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Steffi sehdev Class Roll No. : 838 Uni. Roll No.:1174496 M.B.A. 3rd Sem.

Angel Booking’s tryst with excellence in customer relations began more than 20 years ago. Angel Group has emerged as one of the top 10 retail broking houses in India and incorporated in 1987.  Today, Angel has emerged as a premium Indian stock-broking and wealth management house, with an absolute focus on retail business and a commitment to provide "Real Value for Money" to all its clients.


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Incorporated:1987 BSE:1997 NSE membership:1998 Depository participant with CDSL



04% per trade Delivery (Buy & Sell): Rs. 0. 0.000 I\intraday (Buy & Sell) : Rs.10% per trade F&O (Buy & Sell) : Rs.01% per trade Delivery (Buy & Sell): Rs.Rs 625/Brokerage: If Initial margin cheque is more then 25.01% per trade .40% per trade F&O (Buy & Sell) : Rs.000 Intraday (Buy & Sell): Rs. 0.00. 0.Rs 575/Demat account . 0. 0.30% per trade F&O (Buy & Sell): Rs. 0.03% per tradeDelivery (Buy & Sell): Rs. 0.015% per trade If Initial margin cheque is more then 5.15% per trade F&O (Buy & Sell): Rs.000 Intraday (Buy & Sell): Rs. 0.ANGEL TRADE BROKERAGE CHARGES     Account opening fees: Stock trading account .04% per trade If Initial margin cheque is more then 50. 0.000 Intraday (Buy & Sell) : Rs.Rs 200/Commodity trading . 0. 0.015% per trade Delivery (Buy & Sell): Rs.03% per trade If Initial margin cheque is more then 3.00.

Investment Advisory. Commodities. . Portfolio Management Services. IPO. Personal Loans. Life Insurance.COMPANY BUSINESS          1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Equity trading. Depository Services. Mutual Funds.

CONSISTUNENTS OF DEPOSITORY SYSTEM      The depository system comprises of: i) Depository ii) Depository Participants (DPs) iii) Companies/issuer iv) Beneficial owner .


08) . and established in August 1996 It has 267 depository Participants (as on 13.12.NATIONAL SECURITIES DEPOSITORIES LIMITED   NSDL is the first and largest depository in India.

PROMOTERS OF NSDL Industrial Development Bank of India Limited 2. National Stock Exchange of India Limited 1. . Unit Trust of India 3.

SHAREHOLDERS OF NSDL           State Bank of India Oriental Bank of Commerce Citibank Standard Chartered Bank HDFC Bank Limited The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Deutsche Bank Dena Bank Canara Bank Union Bank of India .

It has 455 DPs as on 4.CENTRAL DEPOSITORY SERVICES (INDIA) LIMITED    This is the second depository in India. This was formed and registered in 1999.08.08 .

PROMOTERS OF CDSL      Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Bank of India. State Bank of India and HDFC Bank . Bank of Baroda.

SHAREHOLDERS OF CDSL         Standard Chartered Bank Centurion Bank of Punjab Ltd Canara Bank Union Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited Others .

a short form of saying Dematerialized Account is a type of banking account which dematerializes the paper based physical shares  .What is Demat  Conversion of physical securities into electronic form Demat Account.

Demat-benefits ?       Easy and convenient way to hold securities Immediate transfer of securities No stamp duty on transfer of securities Safer than paper-shares (earlier risks associated with physical certificates such as bad delivery. delays. fake securities. are mostly eliminated) Reduced paperwork for transfer of securities Reduced transaction cost . thefts etc.


CDSL credits an equivalent number of securities in the demat account of the BO maintained with CDSL. DP to Setup a demat request on the CDSL system. DP Send the certificates to the Issuer/Registrar an transfer Agent (RTA). BO to open a demat account with a DP. services offered. DP to verify that the DRF has been filled correctly. cost or any other reason. confirms the demat request. The choice of the investor may be based on convenience. BO Fill in a Demat Request Form (DRF) and submit the same with the physical Certificate/s to the DP for dematerialization. On receiving confirmation from Issuer/RTA.Procedure of Opening An Account  Investor will choose a DP for the purposes of opening beneficiary account.       . comfort.

