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It cooks up your food in fastest and easiest

way you would have ever imagined...

This device about which we will be talking is

the one which has revolutionized food
preparation since its use became widespread.

The device being talked about is….



♦ Simple logic makes us think that heating
something with a microwave is just like
heating something normally.
♦ Microwaving is not an ideal form of heating
something and using other types of heating
to warm food is always recommended.
♦ If we have to use it, we must understand the
♦ The most concerning issue
is the use of plastics in a
♦ According to information
circulated at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center,
heating our food in
microwave oven
especially fatty food
releases dioxins which are
highly poisonous to the
cells of our body and
causes cancer.
♦ No Plastic containers in microwave.
♦ No Plastic wrap in microwave
♦ Use glass, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex or
ceramic containers for heating food
♦ Paper Towel can be put on the foods to be
cooked in the microwave instead of using
plastic wrap such as Saran.
At homes or at restaurants, it might happen
accidentally or due to carelessness that a
microwave is left on with nothing inside
resulting in the leakage of the radiations
from the oven that may become a potent
cause of to the operators of
the microwave in homes and restaurants.
The need is to find some arrangement for
the absorption of the radiations in case of
the oven being left empty and still on.
 Firstly we need to detect presence of any
material present on rotating plate which can
be done through piezoelectric transducer
simultaneously microwave detector is also
 If no material is present but wave energy
measure is non zero, user can be warned by
sounding a buzzer.
 Our problem will get solved by setting up
some permanent internal controlling system
to absorb these microwaves.
 For some inbuilt permanent absorbing
system, a suitable absorbent is required.
Closed container Open container
♦ Container should be such that, being closed, it allows the
radiations to enter it but doesn’t allow the leakage of harmful
microwaves in surroundings.
♦ For this, we recommend a cubical container with one side facing
the heating chamber to be of glass and the remaining sides to be
metal walls.
♦ Now this water can get highly heated in case when the oven is
turned on for long durations and thus can lead to superheating
of water.
♦ Just one liter of water when superheated at a temperature
slightly above 100degrees can produce 3 liters of steam.
♦ Therefore an appropriate cooling system
along with the water container is also
necessary to avoid superheating of water.
♦ Desirable properties of liquid coolant for
microwave ovens— non toxicity , non-
inflammability and good absorption
♦ The internal surfaces of the container are
made rough so as to avoid formation of
smooth surfaces which generally help in
facilitating the superheating of water.
♦ A detachable pocket type container
attached to back wall of heating chamber.
♦ But, water level needs to be maintained in
this type of container as due to one open
side, there will be continuous loss of water.
♦ To a certain extent loss can be controlled by
adding ethylene glycol in water as this
increases boiling point of water.
1.A piezoelectric pressure sensor is placed at the bottom of
the pocket holding water.
2.As the amount of water in it changes, the voltage
generated by the sensor would change as well.
3.The voltage corresponding to the minimum permissible
amount is taken as the reference and the signal is fed to a
4.A positive signal is generated when the water level is less
than the lower limit and this signal is fed to an LED. The
LED is placed at front panel of the microwave. It glows
indicating that water solution needs to be added.
♦ Open container ♦ Closed container
♦ No cooling system ♦ Cooling system is
required. required.
♦ Water needs to be ♦ No need of refilling of
refilled. water.
♦ Measuring system is ♦ Measuring system is also
important part. not required.
♦ Less portable. ♦ Portable.
The vast majority of plastics used in food wraps
and packaging do not contain the chemical
constituents needed to form dioxins so there is no
such hazard of lung cancer and all cancers in
general. There is dire need to change our life style
and have a close look at the things we use for our
food preparation. We have proposed some
changes in the design of a microwave oven which,
if employed can contribute in its own way to
negate the radiations that can be a potent cause for