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Introduction to IP Office IP Office Platform Models IP Office as a Voice Platform IP Office as a Messaging Solution IP Office as a Conferencing Solution IP Office Productivity Applications
– Including Unified Communications

IP Office Voice Networking IP Office as a Contact Center Platform IP Office Management & Administration
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Agenda Avaya IP Office – a proven solution Benefits of Convergence IP Office .platform overview Ease of Management SIP for the Small Business Partnerships for the Small Business Summary © 2007 Avaya Inc. All rights overview IP Office . 4 .

we are unlucky if we lose even 1% of calls. Toby Selix. Back in 2004. 89% are handled in this time.000 Systems shipped Millions of customers served worldwide Across all types of businesses “Twelve months ago. All rights reserved. now. CIO. © 2007 Avaya Inc. only 10% of all calls were even answered at all. 5 . Blood Diagnostics. Inc.Avaya IP Office Serves Small Business Successfully A Proven Solution with Market Momentum 130. we were failing to answer any calls in less than 30 seconds. Now.

April 2004 © 2007 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.Award-Winning Avaya IP Office Presented Avaya with 2003 Market Leadership Award for Total Asia Pacific iCRM January 2004 2006 2004 "CRM Excellence" Award 2007 2006 Best In Test. Ranked Avaya‟s SMB IP-PBX #1 overall February 2004 2004 6 .

7 . All rights reserved. remote work staff – Virtual enterprise Reduced costs of ownership: – Single cabling infrastructure for voice & data – Single point of administration & remote maintenance via LAN.Benefits of IP Telephony & Convergence IP offers new ways of working: – Integrating the phone into business systems – Home-workers. WAN or RAS – Multiple single-skilled support personnel replaced by single multi-skilled voice/data staff – Reduced moves/adds/changes via dynamic IP addressing Optimisation of ISDN & WAN leased lines: – One link to public network saves rental costs – Dynamic bandwidth allocation for voice & data – Reduced costs via VoIP – voice travels „„free‟‟ on the data link © 2007 Avaya Inc.

The IP Office Family IP Office 500 Up to 1000 extensions. 8 . Analog Trunks. and SIP Trunks © 2007 Avaya Inc. 8 T1s. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.323 Gateway & Applications Unified Communications Auto Attendant Voice Messaging Unified Messaging Operator Positions Contact Center Customer Management Conferencing Call Recording Call Accounting Text-to-Speech IP Telephony Computer Telephony IVR 9 Gatekeeper Internet Access Router VPN Support © 2007 Avaya Inc.IP Office: The Fundamentals Core Software Key/Hybrid/PBX 2-1000 Extensions Internet Access Router ISDN SIP & Analog Trunks LAN Switch Ports Remote Access Server Firewall H. .

IP Office: Extensive Applications Manager SoftConsole Phone Manager Queue Manager Unified Messaging System Status Conferencing VoiceMail Pro © 2007 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Compact Contact Center 10 .

11 .Application “Product Tours” – Self Help for the End User Selected from the “Help” menu in the application As mouse moves over regions on screen. All rights reserved. explanations appear – similar to Tool Tips Tours available for – Phone Manager – SoftConsole – VoiceMail Pro – Conferencing – Customer Management – Call Recording – Manager © 2007 Avaya Inc.

All rights reserved. 12 .IP Office Management & Administration Ease of use: Single Management interface for PBX. voicemail and data routing Intuitive Windows-based console On-line Tutorial Documentation Designed to minimize skill-set required reducing administration costs Remote Management: One console can manage multiple sites Off-line & remote programming (LAN. WAN or via analog modem) Proactive SNMP polling for remote administration Forced back-up for disaster recovery Automated software recovery Audit Trail Password protected & User defined rights Remote feature activation © 2007 Avaya Inc.

1p on IP Office LAN ports Simplifies the deployment of new convergence technology IP Office is also compatible with industry standard layer 2/3 switches Also complementary to Avaya Secure Gateways for security Avaya IP Office + LAN Switch Avaya IP Office + LAN Switch IP Public or Private Network IP Phones IP Phones © 2007 Avaya Inc.IP Telephony – LAN & WAN Avaya IP Office offers: – Integral H.323 Gatekeeper – Integral H. All rights reserved.323 Gateway Avaya IP Office supports DiffServ to enable QoS over the WAN LAN Switch can set 802. 13 .

All rights reserved. TDMA CDMA WAN Remote Office Router © 2007 Avaya Inc.IP Office Summary It‟s a simple solution for any SME Business: And it has lots of added value: Desktop Communications Solutions Robust Messaging Conditions-based Auto Attendant Unified Messaging Personal Numbering Contact Center Internet Access Network Server Networking transparency Audio Control Conferencing Remote worker solutions CTI & ISV Developers Program IP Telephony VoIP Gateway & Gatekeeper VPN support Analog Modem Data Hub WAN edge device Remote Access Server DHCP Server Firewall Router Internet access RIP-2 protocol support Mobile Phone Remote Access Server Internet ISP ISDN dial-up. T1 GSM. Leased-line or xDSL ISN. ISDN Router Remote Office ISDN TA 14 .

All rights reserved.IP Office Platform Model © 2007 Avaya Inc. 15 .

