• The company employs just under million people around the world. Germany. • Siemens AG is a global electrical and electronics business with a turnover of nearly £60 billion.• Siemens AG is a German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate company headquartered in Munich. half a .

.• In the UK. • Siemens’ products affect our lives in many ways. • Traffic lights are made by Siemens and people in hospitals have life-saving MRI scans using Siemens advanced medical imaging technology.000 people. Siemens has its headquarters in Bracknell. Berkshire and has around 100 sites across the UK employing 20. We can toast bread in a Siemens toaster powered by electricity generated and distributed by Siemens.

.This case study looks at how the Siemens organisation is built on a high performance culture.

Business Strategy = People Excellence .ThrEE FactS theY FolloW Excellent people need to be managed in an excellent way. Engagement combines commitment and organisational citizenship.

Being Trusted . commitment and high performance. Responsibility Leads to engaggement.People Excellence • Responsibility and Trust play major role in people performance.

Increasing the global talent pool 3. Siemens Leadership Excellence Programme .• People are source of its competitive advantage. Strengthening expert careers 4. • The four main elements of people excellence: 1. Achieving high performance culture 2.

Talent Mangement Job Enrichment Job Enlargement .

Process of bringing out talents Talent Management People Engagement Superior Performance .

so all customers benefit  everyone has the opportunity and choices to achieve their full potential  the pipeline of highfliers is sustained. .• By applying talent management to all staff:  all customer-facing staff are engaged.

. • This is referred to as the Performance Management Process.• Siemens has created a standard process for managing the performance and development of all employees.

• Performance management is a systematic process that creates trust and open communication by: • setting objectives • monitoring progress made • creating an ongoing dialogue between each team member and his/her manager • enabling forthright discussion. .

• Everyone within the organisation is pulling together to achieve the business strategy. this system makes sure that everyone is told honestly about their performance. . • Employees are clear about the impact of their performance and what the consequences are for their development. • When carried out in a consistent way.• Performance management in Siemens is the engine that drives Talent Management. • It is the cornerstone of its high performance culture.

How effective do you think the Siemens approach to people management will be in creating great results? .Questions 1. Describe one of the systems that Siemens has created which provides development opportunities for employees at work. How does Siemens seek to provide good career opportunities for employees? 2. How important is the appraisal system in helping to create shared understandings about the objectives of the organisation and personal objectives of individual employees? 4. 3.

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