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Prof. A. R. Mishra

Vivek Jaiswal PGDM- III “B”

 Founded:- San Francisco, California, U.S. (In Year 1984)
 Founder:- Leonard Bosack & Sandy Lerner  Headquarters:- San Jose, California, U.S.  Key People:- John Chambers (Chairman & CEO)  Products:- Networking Device, Network Management, Cisco IOS and NX-OS Software, Interface and Module, Optical Networking, Storage Area Networks, Wireless, Security, VOIP.  Revenue:- 46.061billion US $  Employees:- 72,360

 Cisco’s Vision  Changing the way they work, live, play & learn.  Cisco’s Mission  To shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for customers, employees, investors, and partners.  Cisco’s Core Competencies  The design & selling of innovative networking solutions & formed partnerships with suppliers that could provide other key capabilities.

Case Summary (1/2):YEAR


A group of computer scientists formed Cisco. They designed IOS that could route streams of data from one computer to another. Started customer support through a website Installed Bug report database on its site (Bug Alert) Cisco support center receiving 3000 calls per month Calls per month increased to 12000 Cisco built a customer support system to help the customers in posting queries about their software problems Cisco came up with Cisco Information online. It offered company and product information, technical and customer support.

1985 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994

Case Summary (2/2):YEAR 1995 EVENT Cisco introduced applications for selling products and services in the website.


Cisco introduced “Networked Strategy” to foster its relationship with the supplier,customer,manufacturer,distributor etc. It started product configuration and order placement online.
Dial in access for customers from their desktops so that they can place their orders without internet


2001 Afterward

More than 70% of Cisco orders were online
Market demand decreased due to downturn resulting in huge loss Steps implemented to recover the loss and make the Cisco supply chain more flexible to market demand (E-Hub)


Information Flow Through Supply Chain
Customer Order


Cisco ERP Database

3rd Party Logis.

Contract Manufacturers

Supplier Production Schedule

 Tier 1 Partner (System Integrators Certified by CISCO)  Tier 2 Partner (Distributor i.e. Ingram Micro And Redington & Redington)  Reseller (Like Retailer)  End Customer

Cisco & Juniper Supports and Services…!!!