soon soonpop popmusic musicwill willface facea along long disappearance disappearance Ten Tenyears yearsago agowhat whatalternative alternativewas wasthere therefor foryoung youngkids? kids? Dance Dancemusic. quite. doubt. Trance.Trance. years.Techno? Techno?Rock Rockwas wasout outof ofthe the question questionas asitithadn't hadn'tprogressed progressedmuch muchfrom fromthe the70's. decades. music. According to the text: Has the battle between Rock and Pop finished or is still happening ? Pop music dominated the world 30 years ago.while whilerock rock music musichas hasstayed stayeddisturbingly disturbinglyquite. over. hoodies.since sincethen thenpop popmusic musichas hasdominated dominated .Over Overthe thelast lastfive fiveyears yearsI Ihave havewitnessed witnessedmore more and and more more kidskids wearing wearing rock rock t-shirts t-shirts andand hoodies. itself. 70's. . ago. In Inmy myopinion opinionthe thePop Popindustry industryhas hashelped helpedto todestroy destroy itself.The Thelast lastera eraof ofrock rockwas wasabout about30 30years years ago.I Iam amhappy happyto tosay say that thatthose thosedays daysare areover.Both Bothgenres genreshave havechanged changedform formimmensely immensely over overthe theyears.What style of music do you prefer? Have you ever changed your preference? Why? POP POP VS VS ROCK ROCK Let’s Let’shave haveno nodoubt. or is still dominating ? .Pop Popis isdying… dying… The Thebattle battlebetween betweenRock Rockand andPop Pophas hasbeen beenaround aroundfor for decades.

present or a situation which began in the past and continues in the present? If your answer was the last one “a situation which began in the past continues in the present” you are right! You’ve had the perfect answer! .Look at these sentences from the text  The battle between Rock and Pop has been around for decades  Rock was out of the question as it hadn't progressed much from the 70's Do the two sentences express past.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PRESENT PERFECT AND PAST SIMPLE Shakira is on a tour in Chile. (She is in Chile now) Shakira arrived in Chile on Monday (today is Thursday) She has been there since Monday She has been there for three days THE PRESENT PERFECT CAN ALSO BE USED TO: An action performed during a period that has not finished yet “Daddy Yankee has been to Chile twice this year” A repeated action in an unspecified period between the past and now “I have heard Madonna several times” An action that was completed in the very recent past (expressed by just) “I have just listened your song” .

the speaker may not actually mention the specific time because they don’t have one specific time in mind . Sometimes.PAST SIMPLE Use the Simple Past to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past.

Do you want to do some exercises? Exercises: Read carefully and choose Past Simple or Present Perfect in the following sentences: 1. . Kurt Cobain didn`t play / haven´t played in Chile.

Jonas Brothers released/ have released 4 albums during their career. . The Beatles were/ have been the most important band of the music history. Americo performed/ has performed many times this year.2. 4. Los Bunkers played/ have played very well last week in Movistar Arena. 3. 5.

.SELF EVALUATION How many regular and irregular verbs do you know? What can you do to learn more? “Rock was OUT OF THE QUESTION”. what do you think that may mean? “out of the question” means something similar to “no way” it refers to something that it is not worth asking because the answer would be NO.

Task: According to a Shakira interview. Rewrite the correct grammatical form of the incorrect sentences. ____ Last time Shakira performed in the USA was in 2007 ____ Shakira lived in the Bahamas until now ____ Shakira has lived a normal life in the Bahamas ____ Shakira learnt to speak Portuguese ____ When Shakira has started to write in English was very easy for her ____ Shakira´s song and videos have always reflected her state of mind The incorrect verb tense is in the following statements: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ . There are some mistakes in the verb tenses of two statements. check if the different sentences are true or false. you should realize if the correct tense is present perfect or past simple.

I’ve done that”.  HAVE YOU EVER…  ____ gone to your favourite artist´s concert?  ____ heard a song of N´sync?  ____ bought an original CD of your favourite artist?  ____ been part of a music band?  ____ had argument about music with somebody?  ____ had posters of your favourite artist on your wall?  ____ imitated the style of your favourite artist? . you are given two sheets of paper with a series of questions with “have you ever”.Close Activity:  Work in pairs. ask questions to each other trying to guess in which questions the other partner would say “yes. The first in assert on 4 of those answers wins.

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