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• The world's largest public corporation by revenue, according to the 2009 Fortune Global 500. • The largest private employer in the world and the thirdlargest utility or commercial employer. • The largest grocery retailer in the United States, with an estimated 20% of the retail grocery and consumables business.

Company Profile of WALMART
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Type of Organization: Public Company Foundation: Rogers, Arkansas, United States of America Founder: Sam Walton, March 29, 1918 - April 5, 1992 Current Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States of America Sector/ Type of Industry: Retailing, Discount stores, Super markets or shoppes and neighborhood shops Current Revenue: 404.16 Billion US Dollars Net income: 13.59 Billion US Dollars Total Employees: 21,00,000

serving more than 176 million customers a year . o Within 5 years there were 25 Walmart stores earning a total revenue of $12.History of Wal-Mart o Sam Walton opened the first store in 1962 . o Presently 7. 2009. o In 1972 Wal-mart was listed in the NYSE. o Mike Duke succeeded Lee Scott as president and chief executive officer onFebruary 1. o In 2005 Wal-mart incorporated sustainability in it’s business under their CEO H Lee Scott Jr. o In August 2007. Wal-Mart and Bharti Enterprises announced an agreement to establish Bharti Wal-Mart Private Limited.6 million in sales.800 stores and club locations in 14 markets employ more than 2 million associates.

Robson Walton named chairman of the board in 1992 .Important People • • • Co-founders. Sam and James “Bud” Walton started 1st Wal-Mart . David Glass was named president 1984. in 1988 he became chief executive officer S.

Type of ownership CORPORATE CHAIN Classification On the basis Of Merchandise HYPER MARKET/ SUPER MARKET .

Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Customer Service Location Store Design And Display Retail Strategy Merchandise Assortment Communication Mix Pricing .

Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Merchandise Strategy Customer Service Location Store Design and Display Communication Mix Large Number of Categories Few Items in Each Category Pricing .

etc.Products offered • • • • • • • • • • • • Family apparel Automotive products Health and beauty aids Home furnishings Electronics Hardware Toys Sporting goods Lawn and garden items Pet supplies Jewelry House wares. .

Services offered • • • • • • • Vision centers Health clinics Fast food restaurants Hair salons Portrait studios one-hour photo centers Pharmacies. . etc.

Divisions of WAL-MART • McLane’s • Neighborhood Markets • International • Sam’s Club • Supercenters • Distribution Centers .

Meat. . Supercenters • Developed in 1988 to meet growing demand for one stop family shopping. Deli food. Frozen food. Dairy & Fresh products. so Wal-Mart could focus on core retail business. • There are more than 2300 nationwide & open 24 hrs a day • This features Bakery food. • In 2003 was sold to Berkshire Hathaway. Inc.McLane’s • Nations largest distributor of food and merchandise to convenience stores.

pharmaceuticals & general merchandise.000 items to customers.Neighborhood Markets • Began in 1998 • Located in market with Wal-Mart Supercenters • Offers customer groceries. . • Provides 28.

• Wal-Mart focused on Global Positioning. best value.International • Wal-Mart expanded so that customers everywhere would associate its name with low cost. greatest selection of quality merchandise and highest standards of customer service. .

. • Annual membership fee is $35. roadside assistance.saM’s club • Membership-only. cash-and-carry operations. home improvement. – Elite membership has additional benefits like automotive service contracts. auto brokering and pharmacy discounts. • Financial service credit card program (Discover Card) available at all clubs. • Bulk displays and name brand merchandise. the Elite Membership is $100.

Worldly Stores Country Argentina Brazil Canada China Germany Korea Mexico Puerto Rico United Kingdom International Totals DISCOUNT STORES 0 0 213 0 0 0 472 9 248 942 SUPERCENT ERS 11 12 0 20 94 15 75 1 10 238 SAM'S CLUBS 0 8 0 4 0 0 50 9 0 71 NEIGHBORHOOD MARKETS 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 33 0 37 .

Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Location Strategy Free-standing Stores Customer Service Store Display And Design Merchandise Assortment Communication Pricing Mix .

088 333 512 88 ENTRY Entered November 1991 Entered November 1994 Entered May 1995 Entered August 1995 China*** United Kingdom Japan Costa Rica El Salvador 370 541 419 200 79 Entered August 1996 Entered July 1999 Entered March 2002 Entered September 2005 Entered September 2005 .WALMART LOCATION COUNTRY Mexico Canada Brazil Argentina RETAIL UNITS 2.

