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What is bio battery ? How it works ? Structure Glucose Process Sony bio battery Coca Cola-Powered China Mobile Advantages Future Applications .

A bio-battery is an energy storing device that is powered by organic compounds. usually being glucose. . such as the glucose in human blood.

bio-batteries directly receive energy from glucose. several electrons and protons are released. These batteries then store this energy for later use. This concept is almost identical to how both plants and many animals obtain energy . by using enzymes to break down glucose. Therefore.When enzymes in our bodies break down glucose.


. separator and electrolyte. cathode. allows for a flow of protons (H+) and electrons (e-) which ultimately generate electricity. Between the anode and the cathode lies the electrolyte which contains a separator. This system as a whole. whereas cathodes are devices that allow current to flow out from the battery. The anode is located at the top of the battery and the cathode is located at the bottom of the battery. Each component is layered on top of another component. Anodes are components that allow electrons to flow in from outside the battery.Structure Bio-batteries contain an anode.

After glucose exists oxygen and other enzymes can act on the glucose to further produce hydrogen ions and electrons.Glucose Bio batteries are heavily based on the amount of glucose available. The decomposition of materials to glucose is the main step in getting the cycle started. . Enzymatic hydrolysis is the process in which cellulose (an insoluble substance) is converted to glucose with the addition of enzymes. Materials can be converted into glucose through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis.

bio-batteries use enzymes to convert glucose into energy Glucose → Gluconolactone + 2H+ + 2e− O2 +4H+ + 4e− → 2H2O .Process Similar to how human bodies convert food to energy using enzymes.

.Sony Develops A Bio Battery Powered By Sugar Sony has developed a biologically friendly battery that generates electricity from sugar in a way that's similar to what's found in living organisms. Sony said that the output is the highest for a bio battery of this type. Battery test cells have generated up to 50 milliwatts. or enough electricity to power music playback on a memory-type Walkman.

Coca Cola-Powered China Mobile with Bio-Battery Chinese designer Daizhi Zheng has been working on a revolutionary device for Finnish cell phone giant Nokia. Any sweet drink. he has created a mobile phone that uses sweet drinks like Coca Cola instead of lithium batteries. . even sugar-sweetened water would be enough to keep the phone running much longer than lithium batteries.

The bio-battery invented by Daishi Zheng generates electricity from carbohydrates. . The designer claims his sugar-based biobattery lasts up to four times longer than a fully charged lithium battery and is much easier to recharge: just pour some more sweet fuel. the device generates oxygen and water. In the process. using special enzymes as catalysts.

Advantages Eco friendly Instant recharge. Portable and light weight  Charged without an external power supply  Non-flammable  Non-toxic fuel  Alternative renewable power source. .

as well as successful. They serve as a new form of energy that is proving to be environmentally friendly. in producing and reserving energy. several research teams and engineers are working to further advance the development of these batteries. Although the batteries are still being tested before being commercially sold. .Future Of Technology Bio-batteries have a very bright future ahead of them as test productions and research have been increasing over recent years.

are also in the process of researching and experimenting with bio batteries as an alternative source of energy. . starting with toys and devices that require a small amount of energy. In fact. Sony. Several other research facilities. however. Sony plans to take bio batteries to market. This output is enough to power approximately one MP3 player.Cont…… One corporation consistently working on the advancement of these bio batteries is Sony. In the coming years. such as Stanford and Northeastern. is planning to continue their research and development on bio batteries for commercial use. Sony has created a bio battery that gives an output power of 50 mW (mill watts).

Cont… Since there is glucose in human blood. research continues on the subject surrounding both the material/device and medical usage of biobatteries. Although this has yet to be further tested. . some research facilities are also looking towards the medical benefits of bio-batteries and their possible functions in human bodies.

Paper bio battery could be used to power medical devices like hearing aid and peacemaker Sony used its sugar bio-battery to power music play on memory type walkman .medical devices etc. . Military Applications : Soldier portable power Commercial Application : Electronics .