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Computer RPG


choosing the right tools for the job!

Non-Computer Games are

games which operate within a fixed system that requires players to understand them AS a system, make judgments, and keep track of the game state.

Second Person p. 107

CRPGs are
computational fictions games which take on at least part of the mechanics themselves, continuing to function a appropriately as a system even if the players completely fail to understand them often possible to play successfully based on an entirely mistaken understanding of how they function internally, even while the games themselves continue to enforce their own rules and structures.
Second Person p. 107

Narratology vs. Ludology

The old debate is whether it is worth sacrificing narrative for mechanics. This is not strictly correct both are possible. (Or will be.)

The real issue is sacrificing CHOICE for PLAYABILITY

Choice vs. Playability

Rather than focus on comparisons between tabletop and computer games, we must ask: What types of new playable media are made possible through use of the computer?

In the beginning

Computer Games Provide:

Unity Context Speed Consistency Accuracy Autonomy Objectivity Privacy Linearity

Farmville was
Fastest Growing Social Game EVER Progressive Competitive Personal (Flow!) Customizable Addictive Peaked in BETA!

Play Zork Play Farmville (or castle, or whatever) Begin D2