Everything that is a passion is also a poison

Sex is a temptation with million reasons and an evil for million reasons

Moral judges are the most corrupt and the least vulnerable
Outside,in the whole of the worlds,the human beings behave normal by nature.Why only in the moral judges' courtrooms,the judges behave so weird.

Getting to have sex with sexy looking,sexy dressing sexy people
It is a messiness.Emotional,publicrelation,reputational,logistical,carrerwise,healthwise,cleanliness and hygienewisewise,having sex with these people is already a big mess.Paradoxical,contradictory,confounding,cosmic level,God and Devil like complications and mess in infinity and enormity. What a fuss these morons create for a simple fuck! Then why they attract desperately with the tightest,skimpiest clothes.

God save the poor creatures,the feeble,fragile humans from the sexy vultures and weirdos,who look sexy as if they depend on it for their dear life,yet refuse like hell to have sex!

These sexy people,particularly the guys who dress sexily to exhibit their curves and bulges,their butts and biceps as lures and traps,are exactly hunting the vulnerable creatures! They are the most INSENSITIVE,IRRESPONSIBLE,STUP ID, distracting devils!

They know that their looks in tight clothes will drive people mad,crazy and desperate to have sex with them and some of them will also approach them.

Once they are approached,these sexy thieves start their blackmailing,mugging and mobbing to extort money and things from the approachers! If the fruits do not want to be bitten and eaten,so vehemently,why show off the fruits in the first place.Contradictory!

If girls are advising their boyfriends to dress in tight clothes,they must be seriously warned!

Same yardsticks of dressing does not apply to girls and boys!

Men become deperately attracted to have sex with tightly dressed sexylooking guys and that upsets the whole ecology!


How can he be praying and standing before His Lord, when his buttocks are showing and what is between is visibly magnified? It is surprising to find many young Muslims taking exception to ladies wearing tight clothes since they cling to their bodies, yet these young men are forgetting about themselves. There is no difference between a lady wearing tight clothes, which press against her body and a man wearing trousers, which also cling to his body. The buttock of both a man and a woman are part of the 'awrah and both of them are the same. So it is compulsory for the youth to be warned about this predicament about which, many of them are blind, except for he whom Allah has guided, which by the example set, seems to be a few

It is natural for a woman to look sexy and attract men(her spouse esp)to her because ultimately she knows she will have sex with one or many men

'Allaamah Ibn Baz has a fatwah where he says that it is permissible to pray in trousers so long as the 'awrah is not pressed against due to its expansiveness and his backside is not shamelessly visible. If his backside becomes visible then the prayer is invalidated and if only the clothes press against his 'awrah then it is makrooh.

No one except a spouse has the right to arouse sexual feelings in someone
What is immodest attire?  Immodest attire is that state of dress (or undress) which flaunts a person's body and sexuality.  There are four questions one can ask to determine if a particular outfit is immodest: (1)  Does the outfit create greater interest in the wearer by potential sexual partners? Most of us know that girls in two piece swimming suits (i.e., "bikinis") are more interesting to men than girls wearing modest suits. (See footnote 1)  If more potential sexual partners pay attention to you because of your dress or undress, then you know you are being immodest.  No one except a spouse has the right to arouse sexual feelings in someone. (2)  Does the outfit make members of the same sex more conscious of their physical inadequacies?  If your dress causes feelings of inadequacy in others, then you know you are being immodest.  It is not Christian conduct to make other people feel bad because they were not blessed with your physical bounties. (3)  Why are you wearing or buying the outfit?  In reality, most of us know what is immodest attire. When we choose a two piece swimming suit over a modest one piece, we know why we are doing it.  We want attention and appreciation for our body.   http://www.lightplanet.com/mormons/daily/modesty.htm

But a man when approached for sex by another man is offended beyond belief,becomes aggressive and starts attacking the wllmeaning suitor and starts venomously spoiling his image for showing him love

Such Men be warned

For you exhibiting body contours and bulges,butt cheeks,gorges,cracks and crevices is nothing but a sex change operation

If he does that,he must be willing to give his body for sexual enjoyment by approaching men!
He should know that he is provoking,luring and pulling men powerfully with the force of the life-creating cosmic mysteries and energies,which are infinite in enormity!

He should know this from his own experience of reactions to other sexily dressed figures!

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