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raunak kaushik arti sharma priyanka kumari

• The main objective of role negotiation between the personnel and finance department was to understand each other’s role in the services rendered by them to the employees. • 32 persons participated in the exercise and 11 hours were spent on the exercise.

.EXHIBITS • Exhibit 1 Brief outline of the schedule • Exhibit 2 Images generated through empathy building exercise • Exhibit 3 summary of expectations • Exhibit 4 final contract • Exhibit 5 consensus on simplification of rules • Exhibit 6 Dialogue with top management.

STEPS OF NEGOTIATION • • • • Role negotiating has three phases : Unfreezing Role negotiating Dialoguing with top management The purpose of these exercises is to bring the prejudices out in the open. leading to mutual empathy through positive images of each other. .

IMAGES OF PERSONNEL BY FINANCE Own image Helpful Service oriented Humane Actively solve problems Image by finance Poor record keeping Good team work Problem solving attitude For all problems blame others Personnel’s guess Wrong pay fixation Poor record keeping Inconsistency in application of rules Problem solving attitude .


IMAGES OF FINANCE BY PERSONNEL OWN IMAGE Timely Punctual Honest IMAGE BY PERSONNEL Prompt in payment of certain items FINANCE GUESS reasonable Good finance management logical and effective cost control Low initiative on communication with employees and other departments Tactful .

etc.FINAL CONTRACT • Finance and personnel groups will meet per month. • Proper communication. • All office orders regarding transfer. may be sent to the personnel and administration department once a month. • Error free payment system. .

The task force was constituted to ensure implementation with in 15 days. It was decided to review the implementation after 2 months and report . consisting of the MD. . The top team promised their full support in the implementation of the commitments and recommendations . ED.OCM. a dialogue was held with the top management .DIALOGUING WITH TOP MANAGEMENT • At the end .

Role negotiation has three phases:1.Dialouging with top management .Role negotiating 3.Unfreezing 2.

. image building and image sharing.Microlab.Unfreezing consists of microlab. this the executives from different departments share pleasant and unpleasant experiences with each other and also their strengths & weakness.



. • Everyone knows what everyone else expects. discussing these aspects openly.• Role negotiation faces issues by explicitly surfacing aspects of an individual’s or group’s work-related behavior. and then negotiating a settlement among the parties involved that is mutually satisfying. Role negotiation is a process for clarifying these expectations.

so after role negotiating we will have to consult with the top management. .• As we know that without support of top management we can not implement new rules. • Top management will simplify the rule then order to implement.

Was the final contract able to deal with problems between the personal and finance departments? .

the same immediately communicated to the concerned authority. has to complete files before sending to finance dept. A campaign will be undertaken ensuring filling PF/ Gratuity nomination by end of May.Yes. Not more than one office order will be issued to an individual. Ad hoc decisions Incomplete claim files for PF/Gratuity payment . the final contract is able to solve the problems to a great extent between the Personnel and Finance department asIMAGES OF PERSONNEL BY FINANCE SOLUTIONS IN FINAL CONTRACT Poor record keeping For all problems blame others Personnel dept. In cases where any clarification is desired .

For better interaction both dept.IMAGE OF FINANCE BY PERSONNEL Asking for pay -slips in support of claims SOLUTIONS IN FINAL CONTRACT AND IN CONSENSUS There will be no insistence on the employees submitting their pay-slips if their cases are less than 2 years old. Error-free payment system will be ensured. Payment of compensation under Workmen’s Compensation Act. Error in payments No communication to other departments Raising superficial objectives regarding eligibility for payment in compensation cases . will meet at least once in a month.


Managerial Roles Leadership Roles .What is the advantage of dialogue of top management in role negotiation exercise? • Top management and other senior executive of any corporation re required to perform both leadership and managerial roles.

• Low absenteeism and low turnover rate. • Employees would work with great zeal and enthusiasm. • Both the departments would maintain the coordination. . • Productivity would increased.ADVANTAGES • Reduce the delays and hardship to the employees. • Employees would be motivated.