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Abstract Introduction The Fine Art of Automation Description Advantages and comforts Indian efforts in embedded system Conclusion

Almost every new system introduced is an example of embedded system Automation of cars is one of the example of embedded system The car which is embedded can simulate the human driver Completely and direct the vehicle on the road Autonomous vehicle is the drastic change in technical brilliance and developments in different fields with embedded system

Embedded is a combination of hardware and software. In embedded system the hardware is normally unique to a given application computer chips are embedded into the control electronics to manage the products functionality. Embedded system are becoming a catalyst for change in computing data communication Telecommunications , Industrial control and entertainment sectors

Fine Art of Automation

Load the code of our destination in the dashboard computer and turn the car on, while we remain seated carefree on the rear seats. Almost all automobiles will interact with computer on dashboards. Vehicles all over the world are fitted with intelligent devices that make the vehicles to respond to various factors be it climate control, sudden accelerations or braking or even self-repair of modules.

Autonomous vehicle

intelligent controls
For designing of autonomous car the positioning information is required, for this we use Global Positioning System pulse code modulation technique Sensors

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global positioning system using satellites can provide positioning information. For high accuracy WIDE AREA DIFFERENTIAL GPS is used deals with selective availability errors & satellite clock errors The MCS receives the positioning information from the satellite by employing WADGPS concept using DATA LINK SUBSYSTEM (DLS) . The DLS can be either VHF,UHF The models of GPS also include aiding sensors eg; dead reckoning, radar, camera.

PCM and Sensors

Accelerate steering control is obtained using PCM technique and acceleration/ break control is implemented by learning adoptive system. The simplest form of vehicle navigation involves Heading sensors, velocity sensors, and processors. Television cameras, charge could devise (CCD) type sensors, laser radar and infrared sensors are used.

The ADOPTIVE CRUSE CONTROL(ACC) is used for automobile safety. In microwave unit there is a laser transceiver, fixed on the front of the car to determine the distance and relative speed of any vehicle in its path. The digital road maps, available on CDROMs have substantial increase safety of automobiles. Human intervention is completely eliminated by using of reliable sensors and actuators. Band incorporating time division multiple access protocol to handle on roads.

The adoptive cruise control ACC technology used in the cars which safe distances from other vehicles on the busy roads. More Securable. "Pre-safe" systems Collision avoidance. Minimizes fuel consumption, exposure to pollution.

Indian efforts in embedded system development

Our India too entered into the field of EMBEDDED SYSTEMS and had a great development in this field. it marvellous results in the field of TELEMATICSwhich is a part of technology use in cars. It is a combination of telecommunication and computers. Telematics is the vehicles capability to communicate with the outside world and or the vehicle operator. When ever there is a call on your mobile when you are driving, relax the computers in the cars dashboard would attend the for you. Another device called array microphone cuts off the surrounding noise and allows the speaker to communicate effectively.

The newly designed autonomous car

Autonomous car is no more a myth. Further developments in this technology to make autonomous car more common all over the world. By making the autonomous easy to operate for the user and the designers should concentrate more in producing autonomous cars, Which should not cost a lot, they should in the vicinity of customers budget.


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