316 15 347 5.130 Entered January 2009 Entered May 2009 Entered June 2011 .WALMART LOCATION COUNTRY Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua RETAIL UNITS 200 70 73 ENTRY Entered September 2005 Entered September 2005 Entered September 2005 Chile India Africa**** Walmart International Wal-Mart Stores. Inc.651 10.

Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Location Pricing Strategy Customer Service Store Design and Display Merchandise Assortment Communication Mix Low. EDLP .


WALMART PRICING STRATEGY • How can Wal-mart achieve its low cost structure??? • Benefits of economies of scale • Sustainability advantage over other retailers • Sustains its profits • Advantage of declining value of the Dollar .

Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Communication Mix Customer Service Location Store Design and Display Merchandise Assortment Pricing TV and Newspaper Insert Ads .

. 1. • TV is an effective media to transmit Information . prices and discounts is often provided on TV during the evening hours when people are expected to be at home.V • In this respect. the retail store makes use of TV advertisement and newspaper insert ads.Communication Mix The Wal-Mart store is committed in ensuring that information regarding its products is effectively disseminated to the public.regarding products. This ensures that a significant number of potential customers can see the advertisement hence maximize the efficiency of the advert 2. T. VOUCHER • The use of vouchers is also a common method of advertising of the store’s products.

BANNER • Banners and posters placed in conspicuous places around Winnipeg also help to popularize the store with an objective of increasing .Communication Mix 3. • People are more likely to visit the classifieds pages when they are looking for places to shop. NEWSPAPER • Newspaper advertisements by the enterprise are mostly placed in the classifieds corner. the retail store may secure a big space on the newspaper to advertise an oncoming sale or to sensitize customers on discounts available at the store. • This therefore provides a convenient place to place an advertisement. the sales. Occasionally. 4.

Selecting Media Wal-Mart develops communication channels primarily through television.Niche media is another communication channel that can be effectively utilized by companies. These forms of media are used to express the value that consumers will have by shopping in their stores. radio. The product proposed is another form of media that can be used to develop communications with consumers. and internet. Communication channels considered niche media are described as "channels through which messages are sent to audiences with a distinct commonality” source of niche communications is magazines . direct mail. in much the same way as employees are meant to express the value to consumers who enter the store 6.Communication Mix 5.

Communication Mix 7. 8.Interactive media can be the most productive of the forms of media because it allows companies and consumers to share information . Internet Currently Wal-Mart primarily focuses marketing communications as addressable media through internet and direct mailings in the form of weekly advertisements.

Special Displays for Products Merchandise Assortments Communication Pricing Mix .Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Store Design and Display Customer Service Location Basic.

if any Get a pulling basket trolley Go inside the products gallery Select the products which are needed Put down the selected products in the basket Go with the basket trolley to the payment counter Pay money according to the bill Get your purchases with you leave with your purchases and other brought things Counter staff Customer Support staffs Customer Support Staffs cashier Cashier Security support staffs Staff management Committee Finance Department persons Staff Trainers Cost and Selling Price calculating staffs Security Department .Service Processing at WalMart Retail Stores Exterior of the retail stores Submission counter Basket Trolley Products and Other interiors Product display Counters Selected Products Payment Counter Payment Slip Purchased products Exit and product withdrawal counters Arrive at Wal-Mart retail store Get your things (which you brought) submitted.



Wal-Mart’s retail Mix Customer Service Limited Location Merchandise Assortment Store Design and Display Pricing Communication Mix .

this will keep them coming back to the store • Wal-Mart gives to children's hospitals.Customer Service • Wal-Mart says it trains employees to ask customers if they need assistance or tutorials on how a particular product functions. Wal-Mart believes that if customers gets what they want at a good price. has created educational scholarships and educates communities on environmental issues such as recycling. this enhances their shopping experience. . • Wal-Mart customer strategies is having greeters at the door of every store. Wal-Mart management feel that if customers are greeted by a friendly face. • Wal-mart trains its employees on excellent customer skills.

Customer Service • High responsiveness • Timely Accurate in speed and quality in fast time. branded and unbranded products at the lowest possible price. every time and last time • Make customer happy • The main policy :Wal-Mart would always provide a wide variety of high quality. you deserve the lowest price we can offer every time you make a purchase. offering better value for the customer's money. . • Their belief: Because you work hard for every dollar.

Swot analysis of Wal-Mart Strength: Distribution Centres Use of technology Supplier support and networking Inventory control and distribution Corporate culture Standardization of stores Opportunities: Backward expansion Catalog shopping Product packaging Expanding store format Potential technology for home shopping Weakness: High dependency on technology Low margins High cost of distribution Non personalized purchasing Threats: Economic environment Many discount businesses Competition from other discounters Cable “home shopping” .

conclusion .