-value customers to build long-term loyalty by Focusing on the User Experience Business is in a very competitive segment Commoditized Offering High customer expectations • Understand your customers’ profile. buying preferences. 32 . All rights reserved. support requests so you can better anticipate their needs ©2009.

All rights reserved.Compact Contact Center Differentiating the Customer Experience  Enable options for self-service as well as assisted support through efficient routing of calls  Prioritize VIP customers by minimizing waiting times on call queues and providing individualized service  Monitor quality of calls using real-time reports and management by exception  Integration to CRM to ensure agents’ always have customers’ data on-hand ©2009. 33 .

All rights reserved. 34 .Management Tools Advanced Call Distribution Management by Exception Real-Time Agent Management Wallboard Management PC Wallboards Queue Management Real-Time Tracking & Analysis Standard Report Templates Real-Time System Management Campaign Manager IVR Queue Management & Recording ©2009.

or flexible permutations ©2009. All rights reserved. 36 .IP Office Conferencing London Office Purchasing Manager VoiceMail Pro New York Office ISDN T1 / E1 / IP Supplier Sales Director Home Worker Mobile Worker  Self-serve meet-me conference empowers employees to setup conferences as and when required  Full-featured service with a host of controls allow efficient utilization of time  Ability to push presentations to participants’ desktop and encourage collaboration through web discussions  Supports up to a maximum of 64 parties per conference.

Why Avaya in SME ©2009. 43 . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.000+ Developer Connection Partners & Global Alliance Partners  1 million+ customers -. pace and choice Avaya Customer Value Partners Services ©2009. 44 .Avaya. a Global Leader in Business Communications Applications  100+ years of experience and innovation in our DNA from AT&T to Lucent Technologies  Owned by Private equity – Silver Lake & TPG Capital  17.800+ Avaya Labs patents or patent applications Solutions …customer path.90% of FORTUNE 500®  3.000 employees in 54 countries  Five consecutive years of revenue growth and Profitability  4.

1 launch  Aug 2008: Release 4.000 Systems Installed! Over 4 Million Users Worldwide!  IP Office launched 2002  Deployed in 69 countries  Feb 2007: New IP500 platform and software release 4. All rights reserved.IP Office – Driving Intelligent Communications in SME Flagship IP Product for Small and Medium Size Enterprises Worldwide Over 150.0 launched  Dec 2007: Release 4.2 launch Fiscal Year Shipped so far ©2009. 45 .

46 .Award-Winning Avaya IP Office Presented Avaya with 2003 Market Leadership Award for Total Asia Pacific iCRM January 2004 2006 2007 Best Buy January 2009 2008 2004 "CRM Excellence" Award 2006 Best In Test. April 2004 2004 Ranked Avaya’s SMB IP-PBX #1 overall February 2004 ©2009. All rights reserved.

Telecommuter. –IPO Applications support all types of endpoints Mobility Options –VPN Hardphones. IP. 47 . Digital. Hot-Desking –Mobile Twinning (one-X and Mobile Call Control) Future Proofed Investment –no need for a forklift upgrade –Avaya’s has an ongoing commitment to feature enhancements on IP Office ©2009.IP Office Key Strengths Specifically designed for the SME market –Not an Enterprise Product ‘squeezed’ into SME Scalable & Modular –Purchase only what you need today –Easily Expandable to Grow with your business Converged Platform –Supports Multiple types of end points –Analogue. All rights reserved.

Avaya – Proprietary & Confidential. Under NDA 48 48 .©2009. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. © 2007 Avaya Inc.