Contd. 2. investor has to submit the following documents along with the prescribed account opening form.) Proof of Address (POA) (ration card. pan card. 3.  For the purpose of verification. Proof of Identity (POI) (voter card. driving license etc. 1.) Passport-size photograph . any pass book copy voter id card etc.

  Copy of PAN card The DP will also provide a copy of the DP-Client agreement.Contd. .

all the joint holders have to sign the account opening form. The investor will submit to his DP the duly filled in account opening form & DP-client agreement along with the documents.Some other aspects:  In case of the joint account for the beneficial owners. the DP will give: Client Id . . 2.   1. On successful opening of the account. Delivery Instruction slip eight digit number to be used along with DP Id for any future transactions.

 More than one demat account can be opened in the similar / identical name and order with the same DP or different DPs. .Some other aspects contd.

Thus it will take only a month from the date one hands over shares. .The time involved in the process  Dematerialisation is normally completed within 15 days after the share certificates have reached the issuer/their R&T agent. to receive Demat Credit.

Trading & Settlement in Dematerialised Securities  If you are a buyer:        Purchase securities in any of the S. If instructions match your a/c with your DP is credited .E. You give instructions to your DP for receiving Cr./clearing house of the stock exchange Broker receives cr.s(connected to NSDL) through a broker of your choice and make payment to your broker Broker arranges payment to clearing corpo. in his clearing a/c Broker can directly transfer these securities to your a/c Broker gives instructions to your DP to debit his clearing a/c and credit your depository a/c.

.Trading & Settlement in Dematerialised Securities  If you are a seller  Sell your demat securities in any of the Stock Exchanges linked to NSDL through a broker  You give instructions to your DP for Debit of your Depository a/c and Credit of your broker’s clearing member a/c at least 24 hrs  You receive the payment accordingly.

products and services and also to collect information about its services and products.OBJECTIVE    The objective of my project is to understand the co.. its achievements and tasks. To know about the role of demat account with CDSL To describe the process of opening a DEMAT account .

. With this method. the researcher uses subjects that are easy to reach.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  Sampling Plan: The for the study by sample was selected Convenience sampling method.  Sample size The sample for research consisted of 50 people The sample size was restricted to 50 because of financial & time constraint.  Sample unit: Under this study the customers of Bathinda city are considered as the sample unit.

which have been collected and compiled earlier for some other purpose by various sources.SOURCES OF DATA:    In this study I have collect both the primary and secondary data.      PRIMARY DATA: Primary data is a first handed collected data. Primary data are obtained from the opinion of the clients of demat holders. SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data are those data. I have collected the secondary data here in following ways: Web resources Company journals Trade Magazines .

 .DATA COLLECTION METHOD DATA ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE Technique used for data analysis is percentile method for analysis of data.


Are you aware of demat account? R es pons e yes no .

Duration for which investor has been transact in stock exchange R es pons e 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% les s than 1 year 1 year 2 more year than 2 year les s than 1 year 1 year 2 year more than 2 year .

Do you trade frequently or occasionally R es pons e 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% tly en s io na ly frequently oc c as ionaly fre qu oc ca .

Which type of scripts you have responses 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% physical demat .

Do you convert shares electronically res pons e yes no .

Are you satisfied with demat service provider res pons e yes no .

. Problems faced by customer relating to trade res pons e 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% bad delivery problem no problem bad delivery problem no problem .

Time period of 6 weeks is very small to carry out a bigger project. Although the staff of ANGEL is cooperative it devoted enough time on me but due to busy schedule I was unable to gain knowledge. . it was not possible to approach all people.LIMITATIONS      The results may not applicable due to regional constraints because it is not universally applicable Money was also considered as a major constraint Lack of information sources for analysis part Due to lack of time.

next comes the business men and other class of income people. should approach to such people at their door step to open their demat account.    .e.CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS  As many people who dealt in share market are aware of angel’s name but not of its services. So company should advertise its services so that people can be made aware of services. so that co. From the above survey and observation it is found that most of the people who are trading in share market belongs to the employee group. so it become necessary for company to take care of two factors. Most of people are not finding any spare time to convert their shares electronically. service and trust. As far as preferences regarding opening of demat account is concerned then it mainly prefer two factors i.