All rights reserved. 16 .Agenda IP Office 500 details Optional Hardware © 2007 Avaya Inc.

digital and IP endpoint support (8 expansion modules) Trunk Interface possibilities: ISDN-PRI/E1/T1. Meet-Me Conferencing. ISDN-BRI. Analog. 2 x 10/100Mbps LAN Switch ports (Layer 3) 48 data channels Native VoIP: requires Voice Compression Module (up to 128 VoIP compression channels) External relay driver output Internal/External Music-On-Hold (supports 4 sources. SIP Applications: 64 party Conferencing.IP Office 500 Detailed Technical Information Up to 1000 combined analog. etc. Contact Center. All rights reserved. 3 internal/1 external) Hardware-based and Software-based data compression Router/ Internet Access/ Firewall/ DHCP server/ RIP-2 support/ VPN support with L2TP or IPSec Remote Access Server © 2007 Avaya Inc. Messaging. Unified Communications. 17 .

LAN/WAN (Ethernet) External Relay control External Music on Hold 18 . Music On Hold) © 2007 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.IP Office 500 Detailed Technical Information Universal slot interface (4) Up to 8 expansion modules Smart Card for feature key Compact Flash (Embedded Messaging.

Avaya IP Office 500 Flexibility. Priced Right TAKE A LOOK UNDER THE HOOD Range of interface modules: – Base cards • • • • • 8 Port Digital Station 2 Port Phone Station 8 Port Phone Station 32 Channel VCM Module 64 Channel VCM Module Variety of Trunk „Daughter cards‟ Fit securely on top of a base card in the same slot Saves valuable real estate & cost – 4 Port Analog Trunk Module – 2 or 4 Port BRI* (4 or 8 channels) • Secure „Smartcard‟ for operation and Licensing © 2007 Avaya Inc. *Not available in North America 19 . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Avaya IP Office 500 Start With What You Need… And easily add as you grow A range of expansion modules to add capacity as your business grows – Digital handsets. analog devices (faxes. 20 . analog trunks © 2007 Avaya Inc. modems etc).

IP Office 500 – System Capacities Control unit Extension Capacity Digital Station (DS) Ports Analog Phone (PHONE) Ports System Extension Capacity Digital Phones only Analog Phones only IP Phones only 32 24 32 1000 264 272 500 Max IP500 Trunk Capacity Analog trunks (control unit / maximum) BRI trunks T1/E1 trunks SIP trunks Maximum voice compression channels Messaging & Conferencing capacity Embedded Voicemail VoiceMail Pro Conferencing © 2007 Avaya Inc. 264 16 / 144 32 192/240 128 128 4 30 64 21 . All rights reserved.

IP Office © 2007 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 22 .

All rights reserved.Agenda Choices of End Points – Desktop – Wireless © 2007 Avaya Inc. 23 .

5400. 4400*. 3641. and T3* series IP Telephones VPN Phones for remote workers Avaya IP Office – Screen phones Supports Phone Manager PC Softphone Avaya IP Office . 3711* Avaya 3810* * Regional availability © 2007 Avaya Inc.Telephones At-A-Glance Avaya IP Office . 6400 and T3* series Digital Telephones Avaya IP Office – IP Telephone Support Avaya 4600. 5600.Digital Telephone support Avaya 2400.ISDN Extension support Support for up to 8 BRI loops for video-conference. Group 4 fax or ISDN terminals Avaya IP Office – Wireless/DECT Telephone support Avaya 3616. All rights reserved. 24 .Analog Telephone support Analog Telephones and Fax machines (industry standard) InterQuartz* Analog phones Avaya IP Office . and 3645 Wireless Telephones Avaya 3701/3711 IP DECT Telephones (EMEA & APAC).

All rights reserved. Accountant For the casual telephone user with basic telephony needs – Office clerk. Conference.” Examples: Engineer. Hearing aid compatible and more! Two-way speakerphone Speed Dial and Call Log Headset support Wall mountable © 2007 Avaya Inc. for small office or cubicle. Volume. Transfer. Telephone models include: • 1400 TDM • 1600 IP • 9500 TDM • 9600 IP * Regional availability 25 . and the phone is another tool on my desk that needs to be straight-forward to use for everyday tasks. retail location Larger display with common fixed feature keys including Hold.Everyday Profile “I work with a number of communication devices. sales person. Message Waiting indicator.

Project leader Ideal for the executive user with high calling volumes Largest display. All rights reserved. Telephone models include: • 1400 TDM • 1600 IP • 9500 TDM • 9600 IP * Regional availability 26 . Banker. Rich. communications capabilities are essential to me. yet easy to use.Executive Profile I am constantly on the phone.” Examples: Sales Executive. must always be connected and am often mobile. greater number of speed dials and call log entries IP phones web browser capable © 2007 Avaya Inc. including backlit models for improved contrast Color display model available Additional programmable buttons. often handling multiple calls. Lawyer.

” Examples: Executive Assistant. 27 . executive assistant or department manager Largest display. Receptionist Designed for receptionists. and need to be fast and efficient in connecting the right callers to the right people. All rights reserved.Receptionist/ Assistant Profile “I answer phones and manage calls for many people as a significant part of my job. at-a-glance status information Headset support Telephone models include: • 1416 with DBM32 • 1616 with BM32 * Regional availability © 2007 Avaya Inc. including backlit options for improved contrast Color display model available Easy “one touch” access to many capabilities for efficient call handling Expansion Module support for quick.

of Avaya Inc. respectively. All rights reserved. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All trademarks identified by the ® or ™ are registered trademarks or trademarks.Delivering Intelligent Communications to Small and Midsize Businesses Avaya IP Office © 2007 Avaya Inc. 28 . Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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