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Tata Power


mobile medical services and health camps • The Company is also working on the development and implementation of advanced eco-friendly technologies . • They believe in Putting People First which means striving for Health & Safety.• Tata Power is India’s largest integrated power company set up nine decades ago. HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. Comprehensive education programme. Zero Accidents and Injuries. Protecting Against Illness and Diseases • They have set up Tata Power Energy Club.

098.84. • The Company’s revenues were at 6.27 crores in the previous year.27 crores.Financial Highlights • Tata Power reported Profit after Tax of 941.48 crores. • The Operating Revenue was lower at ` 6. Operating Revenue was lower mainly on account of lower fuel cost • Earnings per share (basic) was at ` 40. as against ` 7.77 in the previous year .48 crores as compared to 7. as against ` 40.76 crores for the previous year.49 crores as against 938. a decline of 3%.918.098.918.

as against 18.574 MUs in FY10. a growth of 3%.84 crores for the previous year.76 crores grew by 2% and PAT grew by 5%. . ) • The Company registered sales of 16.• The Consolidated Operating Revenue is at 19. as against 15. (The increase in the Consolidated Operating Revenue was primarily on account of the higher coal price realization in Indonesian Coal Companies.450.060 Million Units (MUs) of power in FY11.985.

Analysis of Financial Statements • Revenue •Other Income( Dividend. Interest) •Cost of Purchase •Staff expenses •Operation and other Expenses .

Analysis of Financial Statements • Fixed Assets •Investments •Net Current Assets •Borrowings •Tax •Net Worth .

41 •Book Value is Rs 49. • P/E ratio is 20.54 .Current scenario • Current Market Share price is Rs 98.80 •Market Capitalisation is Rs 23445 Cr.




Accounts Receivable Avg.Inventories Current Liabilities Net Credit Sales_____ Avg.81 1. Inventory 2011-10 1.58 81. Accounts Receivable Avg.07 Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio Net Sales_____ Net Fixed Assets 1.76 .58 17.34 4.647 1.47 2010-2009 1.82 1.54 16 66.Ratios Current Ratio Quick Ratio Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio Average Collection Period Inventory Turnover Ratio Formulas Current Assets_____ Current Liabilities Current Assets .41 5. Daily Sales Cost of goods Sold Avg.

9 13.0885 0.67 39.PROFITABILITY RATIOS Formula 2010-2011 2009-2010 Return on Equity Net Income/Shareh olders equity Earnings per Share Net Income – Dividend on preferred stock/ Average Outstanding Shares Market Value per share/EPS 0.0939 39.8 .93 Price Earnings Ratio 14.

53 4.3615 Interest Coverage EBIT/ Interest Ratio expense 3.02 Debt equity ratio Total Liabilities / Shareholder’s equity 0.57 .63 0.LEVERAGE RATIOS Formula Debt Ratio Total Debt / Total Assets 2010-2011 0.3869 2009-2010 0.